Coming Soon: Show Off Your Knowledge, Get Featured in DC Universe Encyclopedia!

Greetings, friends!

Fun facts are the stardust of the DC Universe, and you are our intrepid explorers. We challenge you to join our voyage and share your fun facts about the characters and stories we all know and love. Who in history inspired this character? What unexpected challenges did the character face? What went on behind the scenes? We want to hear them all!

You: “I’m a treasure trove of fun facts! Tell me more.”

Every week, we’ll be accepting fun facts about a highlighted character via the comments of that topic. If your fact is selected, you will be credited in the “Trivia” section of each encyclopedia entry. Keep your eye out every week for a new topic dedicated to a specific character!

You: “I’m in! How can I submit?”

Easy! Just share your fact with us in the comments of each week’s character topic, right here in the community. We ask that you share with us your reference so we can cite the source in the Encyclopedia. Examples of sources include DVD commentary, creator interviews, or links to credible websites.

“Bruce Wayne is estimated to be w orth between $7-$9 billion dollars.”

“Did you know Krypto is based on the office dog at DC in New York?” -Comic McGee Magazine, Issue 232, pg. 15

A few notes to bear in mind:

-If we are not able to validate your fact, or if it does not fit the tone of our Encyclopedia entries, we may not use the fact right away.

-If repeat facts are submitted that we would like to use, the first user to post that fact will receive the credit.

-You can submit as many facts as you’d like! However, submission to this thread does not guarantee that your fact will be selected for featuring in the Encyclopedia. The selection process is entirely up to the discretion of DC Universe.

-We’ll be recruiting a very helpful little friend from the 5th dimension to sort out the facts and answer questions you have moving forward in our weekly installments. He’s VERY excited to get started!

We look forward to sharing in your wealth of knowledge! We’ll be continuing to evolve our Encyclopedia content right alongside you, so stay tuned for details. And as always, should you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.:books::mag_right:


GREETINGS, denizens of the lower dimensions!

Allow me to introduce myself: I am an omnipotent being of unlimited cosmic power, Batman’s BFF, and the #1 DC fan in the entire cosmos! My friends call me Bat-Mite. And you can too, friend!

I’m here because @AppleJack asked me to spare some of my 5D magic to curate all the neat trivia facts you’ll be contributing each week into the DC Universe Encyclopedia! Of course, I’ve already written the entire fifth dimensional edition of the DC Encyclopedia myself, but I’m afraid you can’t see that one. Spoilers.

(But ohhhh boy, just wait until you see what Catwoman does in- oops, I shouldn’t say anymore.)

Hey, though! If you have any questions that DON’T require the rupturing of your delicate time-space fabric, ask away!

I’m so excited to see what fun facts you come up with… perhaps a few things even I don’t know??? I can’t wait to find out!


@thedarkmite Watch out for @Vroom and @Misfit. They don’t take too kindly to Bat-Mites in these here parts.


When are new entries coming

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@ARSENAL. Ohh, quite soon, my crimson-clad crimefighter. QUITE soon.

@BatmanOfZur-En-Arrh ! It’s been too long! I mean, Batman RIP was… gosh, 11 years ago? How’s Jezebel?


As you can see from my handle, I approve of any 5th dimension intervening on this realm. Well done!


Will you be accepting facts about third party characters who appear/effect the DC Universe? Stuff like Shazam He-Man (who I’m actually working on a custom figure of).


@thedarkmite Too long, indeed. Jezebel…well, let’s just say, she kind of lost her head.


This is cool.

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@Bozea I like Bat-Mite just fine. Especially his Dan Jurgens penned mini-series from 2015.

It’s the Filmation Bat-Mite that’s cruising for a massive bruising if he doesn’t stop interfering with Batman and Robin. He’s the one I punted out a window this past weekend and it felt good to use my Puntin’ Booties, lemme tell ya!

Regarding the character in general, Bat-Mite was voiced by Penguin’s dad in Batman: The Brave and The Bold! You can’t hate against that =)

sees Bat-Mite walk in and offers him a seat on the couch See, dude’s cool. Even he dislikes his Filmation counterpart. Don’t ya, buddy? Bat-Mite nods with a smile Told you so =)


Sounds Fun! Let’s Learn & Play!


The Hooded Blush welcomes the one, true Bat-Mite to these forums, and hopes to do endless heroic deeds together. That’s just the way the super-powered pup of mystery rolls. But the Pink Avenger trusts no one-- fearing that with so much trans-dimensional hopping going on-- a Pup-Mite could appear to wreck havoc on all of threads and time–


Bat-Mite my old chum, it’s been ages since you popped up in the Batcave. I think the last time you visited Robin rolled a giant penny over your foot. Good times, good times.


This is an amazing idea


The trinity is awesome -fact.
I don’t need proof.


@cathar.56504, perhaps in the future! At this time, we are focusing on characters that will be featured in the near future on DC Universe. But we will note your suggestion and pass it along.

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When Joker was first created, he was based on Conrad Veidt’s character from a 1928 silent film, “Man Who Laugh” The movie was based on a story by Victor Hugo. :slight_smile:


Lena Luther is going to be in a tv seires


@thedarkmite Will we be encouraged to submit facts about a particular week’s character even months after the week the thread was posted? Or will there be a cut-off time period after a thread’s posting after which the facts submitted to that thread will no longer be considered?


Contrary to Brett Booth’s statement a speedsters lightning color does not have anything to do with their speed. Kid flash and reverse flash have red, Savitar and Wally both have blue yet they are all different in speed. The lightning color is an aesthetic choice and does not reflect the speed of the character.

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