DC Fan Art Club - 2023 Holiday Requests Granted!

Hello and Happy Holidays!

This is the official thread where the @DCFanArtClub will be posting the art for all of the requests that have been completed.

The artist will tag the requestor and post the art below!

Bookmark this post and check back often as the club will be working on requests all month long.

The full list of requests received is below. We’ll do our best to get to them all!

From mercurie80
Oh, how about Zatanna trimming her tree.

From Jurisdiction
I’d love to see The Atom shrunk down and wearing an elf costume. Idk why that’s something I want, but it really is.

From NYJt3
For my request Martain Manhunter and Miss Martain having fun shapeshifting on some ugly Christmas sweaters.

From JollySteveTrevor2.0
As it turns out, I can’t get enough Golden Age Wonder Woman. This time I would like to see her with Cheetah Priscilla Rich, maybe something like Wonder Woman decorating a tree and Cheetah batting at the ornaments because that sounds funny. :laughing:

From the_Rubber_Bandit
Inspired by my sister: The Robins sneakily decorating the Batcave without Batman knowing. (Needs tip toes and Robin stockings apparently)

From the_Rubber_Bandit
I will also be very happy if someone incorporates Young Justice in anyway this year. #keepbingingyj

From cellardweller115
Oh, if someone is interested in this, something holiday themed that incorporates the Wonder Twins. Maybe decorating the Hall of Justice.

Or, since their aliens, confused by their first Christmas here on Earth.

My only request would be that they look as they do in current DCU, and not 1970s Super Friends.

From idle453.87595
I would like to request a Legion of Super-Heroes Christmas. Any versions of the characters are fine but would really like Timberwolf, Quislet and Kinetix.

From wrrrryyyy12
I would love to see clark kent (clark in superman outfit or christmas pjs) and conner kent (conner kent in his leather jacket or christmas pjs) giving each other presents (it would be hilarious if conner was giving superman a plush of superman the animated series Mister Mxyzptlk) and superman give him the black shirt with the red S.

From wrrrryyyy12
A work of art depicting Impulse opening all of the presents in santa’s bag

From kkovacs12.64762
I like the idea of a fifth dimensional Christmas. with; like, the justice league transmogrified into elves and reindeer and what not.
I could design a fir tree that looks like an atomic orbital.

From JKoco17
From Swamp Thing, I’d like to see someone’s interpretation of The Parliment of (Christmas) Trees

From idle453.87595
I would like a Just Lotta Animals christmas scene. (It would go with my Zoo Crew one from two years ago).

From TheBatgirlofNML
How about Cass/Batgirl accidentally sneaking up on Santa and surprising him on Christmas eve?

From NCharles39
Can u do one of mah pretty kitty? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::catwoman_hv_3::black_heart: (Catwoman, I suppose)

From Razzzcat
A pic of Aquaman (no pressure, but I do very much enjoy the Jason Momoa version) with maybe…a seahorse wearing antlers and Xmas lights? :eyes: :00_aquaman_rebirth: :blue_heart:


I couldn’t get it all in one pic but I got everything requested the robins are on tiptoe and there are Robin stockings and the reason behind them sneaking in to decorate the cave is because they wanted Batman to wake up to Christmas since he accidentally fell asleep there @the_Rubber_Bandit


These are great @storyteller91!


Thanks @Jurisdiction .


The stockings in the picture aren’t giant there just suppose to be the closest thing to you
and, I didn’t really pull it off. I don’t usually draw more then one person in a picture because its hard but, I wanted to do my best for the tiny’s request.


Nice ideas and layout as you built in everything from the request.


Thanks maybe someday I’ll be able to do it better a lay out like that was why out of my comfort zone but, I wanted to try anyway. I’ll never get better if I don’t push my limits.


@Jurisdiction requested the Atom shrunk down and wearing an elf costume.
This made me think of the Elf on a Shelf (the secret bane of my existence with him changing locations each and EVERY night).
I thought it would be extra funny that he didn’t shrink enough and the elf costume was too small for him.
I hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas!


I absolutely LOVE this!!! Thanks so much @ImpulseMaxMercury!


You’re welcome! Felt we all needed a little laugh this holiday season!


Great idea! Love the jingle bells on Atom’s feet!


For @idle453.87595 (and @Don-El), here are Kinetix, Timber Wolf and Quislet having that age-old discussion about artificial tree vs real tree.

Timber Wolf would definitely be a real tree person.
I think Kinetix would want to use her powers to morph some steel into a tree-like shape.

Quislet would just be along for the ride. :slight_smile:

You’ll have to tell me if these versions of the characters ever interacted together. So much Legion history! I ended up pulling the designs from 3 different eras.

Happy Holidays (and long live the Legion!)!!


That’s really good,and a nice story to @JKoco17


That’s a great elf on the shelf, and your pencil work is always wonderful.


Nice, thanks @JKoco17 !

These three really are all from different eras of Legion and wouldn’t have interacted as they are here.

Timber wolf in one of his other uniforms would have run into Quislet.




This, too, is flappinghammity!


Thank you, This is awesome. I don’t believe these three ever interacted as Quislet returned to his home dimension before the reboot and Kinetix was created after. This Timber Wolf, however, is from earlier in the Preboot timeline so an older version worked with Quislet…


Thank you! So how did you pick these three? Are they just personal favorites?


Thanks Don-El!