DC Fan Art Club: July 2023 Spotlight - Warlord, Green Arrow and Zatanna

Hi @DCFanArtClub and welcome to July! This month we are back to three topics picked from 1) New to DCUI, 2) a DC ‘family’ and 3) a wildcard or something from the archives.

For July, those topics are 1) The Warlord, 2) The Green Arrow family and 3) Zatanna!

The Warlord was created by Mike Grell and the original series ran from 1976 - 1988. It has had 3 additional series over the years with the most recent coming in 2009.

It starred Travis Morgan who was a Vietnam vet pilot who passed through a hole in the Earth’s crust and ended up in Skartaris. This was a sword and sorcery world with all the usual trappings of fantastic beasts, scantily clad women and skull codpieces.

The Warlord series has started to be added to DCUI after winning the first fan vote. You can check out the early issues (along with a couple Legends tie in issues near the end of the series) right here.

Incidentally, I was browsing the comic sales at my local Half Price Books and they had a bunch of Warlords for 40 cents each! I bought what was there and one of the issues was nubmer 63 – which just happens to be Dan Jurgens first DC artwork! Pretty cool!

The Dawn of DC is underway and one of the first characters to receive a new series was Green Arrow. The first couple of issues are available here.

For the Green Arrow family, we have characters like Black Canary, Connor Hawke, Roy Harper (aka Speedy, Arsenal or Red Arrow) and others who are all eligible.

To tie this in with our first topic, Mike Grell (him again!) revitalized Green Arrow in the 1980s with The Longbow Hunters and then continued on to write a new ongoing series.

One issue that was recently added to DCUI (number 28) just happened to guest star Travis Morgan and was drawn by Dan Jurgens! I had no idea that Grell and Jurgens had a long history of working together.

The issue was based a lot around the question of why do Ollie and Travis look so much alike? Can’t deny there is a resemblance there.

Rounding out the month is Zatanna! I’ve been trying to fit her into an art club topic for a while now and July seems like a good spot. Her latest series from 2010 is available here with 12 of the issues written by the legendary Paul Dini!

A character with a long history who mostly appeared in the Justice League and various guest spots, she primarily is known for her backwards-speak magic spells and fishnet stockings. The 2010 series was long overdue and really was a chance to flesh out her character.

It also featured some amazing covers and variants by folks such as Brian Bolland and Adam Hughes!

So let’s… warD annataZ!!

Post your thoughts and work in the thread below and thanks for being a part of the art club here at DC Universe Infinite!

Due Date: July 31, 2023

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Sounds Awesome™:+1:. Cool with Warworld and GA. I’ve wanting to do a Zatanna for a while definitely have something for that one.


i’m so tempted to draw Zatanna with a vandyke beard


Never read Warlord before, but I suddenly understand @TravisMorgan better!


@CynicalPink you need to read the issues here on DCUI. Start with 1st Issue Special #8 and then read Warlord #1.

What exactly do you mean “suddenly understand me better?” :wink:


Hey @JKoco17 Dan Jurgens got his start at DC Comics on Warlord #63 and continued as regular penciller through issue #88. The Warlord’s appearance in Green Arrow was a two issue arc of #27-28.

Fred Hembeck also commented on their resemblance.



LOL! That sounds very appropriate!


The more I read about the history of Warlord, the more fascinating it gets. For volume 1 to last for 133 issues, it must have been very popular during the 70s and 80s.

Do you have any favorite arcs or memories from the series?

I see that Mike Grell’s wife at the time actually ghost-wrote the last couple years of his run (which is when Jurgens started drawing it) before a new writer took over and Jurgens continued on art.

Do you know any of the history of that? Was this when Grell was starting Jon Sable for First Comics?

As for GA 27, that one is actually not digitized here at DCUI. I totally want to see how Travis ended up in Ollie’s backyard!


My favorite issues were the early issues that were Mike Grell centric where he wrote, pencilled, and inked his own artwork. Vince Colletta did him no favors. Everything he wrote was really good and Dan Jurgens did a great job on art after he stopped writing.

Back in the 70s and 80s they didn’t write six issue arcs for a trade paperback like today. The stories were mainly one and done with a subplot in the background.

My memories are more about finding issue #3 and Cerebus #1 at a comic shop. That was the first time I ever bought back issues. I was so happy to fill in the issues I needed.

For the story behind Mike’s transition from Warlord to creator owned properties I suggest you purchase Mike Grell: Life Is Drawing Without An Eraser from Twomorrows Publishing. On sale for $15.00 with a 37 page online preview. The book’s cover is below as is a photo of Mike signing my copy.

You can also check out Mke’s Amazing World of Comics Website and see that Starslayer actually was his first Indy project with Jon Sable starting after Starslayer ended.

Issue #27 is on DCUI. The issues are listed out of order.


Thanks so much for the links! I’ve always seen those Twomorrows books about the classic creators, but never bought one before. Seems like a good time to start!

Ah jeez, I should have noticed that! I’ve seen that before on other series, just didn’t look close enough here.

Also thanks for pointing out the 1st Issue Special series. There’s some really interesting stuff there (Kirby, Dikto, SImonson) along with Grell.


My time is here


I had previously drawn Zatanna for the art club but I wanted to see if I could show how much I had grown.
I knew I wanted to draw her but I wanted her to interact with someone else. To my mind, someone who casts spells by speaking backwards seemed a natural fit to fight Mirror Master who reflects the world backwards.
I tried to draw this in a style of an old cover with cover blurbs (with backwards words too!) and picked a title.
I still don’t feel completely satisfied with it and felt I could have drawn it better but I’ve been working on posing characters more than just what I get from reference photos.
Here’s my latest drawing:

For comparison here is my original one for the art club years ago( funny enough including another backwards speaking character):


:laughing:LOL, When I read Warlord last night, Travis Morgan did kinda remind me of Oliver Queen with his appearance!


A few years ago or last year, I’ve made Green Arrow out of Minecraft. :grinning:




Thankyou. :grinning:


I’ve just finish making Travis Morgan from Warlord out of Minecraft, this was based on his very first appearance. Hope @TravisMorgan will like it. :grinning:


Very Cool @Lincolnfan78! I love it!


Thankyou very much, I’m so glad you love it.:blush:


Great idea with Zatanna and Mirror Master! Nice details on her costume.

Now I want to read how this story turns out!