DCU: What Do You Like About DC Universe? And What Would You Change?

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DC Universe is a platform built for fans! We want to know: Is this the platform for you? What keeps you hanging around? What do you want to see improved? If you have feedback about Video, Comics, News, the Encyclopedia, whatever- let us know!

We are dedicated to actionable response. And while we welcome all kinds of feedback, we are better equipped to find meaningful solutions this when it is kind and constructive. The best kind of feedback includes:

  • What you expected to happen
  • What actually happened
  • What improvements you’d like to see
  • Any accompanying screenshots that might help us better understand

Let us know all the things in the comments below!


Please make it easier to see what comics you have read. The only way I know of to check this now is open the menu on a book when it is part of a list and check if it says mark as read or unread. (See attached image, sorry it’s soooo big). This is fine, but is not an option while browsing comics, or on the detail page for a comic. What would be best is some kind of badge to appear on the issue thumbnail or a blue progress bar to appear under the thumbnail, similar to how issues in the Dive Back In section look on the home screen.


A common request- thank you for passing this along!


I think it would be so great if we could browse comics on a timeline or calendar view. It would much easier to find what you want and to follow a multi-title event. Even non event things are tied together and it would be easier to keep track of them. I would like to browse the same way as if I walked into a comic book store that day in time!



I would love to still be able to download TV shows and movies offline, instead of their being a 25 limit. I thought the 25 limit meaning 25 at a time but apparently not. That would be a useful change. Also my main issue is that I would love to watch this on my actual tv instead of my phone all the time, so when will you put the DC UNIVERSE APP ON PS4.


I love this app!!! But I would also like an easier way to watch it on my TV as oppesed to having to cast it off of my phone. I also think the comics section could be a little easier to follow as others have stated. I really do think the timeline idea the other poster suggested.


More updated comics would be great a PlayStation app would be nice ik this is a long shot but maybe audio playback on the comics. In the store section of the app we should be able to purchase comics or even do a monthly care package kind of like a loot crate


When browsing all comics, I’d really like a feature to skip to a particular letter of the alphabet.


I agree ! Marking comics as read so its visible from the cover , would be great. Also an easy way to create a library stack organized in date order .


Something I think would be absolutely amazing is a digital store to buy the new digital comics allowing us to use only this app instead of switching from this to something like comixology to read the new ones, overall I absolutely love this app and think y’all are doing a great job, thank you


I would like the app to be on PlayStation. My PS4 is my streaming device for my TV, and I can’t watch DC Universe on it. This has been out for a year and still isn’t available on PlayStation.


I wish there was a way to clear browsing history. Also can you round up all the issues in the Cataclysm story arc?


I would like to see search results show the year punlished on the preview, helps when looking for a specific timeline.


Idealistic/Unrealistic- Licensing becomes a thing of the past and this is a one-stop for all things DC Comics related.

Realistically- Kelex has a built in quiz or inventory option to recommend comics or shows based on previously read/watched.


I think this platform doesn’t need much improving, but the search functionality is a bit frustrating at times. I try to search for a something like harley quinn, and halfway through typing it’ll pull up a suggestion and instead of pulling up a list of movies, tv shows and comics when I click on it, it takes me straight to the coming soon page for the harley quinn show. I wish I could click the suggestion and it would take me to a listing with the new show at the top or maybe with a feature for it.


I would like to see a restart Button for a episode so you don’t start at the end, that would be a huge help. :slight_smile:


I would like to be able to rearrange the items in a list either manually (by holding and sliding the item up or down) or by having a sort feature in the list (a to z, publication date).

This would be useful for people who want to make lists of crossovers or series that have closely shared continuity.

Personally, I’d like to make a list of post Zero Hour Legion books, the story would alternate between the Legion of Superheroes and Legionnaires titles and if I could add the titles from one series, then the other, and then sort by publication date, it would make the list quicker than if I had to add each issue to the list in order by going back and forth to each series.


Put more content on the app. I love everything about it so far, but there’s so much more that can be added: Smallville, all the CW DC Shows (unless of course they’re just staying on Netflix). I’d also like to see all of the recent live action movies from Man of Steel, BvS (director’s cut please) and all of the other DC live action movies that we have enjoyed. Also, comics are awesome, but a lot of the stories are crossovers. Put the entire story together for these comics, like throne of Atlantis and the big new 52 crossover stories. Great app overall though.


I just want to be able to watch shows/movies complete from start to finish with nothing popping up onscreen, but apparently that’s too much to ask.

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Thanks for all your suggestions so far, folks! Keep 'em coming!