Celebrating 30 Years of Milestone: Creator Q&A with Leon Chills!

In celebration of Milestone’s 30th Anniversary, we’re kicking off the DC Community Creator Q&A Series with writer and producer Leon Chills!

After collecting questions from the DC Community earlier this year, we’re excited to kick off the first episode of the DC Community Creator Q&A Series! In this series, we’ll be sitting down with a new DC Comics creator every month, as we bring you through the Dawn of DC. Each creator will share some insight into their work, answering your questions along the way! Watch the first episode below, and join us in celebrating 30 years of incredible history from Milestone Media with Leon!


Love this video chat idea! It was so awesome that he answers my question, thankyou so much Mr. Chills! I’ll definitely checkout the comic. Also love the music and got a big kick out of seeing my profile picture & username with my question. I’m also thankful this video has close caption.:grinning:


This was outstanding! The video format allows for a lot of questions and interactions and hearing it from Leon directly gives us a great sense of his passion for the project and his personality. Fantastic stuff and really hope we see a lot more of these!

Thanks to Leon for taking the time to do this and getting me even more hyped for Icon vs. Hardware!