DC's Newest Flash Is A Non-Binary Speedster

Revealed today via ScreenRant. This new Flash who will be seen in the two-month Future State event will make their debut in December’s “DC Very Merry Multiverse” one-shot, which reveals their origin and their non-binary status.

Screen Rant has exclusively learned that the new Flash will debut in Ivan Cohen and Eleonora Carlini’s DC’s Very Merry Multiverse. Jess Chambers aka Kid Quick will be part of Earth-11’s Teen Justice team in an eight-page story before becoming the Flash in Future State: Justice League . The character is genderfluid (non-binary) and uses they/them pronouns. Chambers’ aunt is longtime speedster Jesse Quick. Cohen said it was important to create a new, different version of the Flash readers haven’t seen before.

It sounds like they’ll continue to play a role in events even after Future State, which is pretty cool.

Overall, I think this is a pretty great move. Not only is it great representation, it’s also cool to see DC do more with their Earth 11 universe.


Also, I have to share my favorite comment for this on Reddit, where I found this article.

Are you a man or a woman?

I am speed.

What gender are you?


Yeah, but what’s in your pants?

The Speed Force.


this is awesome! :smiley:


I’m super excited for Future State. Idk how my wallet will deal with those two months right after Christmas, but I’ll figure it out :sweat_smile:

:flash_hv_1: :flash_hv_1: :flash_hv_1:


Same – though at least the blow is softened with DCUI having them. I think I’m just going to get the big ones that I’m really interested in, and then read the rest when it hits DCUI.


I’m definitely not buying all of Future State, but even with just the titles I do want and am really interested in, things will add up. I hate that I love variant covers :grimacing:


Just saw this on twitter. All I’m gonna say is I am not and have never been a fan of characters from other earths/universes coming and living in the current. Second, I’m noticing a trend that to add diversity they’re taking short cuts by making all their POC part of the LGBT. While POC do need representation within the LGBT community they also need it outside the community as well. So far it seems DC is painting the LGBT community as a being for POC while heterosexuality is painted as white. This is not okay. Hitting 2 birds with 1 stone doesn’t add real diversity if all you characters meant to bring diversity and representation are all both POC and LGBT+. It’s a cop out. They’re still not even using the characters of color or other they already have and still white washing the ones they can pass as white. I feel like DC needs to try harder.

But on a more positive note: I love the character’s costume in Justice League with the googles!


Dig the costume design!


I’m definitely excited for Future State. I’m liking the new design and having new perspectives are always nice! I think this could be a cool character! That said, I wish the writers/artists were actually POC/non-binary themselves. While I’m not saying white people or gender conforming people aren’t capable of writing outside of their own perspective, I think that staffing more diverse creators are important (especially when introducing and writing for characters that can have such a large impact as I imagine Kid Quick will). Still looking forward to it, but I hope DC gets better at this in the future. Don’t just showcase/profit off of POC/non-binary people, support and employ them as well. It’s better for everyone in the long run.


This character looks great! I don’t usually pay attention to different Earth teams, but this one sounds really cool. I’m also a sucker for new speedsters so I’m excited for them. Their costume is similar to Impulse’s with a color change, which I love too.


I’m excited and also nervous. The concept? Amazing! I just hope the creative team consults with Non-Binary people and listens to the community and isn’t just doing this to get people talking.

If they end up being well done I’ll be SUPER happy! If they’re a stereotype, disappointed but not surprised.


Love this comment haha


I dig the costume design and I’m happy to see more LGBTQIA+ representation!


My only real objection is that “the future of the DC Universe” is, once again, some other DC Universe that gets all the representation, while the mainstream icons still haven’t changed since 1960. But the character concept looks solid.

To be fair, it’s far too easy for writers to fall into the trap where LGBT people (and most women) are always White, because intersectionality is too hard to think about.


I agree, I’ve been very vocal of how tired i am of a lot of the characters in the mainline dc universe. I hope they use Future State as a testing area for new characters. Some fans refuse to let characters take a break or die off, so it’s difficult to let new characters have a chance. I think Future State being in a different universe gives them a chance. If they gain popularity, then hopefully they can be brought into the main universe. From what I’ve seen, I’m definitely open to a lot more Kid Quick. They seem cool.


“Its the Fastest man alive”

“IT’S MA’AM!!”

DC begging for claps, snaps and headlines again. Hope it appeals to someone, but it’s just a publicity as stunt in my eyes.


They are from a different world, but it sounds like much like how Yara Flor will be around after Future State, so will this Flash, probably just under the name Kid Quick.


Well, actually, Kid Quick uses they/them pronouns so ma’am would be incorrect as well. Also, while this is possibly (maybe even likely) a cash-grab, so is everything they do. They’re a company. Putting Jason in the Red Hood suit in Titans is a cash grab. Snyder Cut? Cash grab. Teen Titans Go? Cash grab. Everything a company does is in hopes of getting money. So it’s a dumb criticism to make here.

That said, just cause DC is looking to make money off of Kid Quick doesnt mean they can’t still do good as a character. Having a non-binary speedster can do lots of great things from allowing someone to feel heard/valid to helping younger audiences better understand and sympathize with people of different backgrounds/situations. All and all a good thing (whether the original intentions were there or not).




Looks like a villian.