DC Fan Art Club: April 2021 Monthly Art Challenge


Hey, everyone! A big challenge and (biggish) news for our (teensy bit late) one-year anniversary challenge!

When I first started the club, I did so with a swarm of butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t feel at all confident that I’d be able get things off to a smooth start, let alone keep the momentum going a year later. Lucky for me, the club’s members turned out to be an endless source of positive energy and enthusiasm. I’ve never seen a challenge go by without a thread full of supportive comments and passion for the DCU. The club is what it is today because of you. :heart:

Annnnd for that reason, I feel a little less scared about this next part.

Late this week, I got hit with some news that I had to be involved with another project at work that’s predicted to require several hundreds hours of work on my part over the next couple of months (that’s in addition to my usual workload). I kinda thought I was gonna explode and fade away into dust on the spot, but @JKoco17 has kindly zoomed in to play the part of superhero.

He’s slightly newish to the group, but anyone who’s been active around here knows he’s a great artist, organizer and all around good guy. I have full confidence in handing over the helm of this whacky ship so that he can keep this party running while I fight for my sanity navigate offline stuff.

I love y’all and I’m not quitting the club! I’ll be active as much as possible. In the meanwhile, please show JK the same kind of amazing support and teamwork you’ve always offered me. :dp_flex_mentallo: I know I can count on you!


~ CP



Our biggest collaboration ever!

Each artist will draw a DC character of their choice (hero, villain — anything goes). Later on, I (and maybe some volunteers) will digitally edit everyone’s artwork onto one background.

For example:


:mega: To sign up for your character, click on the ORANGE PENCIL at the top right of this post. That will allow you to add your name to the list. (If you have trouble, just leave your choice in the comments).

  1. THE_OneAndOnly_Official_Batman (Batman)
  2. NYJt3 Atrocitus w/ Dex Star (since they’re kind of a pair :sweat_smile:)
  3. TheRealDetective Chimp draws himself
  4. Foofarow.Femme.Fatale drawing Delirium
  5. Robart471 - Firestorm
  6. Cici - Enchantress
  7. CP - Either Mary Marvel or Darla Dudley (unless someone else wants either/or!!)
  9. @ronmhoward -Superman
  10. Niamton - Lobo
  11. JKoco17 - Dr Fate
  12. KingOfTheWickerPeople- Wonder Woman
  13. keath - Elongated Man
  14. @jose.edgar.martinez - Blue Beetle and Aztek
  15. @ImpulseMaxMercury - Killer Frost
  16. Squintyfist - Starfire
  17. Goldk - ManBat

(Add numbers as needed)

Once we get a better idea of how many people are participating, we can start assigning positions, light source, etc.

All levels are welcome to join! Don’t worry if you only work with traditional pens and pencils – those of us with the right software will help edit your work as needed.

Hope many of you can join in!

** Edited by @JKoco17 to add dates **

  • Sign up for a character by April 9
  • Notes on layout to be provided by April 12
  • Submit work by April 23
  • Big celebration to enjoy the final work April 30 (maybe spills over into the weekend May 1-2)

Submit: Post your Works in Progress and Final Pieces in the comments!


Terms & Conditions: I understand that by participating in the DC Universe Community Forums that I am agreeing to the Fan Art Guidelines , which include not creating new storylines or characters, not soliciting for compensation or payment, and will follow the standards of the Community Guidelines .


Whe should they be submitted by???


As a monthly challenge we have until the end of the month if I’m correct.


Like NYJ said, usually monthlies go to the end of the month.

But if the group wants the piece to be cleaned up and finalized by April 30, then we’ll probably have to have all entries a week or so early to give myself and any others time to edit (is what I’m thinking)


Sounds awesome™:+1:
Congrats on the keys @JKoco17
And Good Luck with holding on to your sanity with work CP​:four_leaf_clover::+1:


Thank ya :sweat_smile: Channeling my inner Lois. I’ll get the job done.


Hi everyone! A big thank you to @CynicalPink for trusting me to steer this ship for a little while! I’ll try not to crash until you’re ready to jump back in the captain’s chair.

We had 14 people say they are interested in drawing a character (with hopefully more to come) so this has the potential to be an epic collaboration.

Let’s take this week to sign up for a character and we can come up with a layout next weekend. If we have a good number of heroes and villains we can have some battles throughout the pic.

Then we can take 2 weeks and have final submissions by April 24. It will all come together by the end of April!

Next Saturday I’ll try my hand at creating my first weekly challenge, which will also serve as a thank you to @stefanie.m for organizing the 1 year anniversary thread. Yes, you probably already know what that means :slight_smile:



Thanks, JK!


Count me excited for this collab!

@CynicalPink - Do what you need to do, and we will knock this collab outta this solar system in your honor! (Not to be presumptuous, but I have been around here long enough to know my peers would back up this statement.)

@JKoco17 - I think CP has made a great choice based on what I have seen so far and I think you will be fantastic! Congrats! :tada::champagne:


Thank you!!

And if I can manage to join in this one, I’m on the fence. Thinking Mary or Darla from Shazam… I’m in the mood for color, so passing on Batfamily for a change :yum:


:smirk: Oh hell yeah


i regret not being able to be involved in the club lately, but i do want to wish @CynicalPink a happy anniversary, and @JKoco17 good luck! i’m surprised to learn you were nervous about starting the club, @CynicalPink, because you couldn’t have done a better job leading us.


Thank you, and thank you!

Because people can be scary (but y’all weren’t!) and I can be a little manic about overthinking things (this part’s still true) :sweat_smile:


I’m in - Batman/Superman


If it doesn’t get too crowded, can I do 2 characters? Cause I got an itch to scratch.
Firestorm. :fire:



You’re going to be a fabulous leader from the way you handled the belated 1 year thread you got this and im doubly excited to see this collab come together!!!


:heart: :sob: :heart: really yall are the best!!

CP I wish you all the luck and strength with the extra workload. Of course if anyone can do it, its YOU. I mean you’ve run this club spectacularly through a bunch of challenges (life and work) including inktober and the crazy xmas bananza! You’re a rock star.


Hi, glad to have you. We already have a Batman signed up, but Superman’s all yours.

I’ll sign you up at the top of the thread.


I don’t think my edit went through (talk about timing, @stefanie.m was editing #8 the same time I was), I was going to try and do credit to Lobo. (@NYJt3 gave me the idea with Dex Star, there was a panel in Injustice 2 between a GL-Lobo, Dex, and Atrocitus, that I remember that made me laugh too hard)


Sure, let’s see how crowded the skies get, but we should be able to fit one more.

Are we talking puffy sleeves Firestorm?