DCU: What Do You Like About DC Universe? And What Would You Change?

Thank for addressing all my concerns. I feel a lot better now about know the forum is here to stay.
and thank for the obvious suggestion of going in a forum and asking,other if they can help me with a timeline of the must reads from like the second year of rebirth to now.
And no that’s not sarcasm, it’s a sincere thank you. I was just stating how stupid I was for not thinking of asking the forum before. I actual have just started reading some comics anyways and I figure I’d get back to the others in time. And I have checked out the collections and notice the Superman triangle series and was excited for that.
I did the same thing in 2007 with Infinite Crisis #7 where my second favorite character SUPERBOY died. I seen that in a barns and noble and was so devastated. Then in the next panel my FAVORITE hero Tim Drake (the reason I started reading comics in 1991ish) crying over his body almost brought tears to my eyes. I haven’t read a comic since 1998 before that day. I then looked for a comic shop and continued from there and noticed a lot of different things, like Hal Jordan and other green lanterns were back, superboy wore jeans and a t-shirt (which I loved), supergirl was different, teen Titans was a thing (wasn’t into to 90s teen Titans but least we got Young Justice)and just so much more that I had to figure out how all this happened and what happen the 7 years I was gone.
So while continue it read current comics I collected trade paper backs of some of my favorite books, like Robin, teen titan (2000s), green lantern rebirth, and ANYTHING connected to the Crisis. Starting with Identity Crisis (I didn’t get the 80s crisis until yearrrss later) all the books leading up Infinite Crisis, villains unite, omac etc, and the first six Crisis issues I missed.
This was a great time for DC imo and enjoyed all the stories but there were so many twists and turns and surprises that It made me wish I read them all in order to experience it as it happen and not have nothing spoiled.
This is why I’m looking for some type of list of just the main series and books to read leading up to this Death Metal or Dark metal is it???
I still do wish there some sort of date system, partly for that reason, but you made me realize I can get most of the things I need by using the collections and forums.
Sorry for the long post and thank you again.


I’ll explain my issues and see if there are any fixes.
This all applies on an Ipad Pro App.

  • If I turn on airplane mode THEN load up DC universe I can’t get to the download section. I’m locked to one screen. I have to turn off airplane mode. THEN load it. Then turn on airplane mode.

  • Downloads is a mess. You can’t group, rearrange or sort them. So I have to be very careful in the order I download things otherwise they end up out of order.

  • Removing things from download is also quite hard. Clicking the three dots is almost impossible for me. It takes many re-tries. Which is made worse by any time I miss it loads the comic. Which I can never figure out how to close. I have to click, and click, and click to get the “done” option to pop up in the right. Most of the time that doesn’t work. Am I missing an obvious “close” button? There is no X or anything.

  • I would like the comics in my “list” to be linked to my downloaded section. So I can use my list to keep things organized instead of having go to my downloaded section to find them.


No need to be sorry for the long post- likewise, there’s so much to unpack! One thing we can both agree on: Superboy’s jeans & t-shirt look is ICONIC. You reminded me that I have seen some Death Metal reading order suggestions around these parts:

Hopefully this helps! The moderation team is looking to create more robust reading lists and “where to start” topics, and this sounds like a great one to include. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, and especially your lovely and sometimes heartbreaking memories of your time “in the books”!


Hi ecfickle,

Thank you for taking the time to share this detailed report with us. I’m glad you have it all written out here, but we won’t be able to help you here in the forums. We have a Help Center that you can find at yourdcu.com/submit to submit your technical errors around your downloads. They may have a solution that we can look into.

I am not sure if it is technically feasible to link your lists to your downloads without automatically downloading your issues (the “hard copy” vs the digital copy). But I hope that if we can get an improved experience around downloads for you, it can help with those navigation pain points.

For now, I strongly recommend submitting this to the Help Center to ensure it is logged and addressed ASAP.

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