:characters_of_dc: Characters of Color [February 2021 :characters_of_dc:

Hello everyone @CharactersOfDC ! Hope you enjoyed last months look at DCU’s Spies and I hope you found some new characters or book to enjoy. I know I sure did.

February is Black History Month and I though we would spend the month talking about the various characters of color in the DCU. We will be taking a look at several characters and thanks to DCU becoming DCUi we will be featuring some Milestone characters this month as well. Lets get started shall we.


  1. Naomi McDuffie AKA NAOMI
  2. David Zavimbe AKA BATWING
  3. Jefferson Pierce AKA BLACK LIGHTNING
  4. Virgil Hawkins AKA STATIC


1. Naomi #1-6
2. Batwing #1-4
3. Black Lightning (1977) #1-5
4. Static (19 #1-4

As always I will be posting discussion question or interesting links covering these issues and characters so I hope to see everyone there.

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Next month get ready for a wild ride as we take an in depth look at one of DCUs most prominent masterminds: Lex Luther. See you then and have a great month!


And here’s our first set of questions.

What do you think of Naomi as a character?

Did you enjoy her story?

What did you think of her supporting cast?


If anyone missed the previous Naomi chats, here they are:

And then here’s the previous discussion for Batwing:

If anyone involved in those earlier threads feels like chiming in, your thoughts would be welcome! No better time to give the issues a revisit, eh?

REGARDING THIS WEEK’S READING: As far as Naomi goes…I’m just kinda waiting for her to turn into the next Spider-Man in these issues. :stuck_out_tongue:


Naomi’s book was amazing! I think it was one of the best rebirth stories.

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This was the first time I had read it to be honest because I’m not really a Bendis fan. I thought it was good but not great but I did like Naomi.

Thanks for pointing those other discussions out @AlexanderKnox.

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It was as well my first time, but I loved it because I can really dislike Bendis.

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I read Naomi over the last two days. A fantastic book. Now, on a tangent.

It’s really hard to introduce new characters, particularly in their own book, in the current market. Individual comics are not cheap, we all only have so much cash and time and here’s another new character, or an established character with a top tier writer. On top of that, we generally want longer, deeper stories, that make it more difficult to snag a reader with one issue. Naomi had that problem. Issue 1 is fine. Nice idea, how does a pop in by Superman effect a small town? Then, Bendis leans on one of his go to moves, talking heads saying what amusing things to discuss whatever is going on in the story. I read issue 1 before and thought “okay” but didn’t feel compelled to read 2. Even at the time, I thought reading the entire story together was probably a better idea. And it was. Issue 1 for me as a stand alone to entice me to pick up 2 fails. As chapter 1 of 6 in this series, it’s great. Hopefully, Naomi’s numbers on DCUI help get us a chapter 2.

That been pretty much my reaction to Bendis’s work to be honest when I can even get myself interested Enough to do so in the first place. His track record with me has been extremely hit or miss.

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Here the questions for Week Two: Batwing

  1. What did you think of Batwing’s origin story told in issue #4?

  2. Do you think David is a “monster” because of the things he did while being a boy soldier or do you agree with Mantu that none of that was his fault?

  3. What did you think of Massacre and his motivation for going after members of the Kingdom?

And now for a bit of Milestone action featuring Black Lightning. Here are Week Three’s questions and a couple of links regarding Black Lightning as well. Enjoy this week’s reading @CharactersOfDC

  1. Did you like Jefferson Pierce as a character in these issues.? What about his alter ego of Black Lightning?

  2. “Justice like lightning /Should ever appear/To some men hope/And to other men fear”. What did you think of these words which Jefferson himself wrote when he was 21?

  3. There were quite a few guest stars in these issues. How did you like Black Lightning’s interactions with them?



And here are the final questions for the month.

  • What did you think of Static and his supporting cast?
  • What about the villains in these issues?
  • Did you have a favorite scene or fight in these issues?
  • What did you think about how Virgil acquired his powers and what would you do with them if you had them?