Child-friendly comics?

I have a 5 year old daughter who ADORES Wonder Woman. Everything she owns is eblazoned with her symbol. She also likes to look over my should while I’m reading comics and asks a lot of questions. I know that 5 is a bit young for most material out there, but I was wondering if anyone was familiar with some more easily digestible story lines? While WW would be preferable, she’s also into Batgirl, Zatanna, Black Canary, and Supergirl. Any suggestion is welcome!


Hiya! There are some kid-friendly comics on DC Universe, like Tiny Titans, Super Friends (2008), Super Powers (2016). Those would probably be the best for a kid that young.


More suggestions here:


Thank you so much!

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TurokSonOfStone1950 5w ago

Most of these titles have the word Adventures at end and have a cartooning style. Read first. Some Harley Quinn looks catooney but Adult Themes
Flinstones and Snagglepuss is completely adult themes

Some titles she might consider too kid stuff while others might have to wait until 8 or 9.

Wonder Woman is in most

Justice League Adventures
Justice League Unlimited Adventures
Batman 66 with Wonder Woman set in 1940s so Lynda Carter era.
Super Friends
Super Powers
Looney Toons teamup with younger Wonder Woman
1 issue

Young Justice with Superboy Impulse and Robin have Wonder Girl Arrowette and Secret as female partners beginning maybe with issue 4.

Others titles daughter might like

Supergirl in 8th grade
Legion of Super Heroes in 31 Century
Batgirl Adventures 1 issue
Superman Family
Krypto the Super Dog
I think there might be a Super Pets
Tiny Titans
Teen Titans Go
Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam has much younger Mary Marvel as partner

Finally if she shows interest with Batman or Superman based on Justice league or Super Friends

Remember usually Adventures at end of title

Lil Gotham
Batman and Robin
Batman Beyond

Finally ten year old Jon Kent who is the son of superman it starts with
Superman Lois and Clark
Which continues lnto
Superman Rebirth 2016.
then Supersons titles with Damien Wayne

There is violence including death of cat house set on fire kidnappings but strongest sense of family of all the titles above.

Only Young Justice has female parents and they are not always portrayed in best light they fight with each other.


Another place to look is anything published from 1955-1970. That was under the Comics Code, so everything had to be kid-friendly.

Zatanna in particular was introduced in one of the first stories to cross through multiple books, over the course of 1964-1967:
Hawkman #4
The Atom #19
Green Lantern (1959) #42
Detective Comics #355
Justice League of America #51

I haven’t read it myself, but I think that should work.

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Could find Super Pets may be in Super Family

Super Powers is used in Several Titles want cartoony one.

Other possibles

Wonder Woman 77
Legend of Wonder Woman
Sensation Comics later issues you will see style change in covers


Batman Brave and Bold

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I know you cited Wonder Woman, but Superman Family Adventures is a fun series in terms of a kid friendly book.

Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam! is great fun for kids (and kids at heart) too.

There’s also the DC Comics Presents: Wonder Woman Adventures one-shot that features a variety of Wonder Woman stories appealing to kids.


@Vroom that was a deep dig to find that comic. Kudos.

I was only looking at series not invidual covers though Sensarion Comics later appears to be a kid comic.

This is in the first listed as DC Presents and is the second Wonder Woman listed.

At least some of these titles are reprints.

It appears there once was a title called Adventures in the DC Universe which some of these stories come from. Others are from Justice League Adventures and others.

A few of the other titles listed here are kid oriented like Batman Adventures

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And of course there are DC Super Hero Girls but for whatever reason we don’t get them here. Maybe the individual issues are not yet 12 months old?

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Super Heroes Girls may also be considered a different line like Wonder Comics is currently.

The series was only available digitally and most of is Graphic Novels.

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It’s short but it stars Wonder Woman AND Black Canary beating up sexists (but in a fun and lighthearted way) with a really cartoony art style.

It’s called “The Mother of the Movement”, a Justice League New Frontier Special (2008) and it’s in my copy of Wonder Woman: A Celebration of 75 Years.

I’d suggest reading it yourself though before showing it to her, there are a few slightly more risque things in it.

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Certainly you could take a look at silver age WW books. Especially from the 60sand early 70s.

If she likes the WW Lynda Carter series, very family friendly itself, there was a run based on that series as well.

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There are three stories in that special plus a intro by blonde Rip Hunter which basically say dont worry about cannon. Have fun.

Three stories are

The Trinity forms Batman Superman Wonder Woman

Kid Flash and Robin with 1950s Hot Rod Cars

Wondy and BC Playboy Bunnies Playboy Club Feels like Mad Magazine. Very Funny but not for kids.

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Also end joke depends on you knowing that Feminist Gloria Steinem went undercover as a Playboy Bunny when she was very young.

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In the end of one of the stories in Superman Family Adventures 1 Krypto says, “Super Pets do not talk in front of people. Thats our secret.”

Shades of Toy Story.

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Search got me

Gotham Girls and Gotham City Sire ns zd

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Sorry per Gotham

Gotham City Sirens and Gotham City Girls are not for the young

Two versions of Gotham Academy okay if a little older

Batman gotham
Bajman lil gotham okay


This all so helpful. I really wasn’t expecting this many results! Thank you sincerely everyone. She’s out of school for the summer so I’m going to cover as much ground as I can and get back to you all on which ones stick. THIS COMMUNITY ROCKS.


Your daughter sounds like a great kid and a future DC fan, I’m sure. And it’s great that she loves Wonder Woman so much, Diana is awesome and a great role model for empathy and love.