Assistance Requested: All-Star Squadron - Missing Justice League of America #193 Insert?

Good morning, fellow DC comics lovers!

I’m having a hard time finding the very first appearance of the All-Star Squadron. It’s a 16-page insert in Justice League of America #193, but none of the pages are present when you go to that comic. I can’t figure out where else to look.

This mystifies me, since the New Teen Titans’ first appearance is featured in DC Comics Presents as a “Bonus” and a “Special Free 16-Page Comic”. In Justice League of America #193, it’s listed as “Extra” instead of “Bonus”, but also as a “Special Free 16-Page Comic”. Where else might I look for it?

One would expect that if the appearance were to be listed elsewhere, it would be with the All-Star Squadron title, but it’s not and I’m having trouble locating it.

If anyone knows where it is, I’d be quite grateful for the help - thanks!

Pax, harmonia,

Brian G. Philbin

It’s missing from the site, but you might be able to get answers from the JSA Book Club. They’ve recently read the first issues of the main series:

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Unfortunately, the insert has not been digitized even though the comic it was a part of is available on here. I’m afraid the only way to read it would be to find either a physical copy of the JLA issue or see if it is in a collected edition of JLA.

The versiom of Justice League 193
You can buy at Comixology
It contains the insert
Dont remember
But cost may have been 1.98.

I am doing the DC works of Roy Thomas this week and next
For the DC History Club

I covered the insert there

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Thanks - I do own it, as well as the entire series, but I do enjoy the convenience of looking at them here (as well as the improved coloring, etc.), as it saves me a trip through my boxes of comics to get to them.

Thanks for the heads up! Appreciated!

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Thanks for the info @TurokSonOfStone1950. I’m off to buy that issue then because I really wanted to read it.

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