Bendis Announced He’s Leaving Superman. Thoughts?

He announced it on a recent podcast. Damn shame because I like his run.


Is that all of the Superman books or just Superman?

I think he meant both books.


I know he’s been controversial, but I’ve enjoyed it


Interesting. I haven’t really read much of his run outside of a book or 2. It is nothing against his run, I just always get caught up reading other stuff.

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This will be interesting. I wonder if 1) He’ll leave wrapping up whatever story he’s been setting up and 2) If he’ll leave the Superman family in a state that won’t hinder the next writer who takes over.


Sad to hear, but at least he’s still writing Legion of Superheroes.

So can we give Tom King and Andy Kubert one of the open Superman books?


He said he was “heading towards the end” of his run. Recent solicits have him introducing a new villain/arc in September. My guess, he’ll be done early next year?

I will miss his Superman, but hopeful whatever comes next is just as good.


Tom Taylor has expressed doing in continuity Superman before. I’m down as long as it’s not Injustice style.


Based on Up in the Sky, that team could make for a great run.


While his run has been good, I don’t think it was as good as Peter Tomasi’s and Dan Jurgens. I really liked Superman and Lois being parents. Bendis has done an amazing job making Superman a universal leader and the character has seen tremendous growth, but I’d have liked to see the same growth occur while keeping the family dynamic intact. I also miss Superman interacting with the Kents, so I’m hoping there’s a Jeph Loeb feel from the next writer where they have Clark visiting Ma and Pa just ‘cause.


While I haven’t loved his run, I am glad he’s able to tell his story and wrap up his storyline on his terms. Wishing him nothing but the best.


I think I’m in a minority when I say this, I think Tomasi is just ok. I really feel that Bendis invigorated the Superman family of books, at least for my taste. I’m repeating myself, but I’ll miss his take.

He does have me a little worried though. Seems like he has big plans for Jon, based on what I’ve read in Legion so far. Wonder what that means for Clark going forward?

Also, I really want to know, what’s next for Ivan Reis?


Always a class act @superby1.


I’ve liked Bendis on Marvel books in the past, but his Action has been underwhelming. Maybe I don’t feel like his meandering writing and snail’s pace works for this title/character/world. Or I’ve noticed it in greater detail since the days of Ultimate Spider-Man, and have become more analytical/critical.
It hasn’t been the worst I’ve read, but I can’t say it’s broken any molds or done anything dynamic. I dislike the idea of aging up Jon and Clark revealing his identity feels more like a soon-to-be-retconned publicity stunt (those largely happened in the primary Superman title, so I didn’t really read them).

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I’m not very familiar with this… Superman was it?

Bendis drove me off Super books for the first time in a decade. I kind of separate his “writing” from his “choices”. I don’t care much for his dialogue but it was his path for Jon that got me to drop the books. I haven’t read anything since the earliest issues so anything else I know only from headlines and conversations but I don’t care for the idea of Clark revealing his identity.
Depending on the next writer, I may resume but if Bendis is still on Legion then I doubt we will get Jon back.
Sometimes writers can shake things up and it feels natural but Bendis’ choices always felt like change for the sake of buzz.


Wonder who he will write next for DC. Hope it’s someone interesting.

I’m happy that Bendis is leaving the book, not the biggest fan of his work here. I think that he will do a much better job with Legion and Young Justice then with Superman, but I will agree that he did bring Superman back into the spotlight with stuff like Leviathan and the artist Ivan Reis should be praised for his art. I’m interested to see who takes over next, and I think things are looking up.

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I’m glad he’s moving off the title as they have really been spinning their wheels with him on them. His run to me has been some good/great ideas but awful execution of those ideas.

1.) Rogol Zarr, we STILL do not know why he hates Kryptonians and he got a doomsday weapon to destroy Krypton. Don’t forget he is also a Kryptonian but lets not go into that… again… ever lol

2.) Jon being aged up, instead of doing something meaningful with that he just is aged up and still the same character, as if he did not go through any ordeal AT ALL.

3.) Now currently there is the unnecessary complication with Conner coming back but no one remembers him besides the Kents.

4.) There are some great things from his run, the Invisible Mafia has been a great addition to Metropolis and I’m glad this next arc is focusing on them. I feel like they should have been a larger focus of AC rather than diverge off to focus on Leviathan.

5.) The ID reveal is something that I liked the issue but hated the fallout of because there was none. Ethical quandaries say he should have been fired from the Daily Planet but instead they let him stick around. Some people should be more upset with him just for who and what he’s doing besides the Daily Star but instead we get “Ah he’s Superman, you can’t be mad at him.”

Overall I imagine he gets about 10 to 12 more issues to wrap up some plothreads on both titles which can be done in that time but if it’s done well who knows. I don’t think the ID will stay revealed after he leaves and I’d like Jon to be deaged but I doubt that happens. I’m sure the Krypton stuff will go ignored like he has in his own run and I hope the invisible Mafia does stick around longer but we’ll see.

Looking forward to who will take over the title, I’d like:
Action Comics - Greg Rucka with Nicola Scott/Steve Epting
Superman - Tom Taylor or Christopher Priest, no idea for the artists though.
Who would y’all like to see take over the titles?

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