Black Lightning

Whose watching black lightning right now? I think this season is off too a great start


I’ll check it out in a while or in the morning

I thought BLACK LIGHTNING was most consistantly good DC show last year. The acting is leaps ahead of some of the other DC shows and it benefits not being in the Arrowverse…IMO


I think last season was great. This seasons premiere was good. I do have to say though they need to kinda go easy on the race issues. I know it’s important but I don’t need to beaten over the head every episode.


Not to cross universes but Cloak & Dagger deals with real world issues a bit better, just my opinion. Still love Black Lightning.

I doubt I ever this show a chance. All I hear about it is “race issues.”

I watch TV to be entertained and to forget the outside world, I don’t need to be beat over the head with it non stop.

It is an entertaining show and more than just race issues. Overall is one of if not the best dc show right now


It’s an amazing show.


Season opener was amazing. I damn near wept in the first 2 minutes. They pulled no punches and I respect them for that. On top of that, they had awesome fight scenes and some great story building. Looking forward to the rest of this season for sure!


I feel about Black Lightning how I felt about Arrow S1 I can’t get enough of it…


If you dont like a show with race issues you might be a lil bit racist :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Why escape from reality with a show? I would rather watch a show that faces real issues head on. You can’t always hide from the truth. It will not go away. That has been the issue with our society forever.


DUDE! Those fight scenes tho! Amazing way to start the season on the right foot. So excited to see where this is going!

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Great show

Because I live in the real world 24/7. When I have a moment to relax, I don’t want to be brought down by the “real” world. Same reason I don’t watch doctor shows. I don’t want to watch someone dying for the one free hour I might get a night.

That’s why I primarily watch comedies.

I want to see Black Lightening punching bad guys and doing cool heroics, not battling real world issues.

But it’s ok. Not all shows are meant for me.

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I loved the first episode of the 2nd season, it was just a phenomenal way to start off, and I think it’s gonna ve a really good second season.

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Black Lightening is amazing. Jennifer is probably my favorite for her realistic reactions to having powers. And I can’t give enough THANK YOUs for Thunder’s costume. She’s amazing and sexy without being revealing.


I JUST caught up with season 1, and was really pumped to dive into season 2. The first episode was powerful, and got me right back into the world. I definitely thought s1 was the strongest CW DC show last year. It’ll be interesting to see how it develops.


Black lighting is dope it’s been my fav dc show since S1. Damn next week about to be lovely with more dc shows coming

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It’s great as usual. The only thing I’m puzzled about is why they would kill off a character everyone wants to know more about. I dont want to spoil it, but I kinda hope they explain a little more about that character.