DC Universe Release Dates for DCAU Movies

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Why no Superman
Not why X men

HBO Max said 40 years of Batman and Superman would be on.here.

Yet no.Nolan Triology. No Christopher Reeve. No Man of Steel.

HBO Max is looking at DC films as a loose collection of films not one single body of work that belongs togethet as a permanent collection.

The rest could rotate out.

Except aren’t they all part of the same company?

Yes Warner Entertainment probably had a limited contract with HBO

But it is now policy not to liscense to other streaming services.

For these assests to generate any income to the various components of this enormous company.

Something will be worked out.

You are right if you are implying that may tske some time to iron.out.

For batman i gotta look into but for suoerman i know time warner and the superman creators been in legal battles since 2015 maybe earlier due to the creators of the superman films neevr recieveing their revenue earnings after warner bros got bought by turner and AOL. And i believe the judge granted the creators the winner of the lawsuit. So i believe the creators owns the rights to superman not warner bros time warner and now warner media. So it could be AT&T is trying to negotiate a new deal which is also why majortiy of supermsn films is not on DCU

This is current status of Supetman

2004 - 2013 Comic Book Siegel heirs sue DC, after an inital agreement in 1997. Part of suit was that Superboy was not part of the original 10 year work for hire contract but an independent matter. That is why Superboy was not used by DC in this time period. A judge ruled in 2013 that the 1997 agreement had been done freely and with forethought. That agreement gave the Siegel heirs a $2 million advance, a $1 million non-recoupable signing bonus forgiveness of a previous $250,000 advance, a guarantee of $500,000 per year for 10 years, a 6 percent royalty of gross revenues, and various other royalties

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Now yes but legally the previous contracts are still valid and still has to be honored by law. Either party can break contract early but then its a possibility and likely a legal battle will happen over eranings rights etc. The easier path and less costly is to honor whats already there and eait for the contract to expire and just not renew. But some of these contrscts can be anywhere from 4yrs 5yrs 10yrs 15yrs or longer.

So im semi corrct superman is not solely own by warner media but shared with siegel and warner media which makes bringing superman to dcu or hbo max diffocult because sigel has to also agree to any dealings or else they cant docit.

The contract specified the rules by which.the Seigels get additional income through use of the Superman assets

Superman.the movie 1978 has always been on DC Universe. So any problems have alteady been worked out

HBO Max costs more per month and has many more subscribers. Insert those numbers to the DC Universe formula and the fee to the Siegels is generated.

It is not in the interest of either the Siegels or AT&T to have to negotiate whenever there is a new Superman assets or an old asset being used in a new way.

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I think I speak for all of us when I say:



Ya know, I can’t think of a single DC film that I like that I don’t already own. In the end I only NEED Batman, Batman Returns, Superman, and Superman II. I’m not desperate for the stuff that’s been made over the last seven years.


I was reading more into the agreement on whats public kniwn and its not just backup royalties i think he used the money he won to buy back part of superman which is. Smart. So he knows some rights to all the christpher reeves superman films and superman returns . cause i looked up ownership and yes warner media does own the rights to superman but his name and one other is also on the ownership name. So it could be maybe after that agreement he bpught some shares or some rights

DC Comics owns Superman

You may also see

Based on an agreement with the Siegel.Family

DC Comics never lost any.of the lawsuits that Siegel and Shuster co creators of Superman generated

It was the negative publicity generated by these guys being in.poverty while the company and others were making millions off thr character that caused the company to negotiate with them prior to the 1978.Supetman movie

But each time the copywright laws changes, the rights to Superman are in danger. At some point it will be in Public Domain.

Thry paid the Siegels heir off to stop any furure lawsuits.

Siegel and Shuster have been dead for a long time now, in 1996.and 1992.


I have already researched all this

if you want to learn significant events in super hero genre history

if you want to learn how Superman Batman.and Wonder Woman were created


The funny thing is most dc films and series i watch are the older ones lol i rarely see the new stuff. Ssme with comics i find myself reading thenolder ones then the newer ones


Awesome links, @TurokSonOfStone1950!

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I was reading and sigels daughter was battling warner media in the courts i dont know how old this is but this was a year or two after his wife pass

Please see latest

This is very old news

Nothing is happening on this anymore

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I read it DC won the appeal and got the rights back in 2013. The funny thing is man of steel isnt on DCU or HBO Max because of a previous deal warner bros made with Disney. Which is still intact where disney owns the broadcasting rights to man of steel. I gotta do some tracking and resesrch on the reeves distribution and broadcasting rights. To see maybe we can see who owns the rights to those


But it’s called Marvel Unlimited! How could they LIMIT the fans to the comics and not include the entire MCU? (And no, I wouldn’t be any more satisfied if they included the classic Incredible Hulk TV series or the 90s X-Men series. Recent stuff only.)


FX bought the rights which at the time wS own by Fox disney bought Fox in 2019. So FX is own by disney now so if AT&T want Man of Steel back they gotta negotiate with Disney

They are owned by Sony, that’s why they aren’t on Disney channel. So there is some poetic justice in that.

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