Ask John Kourounis (Almost) Anything!

You know John Kourounis as one of the affable and charming hosts of DC Daily, but did you know he’s been in the Warner Brothers family for 6 years as a media representative, on-camera personality, and VIP tour guide?

You didn’t? Then we’ve got a lot of catching up to do! Feel free to ask your questions of this lifelong fan of film, television, and Batman in the comments below! In just a few short weeks, we’ll be asking our illustrious hosts YOUR questions for an upcoming News feature called “Origin Stories”!

Let’s dig in and find out exactly what makes Johnny K. tick!


You often are the voice of dissent or opposite opinion on “the couch”. What is your most beloved “anti-establish” opinion on a DC character, book, movie and/or story line?


Dude! The bit on DC DAILY where you were “practicing” questions on the couch by yourself HAD me cracking up!

My question would be how in the world did you land such a sweet Job with Warner brother? Just applied? Were you recruited? They picked a winner my man.


If you could interview any character from the DC Universe, who would it be, and what would you ask them?


Does anyone ever call you JoKo?


What are your thoughts on B’Wana Beast?

What’s Samm Levine really like?

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Excellent job on the show John, it’s fun to watch and everyone brings something to the table. More emphasis on comics is my critique, and Bookclub. Inspire and persuade more to read the comics. Love the discussions.


I especially like interviews with the authors. Alan Moore I doubt is doing any press, but that would be a treat! I would love to see a Grant Morrison interview on DC Daily, I hold him in high regards too amongst others in the industry.

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Let these artist and authors promote their new and exclusive content (may not be DC) and maybe they will show up.

When are we going to see the shazam cartoons from the Kids super power hour with shazam

What’s better, reading comics or watching the movies and tv shows?

Do you think there should be a tv show about the Creeper?

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Do u know if DC Universe is coming to PlayStation anytime soon as it has now come to XBox?

When will Batman the 1968 cartoon come on here and beware the Batman coming, along with Superman the 1988 cartoon, keep up the daily dc news. From Z.M., Het I got Stan lee, margot kidder, and Neal Adams autograph

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Is the Harley Quinn and Batman animated movie going to be shown on here? And why wasn’t it added?

I’ve been hearing rumors on the net about DC universe online is ending soon. Can you address these rumors ?

Some bozo on YT said that the DC Universe app is shutting down, because nobody is watching.

With a major hit like DOOM PATROL?

Say it ain’t so, John.

@kezef.32718 and @oldrocker99.49549, we can address the issues of rumors for you - unless what you’re reading is official news coming directly from DC (such as the official threads and announcements we post here in the Watchtower section), you don’t have to worry about such being more than rumors. :slight_smile:


Will there be a Marvel versus DC game like creator of Mortal Kombat and Injustice said?