DC Fan Art Club: Weekly Challenge #89 - Remembering Neal Adams. April 30 - May 7, 2022


Hi @DCFanArtClub! Today we learned that legendary creator Neal Adams passed away on April 28, 2022 at the age of 80.

Neal had a long career at both Marvel and DC Comics and was the co-creator of Ra’s al Ghul, Man-Bat and Green Lantern John Stewart. Back in 1970, he, along with writer Dennis O’Neil, brought Batman from the campy 60s to the more realistic, dark and brooding character we know today. A lot of iconic images we see today of Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Deadman were all created by Neal.

He was also a big supporter of Creator’s Rights and helped lead the push for companies to return original artwork to the artists.

At every Chicago con I attended, he always had a large table in Artists’ Alley, was dressed impeccably and had a big smile on his face. If you only knew him from his later work, you may not have realized the impact he had on the industry as a whole going back to the 70s. He will be missed.

This week, draw something with one of the characters he’s know for (Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Deadman, Man-Bat, etc) and give a tip of the cap to the life and career of a legendary creator.

Due Date: May 6, 2022
Discussion, works-in-progress and final submission all in the thread below.

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I’m shocked right now. I actually found out through email, when you announced this thread and I was like “Oh, new challenge” then I saw “Remembering Neal Adams” and I was just shocked. This is sad news and I hope and pray his family is well and that things will get better for them. Neal is in a better place now, and we should celebrate his legacy as an artist. Another legend is gone, but he, his art, and all the work he’s done to contribute to pop culture and society will always stick with us as a community. Rest in Peace Neal Adams. He will be missed. :pray:

:00_batman_1989: :00_green_arrow: :00_lc_green_lantern:


Let’s Go!! I grew up on Neal Adams’ art and absolutely loved his Batman and GL renditions. I will be proud to do my very best for this challenge even if it takes me all damn month.


Well said. :pray:


I liked his Green Arrow with that hat and the goatee with the twirled mustache. I don’t think I’ve ever attempted a GA before, but now seems like a good time to try.


This is awesome™:+1:. Great way to remember the impact he had. Already have some ideas :thinking:


I didn’t know this, but I’m devastated! My friend and I were literally just talking about Neal Adams’s run on Batman literally an hour ago!


Oh yeah, the best GA! As a little kid I loved Robin Hood as much as Bruce loved Zorro! Neal’s GA had that flare to him. I have many of those issues still today.

Meaning the Errol Flynn version, of course. :grin:


1970s Green Arrow!


Nicely done! Speaking from experience, that pose is not as easy as it looks!


Thanks Rob! In the end, I think it came out a bit flat, but I still enjoyed drawing the old school costume (such a cool hat).


I tried based on


Looks like a good recreation to me. Got the pose and more importantly the proportions just right. Keep it up!!


That fits the reference really well. I wasn’t familiar with that cover, but you matched it nicely!


So at first i thought i would recreate a piece of Adams Deadman but it wasnt coming together so i just put an adams spin on my own version (ie the screaming face, poor deadman is always shouting it looks like )

This was the reference for the attempted head on the bottom right


I always love GA with the robin hood type hat, its what i first saw on JL unlimited. Nicely done by the by and the hand holding the bow with the notched arrow on top is excellent. He looks like hes concentrating real hard.


Poor deadman never wins in these covers. But you did really well and matching the color up as well. :+1:


Awesome™:+1: GA.
Great pose and the target background looks great. Like how the bullseye aligns wi the the arrow tip.

Awesome™:+1: recreation. Great posing.

Awesome™:+1: Deadman.
I guess being dead develops shouting habit :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:.


As one half of the creators of John Stewart (my favorite Green Lantern) thought it’d be good to make something with him.

Really like how it came out. Enjoyed playing around with the lightning and glow.


Ooooo very fearsome John Stewart, i was introduced to him first as GL on justice league and hes always been my fav since sorry not sorry hal the lighting is most excellent especially the wisps coming off his eyes. And good shade work with his cheek bones, very sharp. Really great piece!