DCU "Red Lantern" Release Notes - July, 2020

:star_struck: Oooh, shiny! Haha


I want to start GL comics soon. I’ve been loving reading doom patrol, watchmen and justice league comics most of which I read on mobile. However for some reason the comic reader has stopped working on my android recently and only works on my roku now


Yeah, I think I am seeing Alfred every 3-4 pages now. Sometimes I can just press the back arrow and go back into the comic and it will work while other times I need to close the app and restart it completely.

Edit: I have uninstalled and installed the app again and it looks like that did the trick! I was also not able to download a comic before I did this and I can do that now as well.


I’ll try that Thanks!

Uninstalling and reinstalling worked!


Oh no! If uninstalling/reinstalling doesn’t help, can you please reach out to our technical support team to let them know? They’ll be able to take a look under the hood. You can submit a ticket to them here:

Hey @Applejack, I was thinking, shouldn’t @Green.Lantern have a green glowing circle around his Avatar picture? After all he is The Green Lantern. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The latest update to the app has caused it to run really slow on my tablet.

@joshman5000 Hey there! Please reach out to our Super Support for this to see what might be going on and what we can do to help! :blush:


I guess I’ll try this too. Alfred has constantly been reappearing for me and all my downloaded comics have deleted themselves…

How do you find the fresh/brand new topics now? You used to click “see more” to the right of the announcement box but now that longer directs you to the same place.

Out of curiosity, are you on a desktop or laptop, @Angel.Azrael? There are lots of shortcut keys you can use to pop around the forums! You can pull this list up by clicking SHIFT + ? on your keyboard.

I believe the list you’re looking for can be found using the g+n or g+u shortcut :slight_smile: If this is something you’d like to see integrated into our sort filters, we can submit a request for this- I definitely see the value!


I’m using a mac and the G+N worked so thanks for that info! I hope that command isn’t the only way to find the 8 new topics though because most people won’t know about it and new topics won’t pick up as much traction.

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I’m happy that little trick worked! We’ll look into a more visible way of getting new topics to be discoverable. Maybe something as simple as "New"filter to go with “Latest” and “Top” :slight_smile:

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It’s cool. Does it make it hard to surprise bad guys?

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That’s a good point.

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Even though I’m already two steps ahead, thank you @BestBeastBoy .

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Cool!!! :exploding_head:

Hmmmm… I have Major issues like I watch 4 episodes of Young Justice and receive no tokens. Also Error when reading comics on my Samsung Galaxy S7 some with Alfred error. Scooby Doo book 15 has a different error and unable to download error.

I’ve been having the same issues as LunaNights. Having trouble receiving tokens and half the time any comic I try to read as the Alfred Pennyworth error after 5 pages

Well, now I know why the app quit working on my Android phone. Tried uninstalling, then installing and it still doesn’t work. Just keep getting this screen…

Please fix this.
Edit: nevermind, the update just appeared in the app store.