Chit-Chat About DC Drinkware

Those glasses are really sweet! Might have to prowl by eBay later and see what I can find. :grinning:


I’ve had a Vandor brand Green Lantern mug for years that I’ve loved, but I’m finally having to retire it as drinkware due to a crack. :cry: I do think I’ll try and use it for a planter.




Also, ty DCUI, I got these for free thru the rewards program for reading Comics!!! How cool is that? I was gonna read multiple comics every day anyways as usual. I got those, Stargirl pin set, Doom Patrol poster, HQ stand up, & a Themysciraian background boarder pic. Love this site…lifer.


Thrift stores are good sources for coffee mugs of any sort, and depending on your tolerance for condition, for GNs and TPBs, and sometimes floppies (but I find even thrift stores will over price these, nowadays) but you’ll have to make an active role of regular visits. I used to do it regularly for chotkes type stuff but even now when I’ve just moved, I find that things I need (e.g. lamps), I can’t really find what I want in my home. But if you make a plan and know where to go, you can probably run in and run out in under 10 minutes.

Discount stores and retail clearance areas are good. I own this, which I found at a Macy’s Backstage (their retail clearance locations, which is also on line):

Which you can see, I do actively use.

I almost bought two Star Labs beer pint glasses - at a remaindered store, possibly Burlington, or Marshalls, but at the time I didn’t have the space or need.

I may get some shot glasses.

@vroom, etsy is also an interesting place for things like this, but those are often bootlegs and you aren’t going to get what you asked, which is the visceral experience of physical handling.


I moved recently and as I’m unpacking I found me McDonalds Batman Returns cups and Batman Forever glasses. I”m going to put the glasses on display, not sure what I’ll do with the cups yet.


Very nice!

Use the cups for when company comes over.

“Oh, he put the Batman Returns cups out.”

“Very nice, you betcha. Very nice, indeed.”


I absolutely love ETSY because it is easy to find cool DC stuff, jealous of the MceDz Batman cups, the fast food retail chain stuff is hard to find in any kind of complete set.
I shall be posting my DC Comic Coffee Mugs momentarily.


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