🔵 ⚪ Dawn of DC is Here! ⚪ 🔵

:sparkles: :fireworks: Happy New Year :fireworks: :sparkles:, @ModernAgeSupermanClub!

Dark Crisis has ended, a new year begins and with it, so too begins the action and adventure of Dawn of DC, as it officially starts in Action Comics #1051 (on-sale 1/24 :partying_face:)!

Here’s a wee, li’l cover gallery for the mag:

Main/A cover, by Dan Mora (seen above, but now with its full trade dress and cover copy).

B cover, by Steve Beach.

1:25 incentive cover by Jack Herbert (a piece that channels Reeve perfectly).

Now, eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that the A cover for Action Comics #1051 touts “Lois and Clark 2” as a bonus feature (if you didn’t notice, go ahead and scroll back up to check it out; go ahead, we’ll wait :clark_hv_4:).

If you’re asking yourself “Self, where’s Lois and Clark 1?”, allow me to answer your query, as it can be found right here: :point_down:t2:

Superman: Lois and Clark was written and drawn by the same team that will be handling Lois and Clark 2: writer Dan Jurgens and artist Lee Weeks, who also provides this nifty variant for Action 1051:


Is Superman: Lois and Clark new to you, and you’re wanting to check it out before their adventures under Messrs. Jurgens and Weeks begin anew in Action Comics #1051?

Have you read Superman: Lois and Clark before and are wanting to reacquaint yourself with it before Action 1051 drops (if so, you and I have something in common)?

Whether you’re hyped for Action Comics #1051’s release this month and are jonesin’ for your fix of that Jurgens and Weeks mix, or you just want a solid Superman mini-series to begin Superman’s 85th anniversary by, Superman: Lois and Clark is most definitely worth your time.

Enjoy :superman:uper fans, and don’t forget to pick-up Action Comics #1051 when it debuts at retail later this month, and/or to read it on Ultra when it arrives toward the end of February! :superman_hv_4:


Speaking of Superman: Lois and Clark, here’s a li’l sum-summin’ for the merchandise-inclined members of the audience:

Available for $19.99 at a physical and/or online retailer near you. :superman_hv_4:


Love the picture art of Metallo vs. Superman! :smiley:


Finances dictate that I wait until end of Feb when this hits Ultra, but daaaaang that’s a tough wait.

ETA: It says more pages but Action has regularly been at the $4.99 price point since Infinite Frontier, so there won’t actually be more pages than usual, right?


Right? I’m definitely looking to snatch it on 1/24.

There will be more pages, on account of the Lois and Clark and Power Girl stories, while the price remains at $4.99.

For now at least, the cover price of Action is not going up, despite the fact we’re getting more content in each issue.