DC Fan Art Club: Weekly Challenge #47, May 29 - June 5

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The Memorial Day holiday in the US is an opportunity to remember and honor all those who have served and sacrificed in the armed forces.

I thought we could take this holiday to tie into the many war comics that DC has produced over the years. They have ranged from realistic (Sgt Rock) to super-heroes (Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters) to the supernatural (Haunted Tank, G.I. Zombie).

Below is a partial list with some links to reference series here on DCUI.

If you’d like to stick to standard super-hero art, I would recommend checking out the Freedom Fighters. Their members include some familiar names like the Ray and Black Condor. There was even an animated series a few years back.

Due Date: June 5, 2021
Submit: Post your final work here.
Works-In-Progress should be shared in this thread. :+1:

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Reminder that Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart were in the Air Force and Marine Corps, respectively.


Sounds awesome™:+1:. Nice Memorial Day theme.


Hal Jordan was in the Marines also as a fighter pilot, not Air Force.


FYI, I spent a a few years with the American Legion. I served one year as the 1st Vice Commander; Memorial Day is not Veteran’s Day. Memorial Day is in honor of those who were killed in combat by enemy fire during a congressionally approved war. It’s still heavily debated but military members who died by Suicides, Victims of Terror, and Deaths by Accident and/or natural causes are not honored on this day. Neither are those 1st responders who died during 9/11. Veteran’s day and Patriot’s day are for that.


Thanks for the info. I do know the differences between Memorial Day and Veterans Day and meant no disrespect.

Really just looking for a theme for the week, trying to keep it light and maybe give someone the inspiration to draw a haunted tank. :slight_smile:


Are you sure? Pretty sure he’s USAF in the Green Lantern I’ve read. If I’m wrong please correct me.


does it have to be a character or can it be a part of their uniform, their weapons, etc.?

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Whatever you like! The rules are very loose around here!


Re-checked, looks like there was a disconnect because as we should know, the Marines were, and still are, a part of the Navy (Aquaman and his Marines etc…) while the Air Force was originally part of the Army and known as the US Army Air Corps. When I served in the Marines, 97-01, fellow Marines told me GL was in the Marines. I was never into the DC outside of Firestorm and Flash. I was more into Marvel. But there is a lot of disconnects to histories and herstories that can get unconsciously put into the comics. I wonder if there is an “original” of the Hal Jordan here?