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There are so many characters in the Batman corner of the DCU but one character that I have consistently enjoyed seeing and following the adventures of has been Cassandra Cain. Whether she is Batgirl, Black Bat or Orphan I find her to be an interesting character even with all the snafus her character has suffered. That is why this month we will read a few issues of her Batgirl series. So hold onto your hats folks of the BatFam (@RenegadeRobinsClub)

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What to Read


  1. What is your all time favorite Cass Cain moment?

Hidden in the Batcave

For October: The Sad Tale of Victor Fries

For November: John Paul Valley: Azrael

For December: Hiatus until January 2024


Yes! It’s about time we made it to Cass! (I believe some people around here were hoping to see her get some attention!) The other lineups sound fun, too. Haitus is an oft-overlooked member of the Bat Family! :stuck_out_tongue:


Batman and Robin Eternal issue #13 is right up there - it’s so emotional seeing her and Bruce.


The most overlooked indeed.

It is indeed. I had almost forgotten that one.

I also really liked this panel from the issues this session.

For someone who grew up basically sheltered seeing Cass acting like a typical teen was special. She doesn’t say much vocally but I love how artists always manage to convey what she is saying through her facial expressions and/or body language


Who’s Haitus?


JasonTodd428 is taking a month off in December.


Oh lol

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