Ask Harley Quinn Smith (Almost) Anything!

You know her as the host of DC Daily and daughter to comic book aficionado royalty, Kevin Smith. But there is so much more to know about what inspired her and her work as an actress as well as a bassist in a punk band, The Tenth.

Harley Quinn Smith also happens to be an exceedingly kind woman with magnificent style and class. And we just so happen to be getting ready to interview her to learn all about her origin story for our News section!

What questions do you have for Harley Quinn Smith? Let us know in the comments below!


What DC Superhero would benefit from mental health care?

How many instruments can you play?

What are your preferred film genre (s)?

What’s your blood type?? Tire pressure preference??

Whats your favorite film your dad has made?

-Who’s your favorite DC character?

-What are your favorite DC comics?

-What do you enjoy most about being a host on DC Daily?

-Please pass word onto your father that a live action DC movie directed by him would be welcomed by all.

-Who’s your favorite Askewniverse character?

Thanks =)


What’s the worst script you’ve ever read for a potential role?

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  • If you had a chance to play a DC character in film or TV who would you want to play.
  • Besides your namesake Harley Quinn, who is your favorite DC character

Which comic book character would you like to write/draw a series for?

HQS, when your band was on DC Daily the audio was so poor I could barely hear you singing. Try again with better audio

Who is your favorite character in the ViewAskew universe other than Leonardo Leonardo?

What correlations do you make between DC character(s) and punk?
Which have given influence to your music?
Who in the DCU is equivalent to The Ramones, or Sex Pistols, or The Clash, or early X, or…you get the idea.

Who inspires her the most?

What is it like to have a full on nerd and indie movie filmmaker as a father? Do you feel fully encouraged to explore creative avenues or is it intimidating?

When did you find out about Harley Quinn and was you happy or sad that you had her name :scream:

What was your favorite role to act in?

If the Justice League started a band, who would play each instrument?


Or, no, better yet: if the inmates of Arkham Asylum started a band, who would play each instrument?


When did you find out that you wern’t the only harley quinn.