Comic Book Changes: What To Expect, And How You Can Help

The times, they are becoming quite different.

As mentioned in a few comments hither and thither, and perhaps by your own observation, the comic book section has been given a healthy once-over due to popular demand. Some of these demands included:

:pray: Full, complete runs of stories
:pray: Notable and important story arcs

You asked, and by gum, we are working dang hard to make it happen. In order to accomplish this, we did have to take a critical look at our existing collection.

As mentioned elsewhere, there will continue to be changes over the next few weeks. We will make a massive official announcement when the dust has settled.

In the meantime, please note:
Rotations will still occur based on popularity, and to satisfy the demands of all of our various fans. But moving forward, we are committed to giving you two week’s advance notice on the Watchtower category. We are sharing the demand to create more channels of communication, and will keep you posted as details progress. We understan d the frustration of not being made aware of any interrupted reading, and are humbled and grateful by your continued support.

We hope that you’ve seen some additions that have made you giddy, but sacrificial choices were made based on data and popularity. However, if there is enough demand, we are willing to look at giving them a second chance.

Here are the things you can do to help make our comics selection the best it can be, for you, the fans! Let us know in the comments below:

:pray: If something has been removed that you want to see added back
:pray: If any notable issues are missing from the comic runs we’ve added
:pray: If anything appears mis-labeled, or just “not quite right”

This process has been incredible to witness, in part because people in very high places have been working very long hours over the holiday in order to make this happen as soon as possible. Thank you all for your patience, your understanding, and for keeping us honest and helping us be better. I will do my best to answer any further questions below.


Solid solid update and post. Thank you for the heads up. And I was already scoping out the goodies. I personally asked for more JSA and you guys loaded up quite a bit. Thank you!


@TheKelticJedi, I’m thrilled to hear some of the additions were on your wishlist! You’re absolutely welcome :slight_smile:


I’ve been reading I, Vampire and the Justice League Dark crossovers. Tonight I, Vampire is no longer available.

I can’t tell you how frustrating this is. What’s worse, this has happened to be twice before.

I’m afraid to invest any more time reading comics on this service because I don’t trust you. Please fix this DC.


I subscribed about a week ago. I didn’t realize I was on a time crunch on reading comics and watching movies. I’ll be sure to watch and read everything as fast as I can to keep up with the “rotations”. I guess it’s my fault not understanding how this app works. Shame on me. I assumed incorrectly that crisis on infinite earths and death in the family would be a staple to stick around.
Hopefully in the future there will be a more stable selection.


@aphex978, it is up to us to earn that trust back. We cannot ask you to put patience and faith in our future without it. I sincerely apologize for the frustration, and we are working to repair what was lost.


I am so sad to see Manhunter gone! I was very slowly reading it. It is probably one of my favorite series ever and I was hoping to read through it all here. I imagine it was due to popularity. It had the same issue when it was being published. I wish I could get more people to see how awesome that title is! I will get off my bitter soapbox now. I look forward to seeing what the place looks like when the dust settles.


@tkaradimas13.49660, thank you for subscribing, and I can assure you that your first impression is not a snapshot of DC Universe moving forward. Thanks for your feedback, and please let us know if there is anything else you’d like to see.

I understand you may not be able to answer this directly but have the bulk of the additions been made? Can we expect the library to grow significantly beyond 3,000 or is that the limit


@applejack honestly. Nothing in particular that i want. Just a trustworthy and stable service. This isn’t a cheap service at all. If it was free or 4 bucks a month, that’s acceptable for how this is operating. It really is a shame for such a small offering that stuff gets removed. I had already paid for the year. So you got my money unfortunately. So hopefully it gets turned around. Otherwise it’s a very expensive service to just watch and rewatch Titans and handful other shows over and over again. With other content leaving.

But. I will say before I subscribed, I was looking forward to all the animated movies. So that was a let down there when there were only some available. And to make matters worse, later finding out on reddit how stuff left the day before I joined. And, then finding other dc content on Hulu that should be here. (Aka teen titans Judas contract)
This paid trial year I’m in now will definitely be interesting to see what direction WB takes this. I just hope it isn’t a scam in the long run.


Young Justice Secret Files #1 is missing. The story is a continuation from Issue #4. There is probably more but that’s as far as I got in the series so far.


When are more Batman and Catwoman comics going to be added to the channel?

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Would like to see Vol 2 of the Outsiders (1985)
It’s too bad Manhunter left read it for the first time on this app. Maybe some of the lesser known titles can get some traction if they are added on their own and narthex of a large launch

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@PrincessAmethyst, I’m glad you said something. Thanks for putting in your support. The one small reassurance I can give is that there is a chance titles like that will return in the changes being teased in the near future.


To everyone who works at DC Universe, Thank You! I’m currently reading the Judas Contact Arc that you guys added. I love it! I’m on the last issue and it’s great! I feel that the most popular arcs in DC’s History must always be kept on here. The lesser popular ones can rotate out.


@Tumey_is_MAGA_lad, I will answer that question with a series of coy emojis: :green_heart::rainbow::cloud_with_rain:


@tkaradimas13.49660, that makes a great deal of sense. I think you will be satisfied with the changes in the near future. Let’s touch base again soon. If something else comes to mind feel free to comment here or just post a topic in Suggestion Box with something like “HEY MODS/APPLEJACK, ANOTHER THING!!”

@PeteyParker, great, thank you for letting us know. I’ll pass that on.

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@Applejack, I think the service should offer a “second chance to read” for the bulk of titles that were removed without warning. These could be spread out over the coming year, which wouldn’t have a large effect on the total library (ex: Manhunter available for the month of February, Red Robin available for March, Brave and the Bold restored for April, etc.). The key point to avoid bitterness among subscribers who had their reading experience interrupted, however, would be to announce a “scattered restore schedule” like this ASAP. If I know I’ll eventually be able to finish the story arcs I already started, but will just have to wait a little while, that’s a heck of a lot less embittering than the sense I now have that I’m just outta luck. (Same holds true for all the stuff I clicked happily into my wishlists for a “rainy day,” only to lose them).

It’s also true that promoting titles will increase interest in them. If Manhunter or other titles deemed unpopular got a significant push from front page banners, it would gain readers.


@mr.adelin.12092, series titles for both were added today!
Batman (1940)
Batman and Robin (2009)
Batman and the Outsiders (1983)
Catwoman (2002)

We’re hoping to add more in the near future :slight_smile: