Book Breakdown - Harley Quinn: Reckoning Flips the Script

CONTENT WARNING : Harley Quinn: Reckoning depicts sexism, emotional abuse and sexual assault.

Is there such a thing as an antihero’s journey in literature? If there is, Harley Quinn is someone who takes it full throttle. Harley Quinn: Reckoning is the newest entry in the DC Icons line and the first of the books to be written by Rachael Allen. The YA novel explores the teenage years of the unconventional heroine as she journeys from high school graduate to young adult. And I’m absolutely along for the ride.

In Harley Quinn: Reckoning , the first book in a new trilogy, we find Harleen filling her gap year between high school and college with a special STEM internship at Gotham University. But just as it seems like her dreams are in reach, her life takes a turn in a daring direction she never imagined.

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Look, I’m a middle-aged man with no kids who has no problem with anything being included in a comic book, movie, TV show, song or book but that being said - this seems off to me for the audience it’s intended for.

“DC’s YA titles feature thought-provoking stories for readers ages 13 and up that focus on everyday aspirations, struggles, and triumphs” (Source)

Those seem like some heavy depictions for 13 year old readers, no?

I’m looking forward to this and am curious how Harley Quinn is involved at all. This seems like a Harleen Quinzel book as it’s well before she ever meets Mistah J and becomes Harley Quinn. At least…in theory.

Note: this is an actual novel not a comic and the DC icon novels are darker than some of the comics.
…So really sexism and emotional abuse are not really new to comics espeically when it comes to Miss Quinn but the last one is new ish…Likely has something to do with the underbelly of college campuses. I have the book on audible but forgot it came out.
side note I already started a discussion thread for the actual book here: