Comic Book Changes: What To Expect, And How You Can Help

@msgtv, Outsiders from 1993? I’ll pass the word along.


Starting the drive home and then dinner, but if I get a chance before bed I’ll be sure to answer more folks tonight. Otherwise we’ll be back at it in the morning, fresh as a daisy! :wilted_flower:


I saw “Batman: Confidential,” it’s not on here now. That looked really good!

I think the new lineup of comic arcs is impressive. It is a good exploration of the core of the DC Universe, especially concentrating on supporting the. Original Content the service is providing.

Please add the annuals and crossover issues needed to complete the arcs you have put up.

I added specific material tha t I think is missing in the thread 5 ComicBook you want todayyou


@Applejack I haven’t fully read the original post, but I am disappointed. It would be better with “The times… they are a changing”. Or at least, I think so.

@Applejack…What are the odds we can get the story arc ‘Armageddon 2001’?
It crossed over each Annual issue in 2001. I seemed to recall the ending getting leaked and there was a last minute change to the character Monarch. And recently I read ‘Zero Hour: Crisis in Time’ and it seemed to be a sequel of sorts. I also seem to recall a JSA storyline that cleared up the possibly altered original ending. Anyway, I just thought seeing the whole dealio on the service, could be a good overall read! The crossover Annuals were amazing stories.

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I appreciate the additions however why take down a lot of full completed comics? Based on my Favorite list - I see Manhunter, Red Robin, Flash: The Fastest Man Alive, The Savage Hawkman, Batwing, Checkmate and many more were taken down. Most of these were completed full runs.

I am guessing these were taken down in replace of the newer ones that were added. This doesn’t look good at all and I rarely complain about this service. I am here for the full year but if this keeps up, DCU will lose and may have lost tons of MONTHLY subscribers to Comixology.

I really want to app to do well but it’s hard to stay positive when stuff like those happens.


But, on topic, when a new story arc was added to DC Universe, the comics for the arc were bundled with a news link such as “Read A Death in the Family”. Will a feature like that return?

Wow. I’m impressed! Looks like “New Teen Titans” issues are back so I’m looking forward to picking back up where I left off. Thanks for putting those back into rotation!

I was sad to see “All-Star Squadron” gone (for now.) That was one of my favorite books as a kid and I enjoyed going back reading it again. Got more out of it this time than I did when I was eight!

Glad to see the Superman and Shazam issues of “DC Comics Presents.” Hopefully there will be more issues of that series to come.

Nicely done. Looking forward to the rest of the changes!


To the “people in very high places have been working very long hours over the holiday in order to make this happen as soon as possible.”: THANK YOU! Your sacrifice over the holiday is greatly appreciated. I’m happy to see the new selections that are available.

@Applejack Thanks for giving us an opportunity to give feedback about what may be missing or not quite right.


I’ve noticed most of the Brave and the Bold issues have been removed and it would be great to get them back. I see in the New Teen Titans their is a gap between issues 44 and 48, so Judas Contract isnt complete. Also overall for comics I would like to see this app offer a vast majority of the entire DC Comics library from 1938 all the way to 2019 on the service.


Thank you for the update @Applejack! I would like to read all of Paul Dini’s Gotham City Sirens if possible.


While, I am a little bit disappointed to see my reading list shrink so much, I was hoping to make it threw the 1972 Supergirl series but it was hard for me to read, so i was was reading it slowly, Although I kind of thought it would get hit when you guys said you would be removing unpopular titles, but I was really enjoying those issue, and I was shocked to see Harley & Power girl was gone, hoping that one comes back has I really liked the Harley series but can’t really Afford it, and have to buy the trades on the digital extreme deals on comixology, leaving no room for a mini series of it. Also hoping Aquaman & the other comes back too since I didn’t could buy that when i was buying New 52 aquaman comics due to my budget.

Although the fact you guys up load the entire Blue Beetle 2006 series, all of Justice League Dark, witch I was only able to buy a few physical comics of that series, helps me get over my disappointment somewhat since i wanted Blue Beetle more than the others with the exception of Supergirl, thank you.

The “second chance to read” idea that “NPrentiss” mentioned is a fantastic idea.

I am at least happy to know we will get a little notice from now on that stuff is leaving that was really my biggest compliant.


Would like to see the Manhunter series eventually added back. Was making my way through that before it disappeared.

I saw a suggestion somewhere on these boards about spotlighting these less popular series in a “here’s your second chance to read…” way. I think that is a great strategy to draw attention to these series that are really good, but under the radar.


While no issue are technically missing, in some series, most notably, Justice League Dark, the conclusion to big story arcs are completed in annuals, which the app doesn’t have. If you could be so kind as to look into that, it would be most appreciated.


As someone who’s going through entire New 52 before starting any of the post Convergence stories, I wouldn’t mind seeing more runs of the New 52 up here; would save me quite a bit of money :slight_smile:


Why do you have to remove anything at all? Who cares of it’s not as popular? This isn’t a store where there is only so much space.

Marvel doesn’t seem to have a problem keeping comics. Which is why, despite being more of a DC fan, I’ve subscribed to marvel unlimited for years. Oh here, I’m just waiting for my rip off year long sub to end.

A media selection of things other streaming services had no interest in buying and one episode of a show a week don’t make up the difference. Only every other streaming service ever has more content.


It’s weird because i subscribed to this thinking that I was going to get access to a wide selection of titles (it’s called the DC Universe after all!) I’m pretty disappointed so far but at the same time i have faith.


I love this new comics section thank you @applejack so glad to see more Superman comics


@Licentious, you do realize that server space is a thing? Why give the space to issues that only a handful are reading when you can make better use of a the space with something the majority will enjoy, at least until this service has a chance to grow in that area. But please, do impart some more of you wisdom. I’m sure DC could learn a lot from a rando like you.