Blackest Night - Week 1 [6/01 - 6/08]

Greetings @LanternCorps!

We’re kicking off Blackest Night. The plan is to read 3 or 4 issues a week. Please avoid spoiling anything from issues beyond this week.

The issues for this week are:

Feel free to use any, all, or none of the questions below as discussion starters.

  1. Did you have a favorite issue this week?
  2. Was anything surprising to see?
  3. Have you read Blackest Night before? If so, how long ago?

I’ve read most of Blackest Night fairly recently. It’s nice to have everything here on the app. I’m into anything zombie or undead related. Seeing the whole DC universe in that much turmoil (I almost said crisis) really gets a response out of me. I looks forward to taking it a few issues at a time and discussing it.
I’m guessing I should assume some people haven’t read it and we should just talk about this week’s issues, right?


I really enjoyed and also felt emotional for Saint Walker about his family.
The Bleez story was well done as well.
I remember reading the Indigo story when the issue first came out and didnt really know what to think.

I think my favorite issue this week would be the first issue of Tales.
I’ve read this series when it was first published, and probably 30 or 40 times since then lol


I’ve also read the Story line a bunch in the past. I’s always been in my top favorite reads. I’m super excited for this read along. I am pumped for the chance to discuss the books piece by piece like this!

Without a doubt. An AMAZING and PROFOUNDLY touching begging to such an amazing blend of concept.
SAINT WALKER HAS SUCH A POWERFUL ORIGIN! WHAT A STORY! It reads like a real prophecy. When The rain falls, providing water and relieving Walkers reflection at his time of doubt IS SUCH GOOD WRITING! It didn’t matter that I’d read it before, rereading it still gave me goosebumps when the Blue Ring picks him. An amazing story of hope, in or out of a comic book setting.
The #3 Blackest Night #0 "Director’s Commentary is also a MUST READ!
Again, I’m pumped to get into this with yall.


Very great point.
I think that’s why I like the first issue, cause not only does Walker have a powerful origin. So does Bleez. Being one of the most beautiful women in the universe, to being held captive with her loved ones being tortured or killed. To get that rage and do her own damage.


BN is my favorite comic story. Only the Free Comic Book Day issue 0 had come out before I was deployed to Afghanistan w/ US Marines. I was there for 7 months, which is when most of the series and tie-ins had been released. I was able to catch up on it all when I got back just before Christmas that year. Looking forward to this story was something that helped get me through that deployment. Reading it helped keep me grounded once I returned. War is no joke and I used the ideals of Green Lantern (overcoming fear, bravery, courage, willpower) to help me deal with the trauma of war.


I love these short stories. If I have a preference, it’s a good 3-5 issue story rather than a huge event. (I still like blackest night and am pumped to read it with you all). I don’t know if I have a favorite issue, because they’re a compilation of short tales.

I love the story with Mongul and his son. The kid still has the wonderment of a child, although his ideals mirror his Father’s. Through the whole gruesome interaction with the stranded aliens, it’s like he’s playing.

I love Kilowogg’s boot camp story. Actually I love Kilowogg in general.

I probably differ in opinion on Saint Walkers origin than most of you. With a wife and children of my own, it’s hard to watch his die. And their whole journey seemed like a wasted effort. At least it was a terrible price to pay for a journey of discovery. I do like Walker a lot and I enjoy his interactions with the Flash later on.


Thank you for your service


Agreed. I always like reading scripts and seeing the unfinished art. The commentary is awesome. Reading the creative teams thoughts and insights on an issue is great. The directors cut is a great read as well

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Thank you for your service my friend.

I have the same feeling when it comes to Green Lantern.
I have the emblem tattooed on my arm and after the death of my first daughter and the terriost attack on my ship in Oct of 2000, I looked to that emblem as my source of willpower to survive each and everyday.

I served 6 years in the Navy so I salute you my friend.


Sorry for the loss of your daughter, I too lost a daughter. I know that pain. We find strength in these stories because they remind us to keep going forward, to help others, to do good.

My first tattoo was a GL symbol in flames. Later I got Simon’s tattoo, the Arabic word for Bravery (or as he says in comics “Courage”). I struggle every day to overcome my PTSD. I love the idea that the power of the rings is generated by every living being that experiences the emotional spectrum and that when I exert my willpower to overcome my fears maybe I am giving Hal and the Corps just a little bit more power to charge their rings.


I’m sorry for your loss as well. I hear you my friend, I suffer from PTSD as well. If you ever need to have a private chat about things let me know.

Yes I agree with you about the stories.


@CGR2814 @Highball2814.9

I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine. Again, thank you for your service. The fact that what we’re reading now is so inspiring to veterans inspires me as well


Blackest Night was my first jump into comic books, but I only read it once and that was almost 10 years ago.

Saint Walker’s arc really stands out to me. How he notices little things like the bridge and gives thanks, it makes me start noticing little things that I am thankful for as well. Plus, his hope throughout everything happening showcases just how sincere he is about his faith, kinda like the Jewish/Christian Job

Also liked the Star Sapphire arc. Helps clarify how they will be different from what you may have seen in earlier iterations.

Overall, I think it was a great way to setup all the different players for the upcoming stories. It gives a pretty good idea of each of the colors and how they act. Even the Indigo tribe, despite being as mysterious as ever.


I think that’s a great comparison to Job. I was just thinking to myself that another word for the blue lanterns’ hope could be faith.


Hope and Faith…that’s super interesting. I think that is a GREAT way to explain the Blue light/ Green Light Symbiosis! Will Allows For an UNBREAKABLE FAITH IN YOUR HOPES! I’m Loving this GROUP Y’ALL.


Another thing to point out. Let’s take a step back and just admire the amazing cover art and how seamless the three covers flow together. Plus the fact that Ed Bennes is a fantastic artist.


I love this group!!!
ROYGBIV, depicted in Lantern’s on Collective covers, showing the WHOLE EMOTIONAL SPECTRUM AT WAR. It really is amazing. Good Catch bring it to our attention.


Thanks for pointing that out. I knew how those covers went together at one point but I’d completely forgotten about it. The corps war and blackest night are awesome to read on a tablet with a backlit screen. The colors are unreal and the force fields and constructs actually shine. The downside is that I completely missed how these 3 covers formed one portrait. I vaguely remember a comic shop employee pointing that out to me and laying the comics out on the counter. I can’t believe that this is over 10 years old