Celebrating DC Pride 2023

DC Pride has been one of the most wonderful celebrations of the LGBTQIA+ community, and 2023 is no exception! This year’s 104-page DC Pride anthology stars DC’s fan-favorite cast of LGBTQIA+ characters—this time, with a focus on never-before-seen team-ups!

Whether you’re new to the world of DC Pride, or a returning reader, 2023’s Pride Anthology has wonderful stories for you to dive into! Check out the full list of contents in DC Pride 2023 (below), which also includes an introduction by Phil Jimenez, a preview of the upcoming Bad Dream graphic novel starring Dreamer (written by Nicole Maines and drawn by Rye Hickman!); pinups by artists Angel Solorzano, Noah Dao, Babs Tarr, Maria Llovet, Brandt & Stein, Claire Roe with Triona Farrell, Travis Moore with Tamra Bonvillain; a tribute to trailblazing comics writer Rachel Pollack from Neil Gaiman, Tom Peyer, Jadzia Axelrod, and more.

DC will also be publishing a special-edition comic book, DC Pride: Through the Years #1 , collecting three out-of-print comics in an oversize new release. Take a journey through over 30 years of fan-favorite LGBTQIA+ characters in the DC Universe with this collection that not only remembers and celebrates landmark issues of days past but also teases exciting new stories yet to come!

“I hope this anthology feels like an invitation to all—to experience life the way queer folk do. We want everyone to celebrate joy, to elevate beauty, to embrace frivolity. We want everyone to love who they want to love, to believe in justice for all, and fight like hell for it. We want everyone to be a hero, and to celebrate the good and the wonder of people different than themselves. We want everyone to look at the world a little sideways, a little bent, a little askew, which can be transcendent if you let it.”Phil Jimenez, DC Pride 2023

What are your favorite DC Pride Stories? Let us know in the thread below!


I know the issue was well blurbed and discussed on reddit, which has a subreddit for LGBT superheroes (which seems to fixate on Wiccan and Hulking and barely covers DC at times, other than the obvious things, like Tim and Bernard on occasion or Jon and Jay on occasion). But the main DC Comics subreddit, which is far more populated and read, had several write-ups on the issue.

I don’t use social media, but on a discord I used to frequent (and still stay in touch with a few people), I heard from one that apparently there was twitter buzz on some of the art pieces, in particular this Alan Scott Center pin up - but again, this is repeating what was told to me.

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This is awesome! Hopefully also gets added to our library.

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Featuring Kara on the cover is just a legit slap in the face, isn’t it? Or maybe an act of rebellion. Who knows.

Can’t tell who has the stranger clothes: them or the X-Men in the Hellfire Gala miniseries.

Then again, I’m Bisexual and I wear some really weird clothes at times, so I should shut up.


Happy Pride month to all my DC family!


While Dark Knights of Steel is an AU, Diana and Supergirl are a couple. So we do have a canon queer Supergirl.

While she’s a Zala, and not Kara, I think even if this was Karen Star/PeeGee or Paige, or any version of Power Girl, or even if this was Earth 11, and this was Super Lad, these are all versions of a Supergirl and all of them, to one extent or another, far less so with most modern versions of PeeGee, have less than fully defined sexualities.

Super-Lad (whom I personally will continue to headcannon as openly queer on that Earth) is a good example of a variant with little, if any, development as a character, much less any canon background.

This is true of a lot of Kryptonians, and even those who did get developed as having a relationship, even a cis-het relationship at some stage, such as the pre-Flashpoint version of Christopher Kent with Thara as a clear love interest for him, this doesn’t necessarily indicate that this version of Lor-Zod’s sexual identity is solely or purely heterosexual, IMHO, nor is this the case with any of the canon Kryptonian’s, as I actually personally feel that for a planet where it is established that they do not even need to have sex for procreation, that they can chose to be intimate with whomever they want as matter of course, and thus the natural nature of any and all Kryptonian’s is a pansexuality where, for example, Clark marries Lois because his true love is Lois, not because his true love is a female and he could only love his opposite as a male due to inherent heterosexuality, etc. etc.

There’s plenty of reasons for being salty with the choices and scripts from any number of the DCW shows, and certainly to be salty with the suits at WB and definitely with the current DISCO regime, IMHO, but I wouldn’t call that variant cover anything other than a fun homage given Dark Knights of Steel. Particularly since we’re not told that this is particular XXX variant/version of Supergirl being depicted, unless and until the artist gives an interview or tweets something.

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A couple things.

  1. I did say I thought it could be benign.
  2. I also tend to assume aliens are either pansexual or asexual because the odds of another civilization developing the concepts of “straight” or “gay”, or gender at all, are roughly equivalent to the odds of DC going five years without a Crisis. Of course, I still think of Clark as the Justice League’s token straight friend, but I think we can chalk that up to inverted neutronic polarity.
  3. Every character has a queer variant somewhere in the multiverse. Mera dated Wonder Woman in DC Comics: Bombshells. In the Universe of Superman/Wonder Woman: Whom Gods Destroy, Clark, Lois, and Lana have an actual love triangle, not a love V that straight people call a triangle. The Em Jay Watson of Earth-65 is in love with Gwen Stacy. Dark Knights of Steel is only a big deal because Tom Taylor is so great.

I don’t want to get into a back and forth. We’re in agreement on your point two, save that I refine it a bit more. If a pansexual means you are attracted to the person, and not the cultural definition of a form of sexuality that may only exist in environments when reproduction is a necessity (as it may be for some organism in nature, which is not going to be true of all organism throughout the entirety of the cosmos, fictional or genuine), then it follows that Clark can’t be viewed as either a token or as straight. But agree to disagree because I’m not going to discuss this particular point further, here or elsewhere.

Your third point isn’t necessary to address. I’ll let your first point stand as written, but I believe I wrote my response with care so that no one could or should take offense. Personally, as I stated in my last paragraph, there are plenty of reasons to be salty with the writing and conceptualization of the DCW stories, as well as with TPB, both in live action and animated adaptions of DC Comics, and even with TPB at DC Comics.

I was really psyched for this anthology because it contains a new Grant Morrison story! I just read through “Love’s Lightning Heart,” and it was fantastic. The story follows Flashlight of Earth-36 as he seeks to revive his lover, Red Racer. Red Racer seemingly died in Superman (Vol. 4) #16 using compressed time to build a new Ultima Thule to help Justice League Incarnate and the Super men, women, and non-bianaries of the multiverse defeat Prophecy. However, Hank doesn’t really believe he’s dead and has Optiman scan for Cherenkov radiation which is created when charged particles move at speeds faster than light. When Optiman spots this, Flashlight’s quest truly begins. I will note that I was initially confused by Optiman’s appearance as he had been killed by the Superdoomsday of Earth-45 (see Action Comics Vol. 2 #9). Optiman later explains that he was reincarnated by Black Lens which I assume to be the Black Hand expy of Earth-35 (though, I could be wrong).

Before Hank can get to his FTL boyfriend, though, he has some things to do as Ray’s energy is emanating from the heart of the Diamond Star which is surrounded by space tyrants including the powerful Inframan. Flashlight needs to find a way to tunnel into the Diamond Star and defeat Inframan if he hopes to rescue Red Racer. He starts by visiting his Flashlight predecessor, Zoe, who is imprisoned on the Gaolworld of Maxitractus II. Hank has to fight through and army of Rainbow Patrol officers to get there, though, suggested by a panel reminiscent of Hal Jordan single-handedly defeating the Green Lantern Corps in Emerald Twilight. Zoe has been frozen in a living death by Inframan. She looks as if time stopped around her as her body was being blown to pieces. Apparently, being locked in a living death has given her cosmic abilities including the power to see beyond the veil to find answers from beyond. In this way, she tells Hank that nothing will help him achieve his goals.

To retrieve nothing, Flashlight first visits the Planet Illysium which is populated by red roboflora that pacify their victims with hallucinations of things they desire. I loved this because it reminded me of when Kyle Rayner accidentally stumbled upon a very similar planet in JLA #12. It’s a bit different, but still very similar:

Kyle Hypnotic Flowers

Flashlight on Illysium

The roboflora of Illysium begin drinking Hank’s youth causing him to age rapidly, but he needs them to tame nothing. He takes the red flowers to Ossura Dei, Graveyard of Gods, and frees the living nothing that bit the complexity out of Inframan. The roboflora of Illysium goad nothing into following Hank to the Diamond Star with hypnotic dreams of finishing the job it started when it first took a bite out of Inframan.

Just as Zoe predicted, nothing helps Hank break the walls of the Diamond Star and stop Inframan. That allows Flashlight to be there when Ray emerges from the Speed Force he escaped to by converting himself into faster than light energy. Hank greets Ray with his costume hidden in a watch and flowers (the red roboflora). Red Racer uses the anti-entropic energy he had left over from using compressed time to build the Ultima Thule to restore Flashlight to his proper age and the two share a well-earned kiss.

Amazing! This was proper Grant Morrison. The dialogue rings out like prophetic thunder. The story moves at a good clip keeping the action and plot going the whole time. It gives new takes on older concepts and stories from the comics. It shows and doesn’t tell trusting its readers to connect the dots. Stories like this are why Morrison is my favorite writer. Their stories are simultaneously simple and complex. There are tons of little references scattered throughout that short story that I haven’t even mentioned yet. Like, Zoe refers to Inframan as “the man below,” and infra is the Latin word for below. Hank states how Ray reversed himself into his “personal big bang,” and the characters of Earth-35 are based on the characters of Big Bang Comics. You don’t need to understand every reference to enjoy the story, but they are fun to have. I was also properly with the art of Hayden Sherman. His work was beautiful and fit the story perfectly. In my opinion, it was the perfect way to start the 2023 DC Pride anthology!

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This is why I fully enjoy re-reading Morrison, which reminds me that it’s been forever since I read the entirety of Seven Soldiers during one month in a summer when time seemed to be something I had in abundance, which is not the case today, sadly. But I should make the time to do it soon as it will assuredly cleanse the effects of reading the three volumes of Young Justice released under the Wonder Comics imprint that I am wading my way through at the moment.

Count me amongst the people who enjoyed “Love’s Lightening Heart,” particularly the dialogue and the art. As you state, it was “proper … Morrison” and very nice to see them contribute to this anthology issue.

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That’s a great one to read through multiple times. I caught so much more just on the second go-around!

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DC Pride 2023, is going back to press for a second printing. Not something DC Comics do that often.


I was running some errands and went and hit a Pride Pop Up that someone on reddit mentioned was in downtown Santa Monica (my new hometown) and bought this from a artist who was selling some self-published YA graphic novels (Leading Lady type books, they looked a lot like the stuff that BoomBox publishes routinely).

I don’t normally buy pins, but most of the craft stuff was either stuff I could easily make and not charge folks an arm and a leg, or very overprices stuff (like ceramics) or for someone who had different taste (e.g. the reddit person I on-line ‘knew’ does hats, pretty neat ones at that, but I’m not a hat person other than beanies.

She also had some of the very obvious people, but then some no so obvious (like Peter with Venom but not Peter with Wade or Johnny, no Apollo and Midnighter, etc. etc.) I did offer some tips, I’m not sure if she thought I was gatekeeping.

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