DC at the Box Office Thread

Indiana Jones’s box office reports are dropping. This is good for Flash.

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Latest reports now say Flash opens at bad 70 million

Across the Spider-Verse is supposed to open at around 80 million. No chance it beats Flash its opening weekend, but that will likely take some audience away. With both films focusing on the multiverse there should be some box office battle between them on who makes more.

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wow that’s a real nice way to take that I hope that if I get lucky enough to get one of my books out there I’m as chill as that guy if people are talking badly about it

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well as for the people complaining for some of them thats the event they enjoy the most

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The Flash is now projected at 86-120 million. Assuming it gets 2.5X legs then 86 would get it 215, just under its budget (again many people think it has a much higher budget than 220M). If it gets 300 million that would be much better, and make it more likely to be a success.

When Flash opens Spider-Verse will probably make around 35 million that weekend. I see that being a problem.

There’s always a number of factors. Right now, there’s a certain bit of news amongst industry types because IMAX, which wants people to FILM their movies in IMAX, committed to showing Oppenheimer, which was given an R rating, in it’s premium format screens, for three weeks, which is going to bump Tom Cruise’s next movie. Cruise, like certain very big stars, is always a profit participant, but even if he wasn’t, he also happens to be a producer on the Mission Impossible movie franchise. So, of course, he cares.

Now, in the case of Top Gun Maverick, it was actually an outlier since it left some premium format screens and then because it had such legs (e.g. played for so long in cinemas while still managing to continue to getting butts in seats), that it actually went back into some premium screens. But this can also factor into how well a movie does.

Currently, the new Spider-Verse clearly benefited from the post-theatrical success, because it’s way outperforming, so far, what the first movie did in North America, although it’s not outperforming in foreign/international markets, so it won’t be like Super Mario in that regard (or your bog-standard MCU movie).

As for movie executives, there’s a well know book about Hollywood that essentially sums up to ‘no one really knows in Hollywood’ they just pretend. If people knew how to make hit after hit, they would have done so from the start. I think some poor decisions were made, personally, from not releasing Fury of the Gods last year when there was less competition, but then again, I also would not have thought the current Spider-Verse would do this well (based mostly on the first’s perfomance), so that just shows I know as little as many people who get paid for it.

Across the Spider-Verse is doing perfectly well overseas and making goon money in many countries, and it has many it will not open in until later this month. If you want an example of a film being crushed overseas compared to domestic numbers look at The Little Mermaid

What about Transformers? I hear it’ll open to $68 million And I’d imagine Spider-Man will drop maybe 50% at most, making a second weekend of at least $60 million, making it close.
I do not see TF as a threat to The Flash. I mean…not really is anyone talking about it. I will admit my bias - I grew up on TF G1, loved it. I did like the Bay movies up until 4. Looking back at them now, I have no huge desire to rewatch them. Bumblebee was great!
I recall critics being pretty friendly to Bumblebee unlike the Bayformers. It’s the only one on RT with a fresh score. But it wasn’t a giant money maker and that was 5 years ago! This ain’t Terminator, Avatar or Dark Knight ya know lol. Honestly, I think it can go either way BUT I think it will go for next weekend…
1.) The Flash
2) Spider-Man
3.) Transformers

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Transformers 6 is too early for big nostalgia and has lost plenty of brand value. I think it will be third that weekend too.

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Exactly! For I feel some still have the bad taste of Bay in their mouths, ya know?

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Tracking has gone down by a small ammount.

BoxOfficeTheory has it tracking at a mere 65-85 million. That is very bad.