DC Fan Art Club: December Challenge Sign-ups!

@DCFanArtClub – The poll is closed, and the Holiday Request Thread is now open to the community!

Will you be an artist for this December’s monthly challenge?

  • Yes, I’ll definitely participate.
  • Maybe – put me on the “reserves” list.

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Also, if YOU have an art request, please submit it! If we get a lot of requests, Art Club Members will be given priority (and the extras will be chosen at random/by raffle).

Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to spreading some holiday cheer – 2020 needs it! :christmas_tree:


Apologies to members who are seeing this twice (@RobArt471 & @stefanie.m)! It came to my attention that some people might not be receiving the private messages. We may have more members than the system allows.


So we will randomly get assigned a person and create the prompt they requested right?

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Yep! I’ll drop everyone’s name into a random name picker, like this one, to make the pairings.

If anyones makes multiple requests, it’ll be the artist’s choice which one to draw. :slight_smile:

Edit: Orrr, if club members really wanted, i suppose we could just call dibs on which ones we want. But that might get tricky if multiple people want the same prompt. :thinking:


Sounds great :+1:


Agreed, random sounds more fair to everyone. I would like to also say, that if someone gets a request that they are uncomfortable with, I will be willing to trade or help anyway I can.


Thank you for that offer!


I will try to do something for next month, but Christmas is my favorite holiday (and therefore a fairly busy time for me and the family), so I’ll be a reserve member for now.

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No worries! Ty for signing up for the reserves, just in case!

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How About Barbara Gordon and Jason Todd Kissing under the mistletoe and Dick Grayson snapping a Candy Cane in Half and Jason Bard Trying to Trip Jason Todd Because they’re Jealous and Alfred Serving Drinks and Alfred Going “MY WORD?!”

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Yes I Ship Babs and Red Hood

Sorry, gia, you’re in the wrong thread! Go drop your request over at Holiday Fanart Giveaway! Make Your Request Here! so it’s not missed :slight_smile:

When do we find out our selections? To keep it secret Santa are you direct messaging us so it’s a surprise?

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I was going to wait until Dec 1 to reveal your recipients (via a group direct message), but I could start doing it sooner if everyone wants a head start ? :slight_smile:


Yo yo Ms. Pink!

Would be cool to make a Calendar for DCUI this coming year! Maybe have a raffle to assign ppl months or just have the coming month be part of the current months “monthly challenge” where everyone can do their own take. Maybe sweet talk them mods into having it be a banner atop the Community events calendar thing. Be like “hey don’t you wanna support your community members by showcasing their art proudly on your calendar for all to see? You would? Well that’s fantastic y’all sure are swell!” It could be single image or one like them fancy rotating ones you do for the thumbnails here if going with everyone doing their own take.


I love the idea and am going to chat it over with AJ when i can :heart: