DC or Marvel

I’ve decided to finally see how many of you like DC more than Marvel. Be honest; polls are anonymous. Here we go:

  • DC
  • Marvel

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Not even a competition. DC has 2 things going for it that take the cake for me.
1.It has better comics
2.It’s not owned by Disney
I used to be a huge Star Wars fan. I was for most of my life but, when Disney bought Star Wars they ruined it with unpassionately made movies full of boring characters and virtue signaling. I jumped ship and brought my money and time to DC Comics. Zero regrets.


It really depends on the era. Marvel was clearly better in the 1960s and 1970s. DC has generally been better otherwise.


DC always for me


For me, It’s the stories


DC has Batman. Superman, Flash. Green Lantern, Hawkman, J’onn, Stargirl, Sandman. Atom Smasher, Wildcat, and Question.

To compete with this Marvel has Spider-man and… Spider-man.


While I’ll certainly give Marvel the edge in movies, when we’re looking at absolutely everything both companies have to offer, it’s DC, no question


I think your audience of voters might be a little biased…


I think I’ve said these same exact words before:

DC because Superman Batman Wonder Woman.


I would also argue Daredevil, but largely that’s it


oh really where ever did you get that idea


My loyalty is with DC. I like Marvel characters a lot individually, but I don’t really care about the universe in general. DC just works for me for every level, even when things go off the rails.


You need a both equally option.

I like DC for the teams mostly, and Marvel for the solo characters.
I don’t care for any of the big name characters at either one.
Not a fan of Batman (except West), Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Spider-Man or Wolverine.

At DC, I’m more into what’s now called ‘Justice League Dark’, but more rooted in Swamp Thing #50.
Dr. Fate, Spectre, Zatanna, Etrigan, Deadman, Phantom Stranger, Madame Xanadu, Baron Winters, Constantine and Swamp Thing.
Lords of Chaos & Lords of Order, Arion, Amethyst, Tim Hunter, Dr. Occult…

Then I’m also interested in the non-Batman street-level characters, like Huntress, Question, Green Arrow, Nightwing, Golden Age Sandman, Spencer Manhunter, Black Canary…
But only if written in a pulp-ish way.

At Marvel, I’m also into the mystic characters…
Dr. Strange, Scarlet Witch, Hellstrom, Werewolf by Night, Blade, Ghost Rider…
Stern’s Dr. Strange is still the benchmark that I gauge all mystic superhero comics by.

I also like the street-level characters at Marvel.
Branching from the ‘80s when Denny O’Neil was editor over a small group of street heroes: Daredevil, Moon Knight, Power Man/Iron Fist and Spider-Woman.
This is what most likely led to my liking DC’s street level heroes, as O’Neil was very involved with both the Question and Green Arrow in the late ‘80s (as well as Batman).


When I was a little kid reading comics in the 70s and 80s, I read them for escapism. Iron man being an alcoholic, or Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman having marital problems was too “real world” for me. Freaking Peter Parker always complaining about rent, or some other thing, it was like reading 22 pages of my dad saying, “Why are all the lights on? Money doesn’t grow on trees!” DC all the way!


Most of what I follow is DC, but I have nothing against Marvel.

I would be over the moon if DC and Marvel ever decided to collaborate on new crossovers again. I miss those.


Marvel actually has a sort of feel to their comics akin to an entire genre, and well I prefer a company that publishes all kinds of comics rather than well, the marvel genre.


I didn’t choose the DC Life, the DC Life chose me. (I know because it was Batman who chose)

As for Marvel, I can’t get into it, and it definitely does not choose me.


I enjoy both, as well as a lot of the other smaller publishers. I have also been supporting a lot of stuff on Kickstarter. It’s really cool to support people directly and there is some really good material coming out that might not have had a chance elsewhere.

I was mostly Marvel until I saw Suicide Squad, Doom Patrol, and the first Wonder Woman movie. Then I signed up with DCU and a new obsession began. Currently I am leaning heavily to DC but I still check in with Marvel Unlimited every night before bed. I spend far too much time reading comic books but I am an adult and I can do what I want.

My favorite character overall is Wonder Woman, so DC wins there. :00_wonder_woman_stars: :00_wonder_woman_gold: :00_wonder_woman_1982:


Which is sorta why I miss ‘80s DC with Warlord, Arion, Arak, Amethyst, Blackhawk, Jonah Hex, Sgt. Rock, Unknown Soldier, Creature Commandos, Atari Force, Star Trek, Omega Men and House of Mystery.


Yeah I honestly prefer Vertigo and Dc’s more free from the more “formulaic” comics like 2018’s justice league.

PS: I meant Justice League (2018-) was too “formulaic”