Batgirls Appreciation Post

Since DC recently announced the cancelation of the Batgirls book, now is as good as time as any for appreciation. It was a fun book and I love these characters. Barbara Gordon AKA Batgirl AKA Oracle is one of my favorite heroes ever. But I also love both Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain.

In the comments below, feel free to share your love. It can be about this specific book or just about one or more of these characters from any story or medium. Thoughts, fan art, etc. Go wild!


I just recently finally starting catching up on this series. I loved the art from the beginning and bought the first issue when it released and liked it right away. I’m definitely sad to see it ending.


I haven’t read any Batgirl comics to know what’s going on (I know, how sinful of me as a DC fan :laughing:). But, @DC89 has got a new thread to check out. :00_batgirl1:


Very sad to hear about the cancellation. I love this series. I have not read the whole thing, but everything I have read was great. Maybe eventually it will be brought back.


Dang, didn’t hear about Batgirls ending till this thread.

…Yeah, this news is a bummer for sure, I enjoyed reading it on DCUI.


Babs is my favorite character, and I like Cass and Steph as well. It was fun seeing these three working together, and I hope their team dynamic is carried forward.


This is also how I first heard this news. It’s a shame since I was really enjoying it, though I did drop it fairly recently after the Ultra tier here became a thing. I just hope that DC has more plans for the Batgirls after this. I mean, I’m sure Babs will continue to hang around in Nightwing and Cass has that Spirit World mini that she’s co-starring in, but something more substantive. Maybe a full on Bat-Family book?


I always found it odd that people love Gail Simone, which is fine, w/e BUT I did not care much for her Batgirl run. Nothing bad! Hell, I loved she came back, but I like Burnside better. Am I wrong here or what? Am I alone?


Gail’s run on Batgirl is interesting because while I think some of the plots and villains were usually just…okay, what I really liked about it was how she characterized Barbara and how she decided to handle a Barbara coming back to the Batgirl role after The Killing Joke and her being paralyzed.

I think a lesser writer would have just made an empty line or two about “moving on” and “being stronger now,” but Gail really put Barbara through her paces and had her struggle with realistic problems and triggers that could come from having such a trauma and having her perservere. When Babs was Oracle, her’s was a story about finding peace and purpose in spite of a debilitating injury, and Gail was able to tweak her as Batgirl in a different yet similar way of being a survivor of violence.


I was reading Batgirls for Cass cause I love her and between this and Tim Drake: Robin getting cancelled I’m really bummed out. Cass and Tim are my two favorite batfam members and I was really enjoying getting to read their adventures on a monthly basis. I just hope DC doesn’t give up on these characters.


I get what you mean. I liked both runs myself, but Gail’s run was from the New 52 and while it was an exception in terms of quality, it wasn’t completely untouched by the style of that era of DC


Tim Drake is my favorite Robin! And while Babs is my first pick for Batgirl, I still love Cass and Steph. And I really like the bond between Cass and Steph in this series


I hope we get a new book for the batgirls soon :frowning: Maybe a new Barbara ongoing or something like that.


I’m truly sad and disheartened that this fantastic book is seeing its time in the sun come to an end. Becky Cloonan and George Conrad presented an absolutely engaging look at BG, Steph, and Cass’s team up that highlighted the strong bond that exists between these three and it was just a super fun experience to read this book every time a new issue dropped. I’ll really miss George Corona’s covers and everything else about this wonderful storyline. Sigh.

We’ve been discussing the book for a while now over in this thread that @Vroom started a year or so back:


I LOVE Barbara, but I prefer her as Oracle. I think it’s the perfect role for her and lets her hacker skills shine.


Love Batgirl ever since I was a kid, watching the reruns of 1966 Batman.
Barbara Gordon will always be my favorite Batgirl, I remember when Barbara Gordon was going to be Batgirl in Batman The Animated Series, ‘Shadow Of The Bats’ I was so excited to see Batgirl on the show and wanted to see more of her. :smiley:
Melissa Gilbert does a great job voicing her.


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I know we are all sad (believe me, finding out Batgirls was cancelled was not the sort of news I wanted to hear), but I don’t think the characters are going to drop off the face of the earth. Cass and Steph have both survived getting their solos cancelled before. Fans never gave up on them before, so I highly doubt they’ll be forgotten now.

That said, I’m definitely gonna have to revisit Shadow of the Batgirl and their past solo adventures, as well as the Batgirls team up in Tiny Titans (which included Bette Kane!), to help make the book’s cancellation a little more bearable.

Also, the one bright side about this book being cancelled is that I will likely never have to see The Mad Hatter’s freaky anime-eyed Bat-Family puppets again. That Red Hood haunts my nightmares.

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A great idea for a thread! Some favorite Batgirl covers!
Babs Tarr

Joshua Middleton


Michael Cho

Tim Levins


Jorge Corona was a more controversial choice for Batgirls than I would have liked, but I love his art, and have since he did We Are Robin. It was awesome to get 6 issues and 19 covers from him.

Keep reading! It’s very worthwhile! :slight_smile:

Michael Conrad saying that the characters all have places going forward is very heartening to me as a Steph fan, since she is the one of the three main characters in Batgirls who doesn’t currently have another home in comics. :frowning: