DCU Book Club Week 41: PLASTIC MAN (1988) Issues 1-4


Welcome back to DCUBC, DC Universe’s very own community run book club! I’ve missed y’all!

This week we are checking out Plastic Man (1988) Issues 1-4. Written by Phil Foglio with art by Hilary Barta.

This book follows titular hero Plastic Man and his unlikely companion Woozy Winks as they struggle with the age old question, “Hero or Villain?”

Maybe they should flip a coin?

Discussion Questions:

1.) Is this your first time reading Plastic Man (1988)?

2.) Issue 1 opens immediately with the accident that gives Plastic Man his powers. Do you like this quicker approach to an origin story?

3.)What was the funniest moment?

4.)What side character(s) would you most like to see a solo book about?

5.) How do you think this book holds up today?

Feel free to also let us know what you thought of this week’s selection as a whole. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Spoiler discussion begins RIGHT NOW and lasts until Sunday (6/30) evening, so make sure you let us know what you thought!

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I love you, Woozy Winks.




What a gas, it’s time for Plas!


  1. I have read this mini-series. I bought it when I was a kid at a book sale from a seller that had several comics.

I saw the seller had the whole mini, I had only barely heard of Plastic Man at that point and upon my parents approving of it and buying it for me, I had my very first comic book exposure to Eel O’Brien and friends.

I’ll answer the other questions later. I remember this being a very fun series. Eager for a re-read!


I’m stoked for this! I’ve never read Plastic Man (always wanted to) and I have no clue what Woozy Winks is. I can’t wait to find out! Welcome back @MattMcDonald!


Woozy is the Chewbacca to Plas’ Han.

That is, if Chewie and Han were a couple of goofballs.


I plan to show up for this Plasta-party

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Does Plas like Pepsi?

Of course he does. Pepsi is afterall the taste of a new generation and the pliable beverage choice for the pliable man.

Woozy likes Shasta.

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Never read this (or any Plas solo book for that matter) but I’m in just for that pun on the first cover alone.

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Just finished the first issue and enjoying it so far – very different from your usual superhero fare. I’d definitely recommend looking at the back-matter there, which has a one-page biography of Plastic Man’s creator, Jack Cole. He sounded like a wildly creative man who suffered a tragic end, died way too soon.


Plastic man is one of my best friends ever but im the true Goofball ehyeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhh boy!!!


Just finished the first issue. It was light-hearted and fun! I felt bad for him cause everyone was scared of him.


Woozy is that friend who accepts you and sees your weakness as strengths! Yay Woozy!

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This moment was gold! I got a good laugh here because of how the story lead up to this moment.

I’m looking forward to the next issue!

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Okay so I read it and I’ve decided Plastic Man is SUPER Creepy. I will say he is less creepy in this series than the 2018 Mini, but still yeesh. I’d be curious to see what a more modern redesign would look like


He’s definitely a character that can lend himself to horror – I remember there being a pretty gross scene in one of the Flashpoint tie-ins where Eel bursts out of someone like a xenomorph. And there’s also the PlaSStic Men in the Freedom Fighters maxi-series.


Plastic Man is a hoot. He’s one of the best things about the Batman: The Brave and The Bold and Justice League Action TV shows as well as The Terrifics.

His time in the JLA series was fun too.


I’m really not sure how my reading list decisions now come at the capricious whim of the book club organizers, but I’m in.



Of course Plastic Man is a Pepsi man, like myself


Thanks for holding down the fort :slight_smile:



That’s why i fell in love with this book. It feels more like an old cartoon than a super hero comic.


Insert maniacal super villain laugh here :slight_smile:

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This is the only version of Plastic man that comes close to the Jack Cole original run (and that’s still pretty unbeatable!) in terms of energy and humor. I loved the art of this when I was young and I loved watching the cartoon. The Kyle Baker run is also not bad, but I feel this one really captured the character the best.