Batman: Curse of the White Knight

I can’t wait to read this. I just ordered it off of Amazon and they even have a deluxe edition! Yippee!
I am giddy with excitement because this looks like a interesting read.

I’m currently reading knightfall and just got into comics! I’m definitely loving it.:blush:


Going to get the “Harley Quinn” one too?


Yes thanks!

That’s awesome! I’ve been wanting to poke my head into this series as well. Let us know how you like it!

@Sean-Malloy @staticshocks
Have you guys checked out DCeased? It looks pretty interesting, I might buy it after I read White Knight and Count.

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Haven’t read that.

It looks pretty interesting.

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If you liked
Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

You will like the
DCeased series, which is many titles.

Reading order is

Tom Taylor wrote a very good story.

He takes his time and you feel each death.

If you loved these heroes and villains, it can be hard to take.

I don’t remember any of them not dying valiantly, though there is at least one death like Polkadot Man in Suicide Squad


Thanks I needed the dceased order, I have too many titles right now but Ill take a look at them when I can.


I’m not real into a lot of Zombie Apocalypses


Harley Quinn - White Knight
I have read half way and it’s pretty interesting. Does it explain who Neo-Joker (Girl with Pink Hair) is because I don’t know the character.
Shows how Jack Napier became the joker and shows Harley just trying to make ends meet.

Overall, I like the book cover (Hardcover) and animation. A step up from reading Knightfall that’s for sure.

I also enjoy the Detective elements with Harley’s point of view, that’s the most entertaining.


Is this series good? I’m looking into it.

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its interesting in the beginning.

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@Sean-Malloy @TurokSonOfStone1950
I have a question, I just started reading comics and I don’t know these old characters from the comics like Montoya, hector quimby, and duke. Do you guys know what I should be reading to catch up on these iconic characters?

Is it on the 90s Batman animated series? I might watch it if it is.

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Do not focus too much on catching up. Just read whatever sounds good.


@MatthewHecht @GeekyBoi @Sean-Malloy
I’m just wondering because it ties in with old stories that I don’t know about and skips a lot of things thinking you know the story.

All in all, great graphic novel, and has one of the best endings I’ve ever read.
I hope they continue on with Harley’s white knight.




Many Graphic Novels and ALL Black Label are
‘Elseworld’ stories

Not part of continuity

There often give a ‘new take’ on the character, which is not how the character usually acts


Montoya, hector quimby and duke.

I have been reading DC Comics since 1959

I don’t know who hector quimby is

Duke is Signal right? Only read him in a recent Outsiders Title

Renee is all over the place. She started in Batman animation. Was in Gotham Central. Was the new Question in the weekly 52 series. And has ties to Batwoman and Harley Quinn. Probably much much more, like the Birds of Prey Movie

You don’t need to know any of that usually to enjoy these characters

We have many thousands of comics in our library

But DC often reboots the Universe

In 2011 was New 52
In 2016 was Rebirth

2021 started a lot of titles over again

Look at the following link

It gives

Issues when latest reboot started

Links to understand the library


Thanks, I really needed to know if I should read the old comics but I’ll just read batman rebirth and Nightwing after.

Can’t wait to read the Knightfall part of rebirth. I was reading the original and it was beginning to look like a big slog to read.

I still hope they continue the White Knight Series and especially with Harley Quinn.


Montoya, like Harley was made for the 90’s cartoon. After that she has been used in some comics/graphic novels like “No Man’s Land”, Gotham Central, and 52