DCUI: What Do You Like About DC Universe Infinite? And What Would You Change?

Getting a little tired of the same pictures of Death Metal Superman and New 52 Nightwing every day I log into the community. Can we get some more background options, or change them once in a while?


What a wonderful feature to add! Thank you, I’ll make note of this :slight_smile:


Is there ever going to be another major update to the DCUI site/app? The last one was well over a year ago. We keep hearing about how our feature requests are passed along to TPTB, but these features (many of which have been repeatedly requested for years) never seem to manifest themselves.


Why isnt the series millennium nott on here


Hey @weiserguard.21185, welcome to the community! :wave: I’m sorry to hear that this series isn’t on the DCUI platform.

Please direct any requests for comics that you’d like to see on DCUI but haven’t made it yet in the below thread. However, I’ve gone ahead and noted your support for the Millennium series on the list for our comic team already. Thank you for your valuable feedback! :orange_heart:

If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to let the moderator team know! :batparrot: