DC Universe Release Dates for DCAU Movies

When will DCAU movies Red Son and Apokolips War be released on the streaming service? I can understand why they’re not put on the app first ($ale$), but having to wait an exceptionally long time is another matter entirely.

It’s next to impossible to get any feedback from the DCU Facebook page.
Please help me (and other fans) out here.


The movies are released on DCU 3 months after they are available for sale. That isn’t too long considering the general guidelines for comics are a year after they are available for sale.


I heard Red Son comes June 1st. From what I heard JLDAW comes out September 1st meaning I am borrowing it from the library first.


Based on the 90 days after blu-ray release policy, the exact timing for Red Son would be June 15 and August 17 for Apokolips War. I’m not sure if those will be specific dates for when they’ll be on DCU, but I think they’re pretty good estimations at least


I’m also finding the catalog confusing and underwhelming. What about Mask of the Phantasm? Under the Red Hood? These are certainly older films that aren’t available on here, wondering why. My free trial ends tomorrow and I’m not sure that I will keep it for the 7 or 8 films that they have in the catalog.

Welcome @j.kyle.armstrong.67884. The movies rotate in and out to provide a variety for us and to allow DC to make additional revenue from other streaming services. dC Universe is more than just a streaming service. There are 22,000+ digital comics to read, clubs for every interest in the world of DC, original content like Titans, Doom Patrol, Stargirl, Young Justice, & Swamp Thing, and this community which is fantastic. Even if you don’t sign up, check out the community and we may convince you with even more reasons to subscribe.


@TravisMorgan I was hoping to watch Superman Red Son, but I know as a new release that wouldn’t be on the platform until after they have time to make sales on it, I ended up buying it. I will admit I enjoyed the harley quinn tv show. Having access to all these comics is cool, I might check it out for a few months and see how much use I get out of it. Just wondering what the deal was.


@j.kyle.armstrong.67884 It’s nice that you can start out month to month to check things out and see if you like it. And if you do, you can go annual. Good luck and enjoy.


Things will get clearer once HBOMAX launches, in terms of video content. Once HBOMAX launches, WB has said that it will only put its content only on WB streaming platforms. A lot of content was rolled out recently to get the last big other services cash grab. As @TravisMorgan pointed out, going monthly for a while is a great idea, especially with all the “up in the air HBOMAX” stuff going on.


Hello, I am new to this, I have been trying to find Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay on the DCU Streaming service and can’t seem to find it, it also seems that other animated movies are also not on the list.
Have they just not added it to the service and if not, is there an ETA as to when it will be added?
Or is it in some other location I’m not aware of?

Welcome to the community, @r1100641.39237! :slight_smile: We apologize for the confusion - Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay was rotated out of the service not long ago, as announced here. While we don’t have an ETA on when it’ll return, since we sometimes have to rotate content off, and re-add it later, I’ll make the team aware of your hoping to have it return soon!


Is there a logistical or technical reason for not having all the Digital movies available. Too much content and not enough servers?


Since they are using a cloud model, they can get the space and bandwidth, if that Is the issue, but likely it will cost a bit more $$$.

The main reason is licensing agreements with other streaming services made prior to the creation of DC Universe

The animated and live action movies rotate in and out

The licensing unit within.Warner Brothers which is responsible to maximize revenue from these movies would lease them to other streaming services to make money.

Because Warner Brothers wants to build up the HBO MAX streaming services starting this week it changed its policy to limit these assets to Warner Brother sites beginning in May

What this means for those animated films rotated out is unknown

Still must follow existing contracts

CW at Netflix except Batwoman
New Sandman at Netflix for a LOT of money

Smallville at Hulu

Batman 66 owned by Fox now Disney
At Roku

Swamp Thing owned by Michael Uslan not Warner Brothers except for show here. Contract dis not consider streaming because didnt exist at the time

All live action movies for last 40 years go to HBOMAX

All very expensive projects done by HBOMAX including
Green Lantern
Justice League Dark
Justice league Synder Cut
Strange Adventure
High School.DC Heroes
(Doom Patrol there because HBOMAX has millions of subscribers and double the monthly fee to fund it still here as well)

All nerworks and Streaming Services desperately for new content
Also to increase revenue for DC Universe
Swamp Thing to Cw
First season of Harley Quinn to Syfy

New Animated Movies 90 days after Blu Ray

No TV shows have ever being rotated out.

New Content and Rotated in.Video
Mainly based on subscriber fees and leasing to Internationall Netflix and other services CW or Syfy

This is a niche service which does not have millions of subscribers
Subscriber base unknown
Lowest badge awarded to almost 50000
But includes
Those who left
Non payers who access Community forum
Does not include
Subscribers eho never visited Community Forum
97% of members may never post


Yeah I hate to be negative but I feel like I’m just paying 2.50 a week to watch Harley Quinn

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This is called DC Universe so why don’t you guy here get first dibs on the DC movies and T.V. shows makes sense right! I subscribed to DC Universe to think i would see All the DC universe stuff but not really not to say i don’t like what i see but i’m kind of disappointed about how little of stuff dc universe has on it, did you notice i put little dc universe small instead of DC Universe Big to represent how little of DC Universe you guys really have.I hope to see more DC Universe stuff in the future.

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The site has over 23,000 DC comic books tracing back to the 1930s. I’d argue that it has a huge, huge bulk of the ACTUAL DC universe on it. In addition, it has the vast majority of the DC Animated Universe (Batman to Justice League Unlimited) on it.

So which DC universe do you feel is missing, and why is that universe more important than the one that’s been going on in the comics for over 80 years?

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technically it isnt warner bros its actually AT&T AT&T bought Time Warner in Mid June 2018 so that way AT&T will own enough properties to create their own streaming service to compete with Netflix Amazon and Hulu. sadly during the buy DCU was already in Beta and close to release. sadly this is the buisness. Time Warner had a plan but sadly AT&T has other plans and since they Own DCU now its really up to them not Warner Bros how DCU is handled.

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i think everyone has their own version of value and worth some people dont read alot of comics they watch adaptations. and when DC Universe first launched i also had high expectations about their video library and sadly that didnt live up. i own every single DC Movie animated movie tv show and animated tv in there highest format (working on 4K now) so i know how much DC Movies and tv shows there are. whats on this service is less then 10 percent more like 5 percent of whats truly available. for someone who doesnt read comics or likes to socialize that isnt worth the price tag. and the DCU Shop is also disappointing. this service i feel is for the super Fans not the advage consumer.