:00_batwoman: Batwoman S3 Thread :00_batwoman:

:rotating_light:Warning Spoilers Ahead​:rotating_light:

The new season has begun. Didn’t see a thread so made on. Chat, React, and Enjoy. :+1:


Awesome™:+1: Start

The mad hatter is hear. Like how they made the mind control in this. They were aware but still did it. Made it more menacing.

Mary is Graduating and thing go drastically sideways.

Luke dealing wi fear and the suit having issues. Still looks cool though and discovered the name.

Sophie doesn’t seem like she’s taking her break up well but looks like helping Ryan took her mind off that.

Ryan Batwomaning and collecting the missing trophies. Dealing with the mystery of her mom.

Alice locked up and loosing it. Poor Alice then tries to save the day. Interesting :thinking:.

Renee makes her appearance. Very cool and now it working with Bats and Alice to clean up the mess.

Will our heroes fix the mess? What will happen with Ryan’s mom? Can Luke fix the suit? All this and more Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel



Great episode.

Luke and Mary deal with his suit issue and it is revealed. He is still struggling with the shot.

Ryan meets her mom and things are interesting. Her Alice team up to stop a Croc (who looked awesome™:+1:). Very interesting stuff with Alice and Ryan.

And Ivy’s plant was fake. Interesting

Where are Ivy’s plants? Can Alice and Ryan coexist? Will Luke fix his issues? All this and more Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel



Ryan confronts her mom and it goes bad. But meets her brother. Interesting. Wonder how he’ll react to not working with Ryan?

Alice is “sick” and ends up back in Arkham. Guess she not taking the nanites well.

Ryan is trying to stop. This cold case. Nora is back and accelerated her aging. Cool though with the elseworlds mention. Leads to a peaceful end to her and her sister but who was that that merc leading the crew.

Luke helps but Mary is worried. Seems to be doing good for now but that’s definitely going to bite them back.

Seems like Sophie and Ryan may have something together interesting.

And Mary has been Ivied. Duh duh duh.

Can the team save Mary? Will Luke recover? Is Alice really sick? All this and more Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel



Nice episode.

The secret ids in trouble and a new foe emerges. The Black Glove Society. Interesting pull for villains but cool none the less.

Ryan dealing with the fall of Wayne Tech. As her mom is out for blood. And seems like she’ll be partnering with her brother. Interesting :thinking:

Sophie and team saves the sister form a chilling fate. And a fun Alice team up as she dealing with loosing more of her mind :sweat_smile:. Now they’re partnered up.

Luke dealing with his issues and comes to terms of not being ready to wing yet.

Mary was ivied and no one listens. That’s going to come and bite them.

How will it be to live with Alice? Will the Mother be willing to put her some on ice? Will Ryan leave Wayne Tech? All this and more Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel


I am very curious to see what Ivy looks like. They have been teasing her for awhile now.

How did Ryan make this 30 under 30 list ? It looks like Wayne is a dead company, nobody appears to work in that huge building except Ryan and the new guy with the glasses.



The was a crazy episode.

Great with the opening. Fun stuff with Alice and Sophie.

The Mary seem to be ivied. Interesting. She even has the double buns in her head​:laughing:.

Alice is getting worse but learn of Montoya. And she was with Ivy. Nice twist. And the heroes don’t do that gag. Funny :laughing:.

Ryan gets a family invite. Something sparking with her and Sophie. And the dinner gets intense. Tensions high and the one thing to fix it Pyg. Always bringing families together. Cool take on him. And they end up saving the day leading to his death by Marcus.

Speaking of him everything is revealed. Making it seem like Tyan was given away for her own safety. And Mr J 2.0 seems be revealed in these 2.0 rouges. Precook stuff.

Will Marcus clown up? Is Mary Ivyed? Who next in these new rouges? All this and more Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel


I haven’t caught up yet, so I’m like this in here right now :laughing:
Thanks for posting this @NYJt3

@Bullcan Me too! Can’t wait! :green_heart:



It’s definitely been a cool season so far.

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Great episode

The hunt for Ivy 2.0 is on. The team trying to figure it all out. Trust broken on many angles.

Sophie is on the hunt for justice. But as usual secrets aren’t helping. The black glove leader captured and croaks. In the end She gets with Montoya who also has had it rough. Interesting :thinking:.

Ryan and Luke go to save Mary. Mary went crazy. Very cruel and dark stuff. But they should have ignored her. Wonder what she wants with Lucious :thinking:. And now in the road with Alice.

Can the team save Mary? Does Mary want it be saved? What’s will Marcus do? All this and more on the MidSeason Finale. Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel

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Has anyone heard how many episodes will be in this season ?


I’m not sure. May the normal 22 Or around that maybe less. But haven’t heard anything official.

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Epic MidSeason

Mary and Alice and a Villain Sister adventure. Mary gets in touch with her roots and she learn more about her powers to help Alice get unnanited. The team tries to help her but she seems to far gone putting our heroes in a difficult choice.

Ryan works with her mom to help her Brother. But thing go south as Marcus laughs it out. Preformed a magic trick on the guard and got to Luke and Ryan. Now with no Batcave or Team Doc our heroes feel all may be lost.

Then Mary get her Poison Mary reveal and Marcus is Jokered up.

What’s next for Wayne Tech? Is Mary truly gone? What is Marcus’s next move? All this and more when it returns January 12th. Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel

I love Mary as Poison Ivy.

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