:batman: Batman Day 2023: Batman vs. the Justice League :justice_league_book_club:

:fireworks: :batparrot: Happy Batman Day :batparrot: :fireworks:, @JusticeLeagueBookClub!

To ring in this year’s festivities for Batman’s special day, let’s take a look at when The Caped Crusader’s contingency plans against the Justice League fell into the hands of one of his greatest enemies, Ra’s Al Ghul!

“Tower of Babel” is the tale, with JLA being the only title big enough to handle the 4-part adventure as crafted by writer supreme Mark Waid and artists supreme Howard Porter and Steve Scott:

Ultra members can also check out the Tower of Babel arc via this tip-top tome, which houses additional goodies beyond the titular tale:

Have you read Tower of Babel?

Could Batman take down the Justice League?

Do you pronounce Ra’s Al Ghul as “Raysh Al Ghoul”, “Raz Al Gull” or something completely different?

Babel as you like about Tower of Babel and of course, :fireworks: :batman: Happy Batman Day! :fireworks: :batman:


Tower of Babel is one of the best comics of all time.


I never read this one. I don’t have the app right now but I hope to read this story one day.


No time like the present, mon frere.

You can buy the Tower of Babel trades…

Original edition:

Deluxe Edition:


and read-along.

Or, see if your public library (especially via apps they may be part of like Hoopla and/or Libby) has it on-shelf.

Either way, there’s a way to read today! :superman_hv_4:

SN: You could just cheat and watch Justice League: Doom on Max, too. :wink:


I will try. about to jump in the water. Low vis I hope all goes well. Please no bull sharks. having anxiety. have to go get job done. Be back later.


Stay safe, have fun and if you see Flipper, tell him I say insert dolphin speak here. :slight_smile:


All handled, thank you good sir.


Did…did you ask Flipper if he’s read Tower of Babel?

Asking for a friend that looks like Storm (Aquaman’s seahorse, not the X-Men character).


No lol just sheepsheads and few other boney fish. Fun fact: you can breath out your nose and let the air brake the seal on your mask under water and it will make a high pitch squeaking sound. Sometimes I can get porpoise and dolphins attention with it.


Did Darwin, from TV’s SeaQuest, swim over when you did that?

“Well, no. He’s a fictional character from a fictional TV show.”

I know, but…I like Darwin…and SeaQuest (season 1 only by and large, as the show went off the rails in later seasons).


I might just check that out, S1. I’ve never seen it.


Its on Peacock and was remastered in HD. Good stuff (as is its opening theme, which will get stuck in your mental sponge).


Yes. It sucks and nearly made me quit comics.

Not Wonder Woman. Yes to the rest.

as Racial Ghul

Turning my parents into zombies is a good panel in a sucky book.

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I’m still surprised that batman can beat the members of the justice league.


Do tell.

Brains over brawn. :slight_smile:

If it were brawn on brawn however, Batman would be a smear against a wall.

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As you wish. It stank.


What a superbly on-point literary critique. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Could we maybe add a little bit more than “it sucks” and “it stank”?


It stunk.

So seriously now: It makes me into a goofy cartoon character who never smiles with stupid plans based on my friends being evil, yet my plans rely on them still being good people. It is not rocket science to use a kryptonite ring, box of chocos, grabby hand, paint, forged Greek art, and drugged glasses of water.

The unity of plot is terrible. We solve one plot of my terribly done contigency plans and then an overly long epilogue of the babel thing. Yeah it means we have communication issues. More that we have trust issues since my plans suck.

Justice League Doom has many of the same problems, but it did it with much better entertaiment value due to having better mindless violence.

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It stanketh.

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Your pointeth hath been madeth. Don’t overdoeth it. :slight_smile: