DCU Book Club Week 51: TITANS (2008-) Issues 1-4

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Someone or something is attacking anyone who’s ever been a Titan. There’s only one way for the Titans to fight this threat: Together.

Our spoiler discussion begins now and ends at the end of the day on Sunday, September 8th. So jump right in and share your thoughts!

:books:WHAT TO READ :books:
Titans (2008-) Issues 1-4

:eight_spoked_asterisk: DISCUSSION QUESTIONS:

  1. Is this your first time reading Titans (2008-)?

  2. What was your favorite moment?

  3. What was the most surprising moment to you?

  4. Who was your favorite character?

As always, we’d love to hear your candid thoughts and reactions to the story.

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:clapper: Season 2 of DCU’s original series, Titans, debuts on Friday, September 6th. Welcome back, Titans!


Cool selection, looks like a good mood setter for season 2 of Titans.

Getting into this, I noticed something odd-- the first issue says that its actually part two of this arc. I think the first part to this story is the Titans East Special from the same creative team.


It certainly is the lead in, Ollie

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And it’s a horrible lead in what a terrible sad little story of death and destruction. Tsk, Mr. Winnick, Tsk!

But the actual selection for this week does look a little more upbeat!

Good catch. Thanks for connecting the dots for us! In this selection, issues 1-4 are understandable without the preceding story. Feel free to jump in at #1.

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Hi @MisfitH!

I laughed a lot in these four issues. Beast Boy cracked me up.

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For completionist’s sake, I went and read the Titans East book first, and damn, you were not kidding about the death and destruction, @Don_El. I mean, I can’t say that I was bummed that a lot of these characters bit it (I mean, Little Barda? Really?), but yeah, definitely not the best thing I’ve read from Winick.

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  1. No, this not the first time I read Titans (2008) 1-4. I read the first trade paperback right when it came out.

  2. A tie between adding Roy to the once (New Teen) Titans family and the last page of issue 4.

  3. The writing falls off a bit after issue #1. I blame Eddie Berganza. And losing Ian Churchill didn’t help.

  4. All of them.


The last page made me cheer out loud :smile:.

Thanks for reading along and sharing your thoughts!

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Is this run just the 12 issues? i noticed a change in art or art style from issue 1 to 2. i should prob’ly stop typing and just look at the f-bombing credits…

  1. Is this your first time reading Titans (2008-)?
    This is my first time reading this title.

  2. What was your favorite moment?
    Raven getting caught off guard when contacting Trigon, first by what she was wearing, then Trigon’s feebleness.

  3. What was the most surprising moment to you?
    Does Cyborg with no legs count? Although i felt their surprise that it wasn’t another child, but other children.

  4. Who was your favorite character?
    This is a tough question for me…

First time reading Titans (2008-)

Looking at thread that ranks Titans, I missed a lot of them

  1. What was your favorite

Seeing Them all together

  1. What was the most surprising moment to you?

All the butt shots

  1. Who was your favorite

Roy, Gar, Rachel, and Victor are part of my New Justice team I play around with in Fan Fiction. (Earth 2 Power Girl and Huntress, Jessica Cruz, Jonn Jonzz and Metamorpho, last of the super heroes)

Of them, I like a competent Roy. Especially in Justice League and Young Justice season 1 as Red Arrow. He’s snarky here but okay.

This particularly Titans book runs 23 issues, the Titans East special, and 3 issue of Titans Blackest Night. Then it becomes Titans - Villains for Hire with #24.

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Hi - It counts! I was surprised by that too. The Trigon feebleness also stunned me. I felt relieved by the multiple children twist because it explained why they were all acting out of character (well, maybe not Dick and Starfire :laughing:). Thanks for reading and sharing!

Hi! Yeah, this run had some butt shots and moments.

Poor Roy - Lian is a handful (putting a waffle in Roy’s DVD player and then blaming it on her stuffed animal). Ha!

Thanks for reading and sharing your insights :slight_smile:

The that you want book

Nice! I’d been contemplating a re-read of these initial issues.

DQ #1. I read these issues of Titans as they came out. I don’t remember much of them though, other than the art being pretty rad.

I’ll answer the other Q’s after I’m done reading.

This volume of Titans was pretty good overall. When it switched to a villain-centric book as part of Brightest Day in 2010 is when it slipped in quality a smidge. Before that though, I remember it being a solid series.

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i’ve added it my Titans list. but i have to get cracking on the 1980 run. and when they fill the gap in the 1966 run, i can get back to that as well.

Looks like fun! Can’t wait for Titans to return!


Picking up from where I left off in the DQs:

  1. Favorite moment…honestly, the scene where Rachel made fun of the airheads giving her ****. She didn’t take any guff.

Honorable Mention: Starfire’s introduction.

  1. The most surprising moment for me was seeing Trigon in his emaciated state. Raven could’ve whipped him but good, given what a limp noodle he was at that point.

  2. Favorite character: Raven. She’s usually quite reserved, but in this debut story, she absolutely did not take crap from anyone at any point. I’d love to see her written like that more often.

I loved Ian Churchill’s art in issue 1 as well as that of Joe Benitez in the subsequent issues. I adore Churchill and have been an admirer of Benitez’s since his Wraithborn series from Wildstorm came out in trade.

A wonderfully enjoyable read! I devoured each issue with greater veracity than the last. Judd Winick’s writing was on point (Titans marks at least the second time his work has been featured in the main Book Club) and aside from a few awkwardly drawn faces in #'s 2-4, the artwork was great too.

This re-read of the initial issues of this volume of Titans was so fun, I’m now re-reading The Methusalah Imperative, which was the final story of the series. Call it a compare and contrast from where the series began to where it would end.

Titans Together, Forever!