DCU Book Club Week 24: SUPER SONS (2017) Issues 1-5


This week DCUBC is jumping into Super Sons Issues 1-5.

This book sees everyone’s favorite Robin (Damian) teaming up with the son of Superman, Jon Kent!

What could go wrong?!

Like always discussion will begin THIS FRIDAY (3/1) at 5PM EST and lasts ALL weekend. Feel free to leave spoiler free impressions throughout the week.

I’ll be posting discussion questions throughout the weekend so stay tuned!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Jon Kent (Superboy) is a relatively new character, what’s your opinion on him?

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@Nathan.Payson it’s happening!


Looks like a fun read

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Super Sons was the best wave two Rebirth title! Looking forward to revisiting it.

I love Jon Kent. Little or teenaged, it doesn’t matter to me. He’s a great Superboy!


Speaking of the Super Sons, their current hijinks in Adventures of the Super Sons are a blast too. Highly recommended.


rubbing hands together All right! Can’t wait to start another week with a book club, this should be fun! :grinning:

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Loved this book! Csnt wait to reread it!

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I love the Supersons! Can’t wait to revisit this :slight_smile:


Super Sons is hands down the best thing to come out of rebirth that deals with young heroes.


Glad y’all are looking forward to it!

Sorry for being MIA in the forums over the past week. Between working, being sick, and gearing up for a super son of my own I’ve been pretty overwhelmed.

Looking forward to tackling this one though! It’s a personal favorite of mine!


John Kent is maybe the whole reason Superman was so good in the Tomasi era.


Also I’m so happy!


I was a bit skeptical about supersons when it first started but it was by far my favorite book out of rebirth for a while. I’m super excited to reread it and discuss it a bit

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Dope, choice! Jon is so lovable.

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Super Fact: Super Sons was originally solicited to be part of the wave one Rebirth titles. It was pushed back to debut with wave two, which also consisted of Batwoman and Justice League of America.


Excited to participate.

I like the super suns

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I read issues 1-3 this morning. Such a fun series.

I love Jon. He is a good Superboy. Damian is also much more pleasant in this series.

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Happy to have ya! Thanks for dropping by!

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That’s a neat fact! I didn’t know that, thanks for sharing!!

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