DC Fan Art Club: Weekly Challenge #66, October 23 - 30, 2021

Hi @DCFanArtClub and welcome to our fourth week of spooky activities. I couldn’t let the Halloween season go by without having a DCeased week (available right here)!

Set on an alternate Earth, this series didn’t need to pull any punches when a corrupted Anti-Life Equation infected all the screens on the planet. Some new versions of characters rose up (like Black Canary Green Lantern) while many DC mainstays became part of the zombie horde.

It also gave Green Arrow quite possibly his best line ever!

Hidden in case you haven't read it yet!

Channel your Halloween spirit and create something inspired by DCeased.

Due Date: October 30, 2021
Submit: Post your final work here.
Thoughts, ideas and works-in-progress can be posted below.

Terms & Conditions: I understand that by participating in the DC Universe Community Forums that I am agreeing to the Fan Art Guidelines , which include not creating new storylines or characters, not soliciting for compensation or payment, and will follow the standards of the Community Guidelines .


This is awesome™:+1: I already have some ideas. :thinking:


To clarify, when you say create something inspired by DCeased, we can create anything? It can be original? Meaning a DC character, but not “infected” in the same way as in the stories? Also as long as they are in one of their previously used costumes? Just don’t want to break any community rules here.


I’m going to say you can ‘infect’ any DC character any way you’d like. The whole world was infected so I’m sure there were many infected ‘off camera’. :+1:


Coolio! Game on!! Let’s Go!!


DCeased is an example of a fascinating phenomenon where a pastiche evolves into a franchise in its own right. Other examples include Deadpool and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (a parody of Daredevil). I haven’t read Marvel Zombies, but the What If… ? episode was my favorite of the season, and I’m super-excited for the spin-off show. I’d ask you all to rank it in relation to DCeased, but I get the feeling you might be just a leeeetle biased. :wink: