DCU Book Club Week 26: THE MULTIVERSITY (2014) The Multiversity #1 & Society of Super-Heroes


New Format! This week we are trying something new here at DCUBC. Instead of being spoiler free throughout the week, Spoiler discussion begins now!

And to celebrate this new format we are beginning our trek through The Multiversity. For the rest of March (and beginning of April) DCUBC will be reading through and discussing Grant Morrison’s The Multiversity. Starting THIS WEEK!


The Multiversity #1

The Multiversity: Society of Super-Heroes #1

Spoiler discussion begins NOW and lasts until Sunday! So make sure you drop by throughout the week so you don’t miss out on any discussion!

Please refrain from spoiling any future issues in this series in the below discussion.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Is this your first time traveling through The Multiversity?

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COMING UP NEXT WEEK: DCUBC continues its journey through The Multiversity with The Multiversity: The Just and The Multiversity: Pax Americana.


This is my first time traveling through the Multiversity! Can’t wait to read and comment!

It’s an interesting read for sure

Morrison Big Big Picture again!!!;

Not my first time, have it all in my nice big trade paperback. Excellent series, looking forward to rereading it again and discussing it with you guys. :blush:

Not my first time traversing The Multiversity. I read it in single issues as it came out and got the Deluxe Edition hardcover for a birthday gift.

I remember when Morrison announced this series. Then years later, it still hadn’t come out and there was speculation if it ever would. When it finally did come out, I was quite elated =)


Multiversity is on by to-be-read list. I’m gonna use this as an excuse to finally read it!

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I can’t wait until we get to Jim Lee’s issue. Best of the lot IMO.



Looking forward to hearing what you think! Thanks for dropping by!


My favorite is Pax Americana. One of my all time favorite comics. Can’t wait to get there and hear what everyone thinks of it. Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely are just a perfect pairing.

I’ve never even heard of Multiversity! Looking forward to reading these two!


I forget which issue it was but my favorite issue from multiversity was the pink one that looks like a cover of a gossip magazine. I used to have that one sitting out on my coffee table for a while and people would always ask about it lol

Ive read Pax Americana and Mastermen back when they were first released. I’m glad to see they are available here now and part of the DCUBC! Looking forward to the discussion. :nerd_face::bat:

        ***A Friendly Critique***

I like the idea of a Bookclub on these DC community threads, but if the idea is to bring in as many members as possible to comment and respond, it helps if you pick characters most everybody is familiar with. I like the author, Grant Morrison, in fact I am reading Batman R.I.P, it’s fantastic! The point is you can more easily pick a arc with a character or characters folks recognize because that is where the best writers and artist go anyway.

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I would suggest going back to a vote,(not my thread, just an idea) let the host pick three arcs for the week so members can vote on which they prefer.


Long time no see! Thanks for the feedback! I try to pick books that i think people will enjoy. I try not to concern myself with numbers too much. To me it’s about the quality of the discussion, and not the amount of people that show up for it. Good to hear from you!



I’m both impressed and grateful you take time out every week for a Book Club. Just sharing some constructive criticism with you to get more to participate.

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I used to pay my children during the summer to get them to read books instead of play video games …maybe DCU could pay us to read the comics!!! Now that would greatly increase the size of the book club, let me tell you!!!

Honestly as I expressed somewhere else, I personally profit from this book club because of the deep satisfaction this gives me. The weekly curated selection gives me the routine and the excuse to take the time out of my busy week to read some of the library I’m paying for on Sunday evenings.

Also, this thread gives me the chance to sit down and reflect and internalize what I read and maybe even apply it to my life a little as I compose my issue by issue reactions / critiques …but I also find myself recollecting and recalling different memories and emotions of reading these stories when they first were published.

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Hello! I’m in the middle of reading #1 (wow! by the way). Does anyone know what #earth did New 52 took place in?

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