Did you like the Halle Berry Catwoman movie?

No I do not

Yeah, it would have been a better movie if they built some suspense on the villain of the film. Let it be an actual big reveal in the film. I don’t hate the general idea about the history of Catwoman, but it just wasn’t a well executed film. I own it though. Will watch it again at some point because not every film I watch needs to be some cinematic masterpiece. I am more than willing to watch bad films from time to time. I am not that critical of what I watch honestly.

I had looked forward to seeing Halle Berry in skintight black leather, but God did that movie ever suck.

That movie was terrible they gave cat woman cat based super powers I mean it’s like the people that made it had only heard who cat woman was and where she lived and never bothered opening up an actual comic to look at any source material