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Dear @BirdsofPrey, we have a club crossover WAL for the Titans premiere this week! Join us! :popcorn::purple_heart: :birds_of_prey_club_oracle:


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I’m a little surprised by this one:


Hey BoP friends,

I was starting on Wonder Woman (2006) when I discovered it crossed over with Manhunter (2004). Then I scrolled down the series and saw Manhunter teams up with the Birds of Prey! Maybe she is considered part of the BoP also? I had never heard of this character before.

Anyhow, I fell down another comic wormhole (as I do) and started on this series. I have already fallen hard for Kate Spencer. She kicks a lot of butt and is hilarious while doing it. Anyone know much about this character and if she has any other appearances?


I forgot to comment about this during the BOP/Titans Together S3 Premiere WAL-

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I really, REALLY do not care for the comics version of the Joker. Or the HQAS version of him either.


@Angel212- here’s some Kate S. deets for ya’. :smiley:

Kate Spencer | Arrowverse Wiki | Fandom(died%20May%202014,s%20soldiers%20during%20the%20Siege.


I mean, you’re not really supposed to like him…?

  • Her Birds of Prey direct interaction is limited: Gail Simone’s run issues #10, #14, and #15.
  • The Manhunter story continues as a backup story in the first thirteen issues of Streets of Gotham.
  • Riffing on her appearance in Arrow, she’s got a supporting role as Ollie’s lawyer in Ben Percy’s run of Green Arrow (on-and-off issues 25-47).
  • She’s also in lawyer mode for the second half of Gotham by Midnight.
  • Most recently, she’s part of Lois’ crew for Event Leviathan.

You can say that again @keath.

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I think for Manhunter questions our resident expert is the one and only @CassTheStreet :purple_heart:


She has a series that should be on here as well. I love the main series but never was able to follow her other appearances. I highly recommend the primary series for many reasons. If anyone wants to ask specific questions and I know the answers, I will gladly answer them.

My favorite thing about this character is she is a parent. She also chooses to become a superhero. The way she acquires her costume is interesting and how it connects to the larger DCU is on point. I simply adore every single issue.


Curses, my being at work robs me of the Manhunter expert badge! :wink:

Will have to keep an eye out so I don’t lose the Steph badge too!


She’s not just a parent who chooses to become a superhero, she’s the in-between generation with no super powers in doing so. And Ramsey convinces her to adopt Thor. I think my favorite moment was when her ex learns that Thor is a robot. Also adore Dylan and Damon as her “sidekicks” and really want them to return to modern continuity. (I would read the hell out of a Dylan Battles and Henry Fyff buddy series.)


Wow! Thank you, @DC89, @keath, @Mae, @CassTheStreet, and @millernumber1, for all chiming in! I guess this character is more well-known than I realized? :grin:

I’m a good ways into her main series now (started with the Wonder Woman issues but then went back to the beginning). I love how real she is. Just a relatable human who also does amazing things. Also I like all the supporting cast.

I will wait till we get to her BoP issues in book club to read those. And Event Leviathan was one of the first things I read when I started exploring wider the DC world so she was just one of many people I didn’t know at the time and apparently don’t remember. I’ll have to go back and look again at that series now.

Thank you guys for feeding my addiction sharing your knowledge! :sweat_smile: :sparkling_heart:


I meant to say yesterday, thank you for taking the trouble to link all these stories, @keath! That was super helpful. I’m getting some of these prepped to read now. :blush:


You are quite welcome. (You’re not going to beat Mark Andreyko for writing Kate, but the rest are much fun. And you’re already hooked on Gail Simone for BoP. :smiley: )


I was afraid of this (I just went back over Event Leviathan and didn’t much care for how she was written there). But I’ll still check all these out! :+1:


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I liked her in BOP. I’m definitely down to see more of her. Movie sounds good, I hope it’s rated ‘R’ with a good story. Or just a good story


Cool beans!

ponders if the flick will get toys/merch

It should. I wants me a DCEU Black Canary figure.


YAY!!! That’s a serious not sarcastic yay!! Ty for the news @Mae & what great news it is. She was awesome in BOP!! Appreciate the heads up….