Arrowverse Couch Club Season Two, Week 28: Stargirl Season Premiere


After a much-beloved debut season, Stargirl has moved exclusively to the CW for its sophomore outing, and with that comes it debut on the Arrowverse Couch Club! This week we’re celebrating the highly anticipated return to Blue Valley, where the new JSA is vigilantly searching for the next threat after taking down the ISA, even if the town seems to be pretty quiet. Despite the lack of immediate threats, the fallout from Project New America along with the start of summer will still pose plenty of dilemmas for our young heroes. And over on Earth-Prime, several of the Legends found themselves roped into a bowling match to determine the fate of the Earth, while Tal-Rho (Morgan Edge) took on his final and deadliest form, that of The Eradicator, on Superman & Lois.

Legends of Tomorrow – “The Final Frame”

  • With Ava picking out her wedding dress in this episode, we’re getting closer to the first attempt at Sara and Ava’s wedding this season (though we know from the most recent trailer that it’ll be interrupted). With all that in mind, do you still want to see the wedding happen this season, or would you prefer to wait until next season, perhaps even during the 100th episode?

Stargirl – “Summer School: Chapter One”

  • Did Yolanda’s episode at the church seem like a simple manifestation of her guilt and trauma after killing Brainwave, or could it have possibly been some sort of residual psychic effect that he managed to implant in her right before he died?
  • With Mike still looking for a more active role with the JSA and Cindy now hoping to recruit him for the new ISA, where are you hoping he’ll end up this season?

Superman & Lois – “The Eradicator”

  • Given Lois’ connections to both Smallville as a journalist/citizen and the DOD as Sam’s daughter, do you feel that she’s been presenting herself in an ethical way during this whole affair, particularly during the town meeting?
What episode from this week was your favorite?
  • Legends of Tomorrow – “The Final Frame”
  • Stargirl – “Summer School: Chapter One”
  • Superman & Lois – “The Eradicator”

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I’ll ultimately be happy just to see them finally be married, but I think the ideal situation would be having the wedding during the 100th episode. I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this here before, but this would be the perfect excuse to bring back some characters from previous seasons, as 100th episodes of Arrowverse shows have typically done so far. The episode could simply be centered around the typical chaos of most any wedding day, but dialed up to 11 because they’re still the Legends after all. I really feel like it’d be such a perfect way to celebrate the show’s legacy. Plus we wouldn’t have to wait that long to see it, as the 100th episode will be the 3rd episode of season 7, which premieres in October. It’d be a bit of an extra wait, sure, but ultimately one that I really feel would be totally worth it to have this big affair w/ current and former characters, all w/ Sara and Ava still right in the middle of everything as they should be

This could just be another case of me overthinking things, but I also feel like this is the kind of thing an expert planner like Brainwave could’ve managed to pull off. Not that he necessarily saw his death coming (he wouldn’t have left himself so exposed if that was the case), but maybe that even in the few seconds he had left he could’ve managed to leave some sort of psychic trace of himself in Yolanda’s mind. It wouldn’t be enough to ensure his survival, but maybe he’d be able to just enough to try and make sure Yolanda would still suffer after his death. It’s the kind of thing that would be incredibly spiteful but ultimately fitting for a villain, as it’d cause even more damage to her psyche and thus cause a ripple effect w/ the rest of the JSA

One other similar outcome I could see from this is that if these instances linger, maybe Yolanda will think that something like this is happening or even that Brainwave is still alive somehow. She could drive herself crazy w/ paranoia only to then have some sort of brain scan and ultimately find out that there are no residual psychic waves in her mind. Her trauma could end up creating some sort of excuse like this that’d still be easier for her to accept over the fact that she’s gonna need a lot of long-term healing to truly get over this. However this plays out, it’s already a fascinating start to her arc for this season and I’m still really excited to see how her development continues after she made a great debut last year

Both options seem to have some pretty good potential: he could either shore up the JSA as a true family group or it could be interesting to see a family split apart if he ends up fighting against them. But my main concern w/ Mike is that I still don’t really know what he’d end up bringing to the table for either team. It’s not that he’s a bad character, but he also doesn’t really have any discernable skills/abilities like the rest of the group does. Sure, he’s been an effective wild card in allowing Pat a chance to take down Sportsmaster and even killing Icicle out of nowhere, but that’s not exactly something you can really rely on on a consistent basis. It’s not even that he needs powers, fighting abilities, a cosmic staff or a giant robot. Barbara proved to be a big help to the team at the end of last season w/ her intricate knowledge of the city’s inner workings/infrastructure, so there are plenty of ways to help against whatever threats come up. Mike is certainly eager to help, I’ll give him that, but that’s really not enough to actually be a team member. Hopefully this season will be able to better show what exactly he can bring to the table as a junior hero, or possibly even a villain

We obviously know that Lois has everyone’s best interests at heart, but I feel like her being next to her father at the panel during the meeting would’ve raised more questions among the Smallville residents. From purely that perspective, I feel like it wouldn’t be a stretch for someone to think that Lois is more loyal to the military than the town/paper, and her knowing that Edge escaped could raise further questions about what else she knows but is withholding. Of course Lois does know the true value of keeping her family safe by not telling the people of Smallville everything she knows, but it’s a difficult balance to keep going in times like this. But Lois has already had years of experience being a great journalist while also having to keep 1 of the world’s biggest secrets, so it’s not like this is completely unfamiliar territory for her. I do have to question her logic of appearing alongside her father at the meeting, as that would seem to create a pretty clear conflict of interest. She could’ve still revealed that Edge had escaped while also reporting from the crowd w/ Chrissy, though maybe she felt that people would believe it more coming from the DOD side. All in all, it remains a complicated issue, but even in moments that kinda falter, it all still remains a fascinating part of the show. I love seeing Lois dealing w/ these journalistic issues and the complications that come w/ the job, and while every single decision she makes isn’t always gonna be perfect, I can respect that she’s still trying to do what she feels is best for the most amount of people, and love that she’ll always make the right choice when it really counts


I mean, I’m kinda tired of CW wedding episodes (looking at you Flash) but either way I’m happy about it. 100th episode would be fun to see some older cast members come back. With Time Travel, technically everyone could be there. But I don’t think it needs to be an anniversary episode to do the wedding.

It’s a super hero show so I’m gonna say it’s Brainwave’s fault. But I’m honestly not sure. I don’t remember the moment from last season well enough to have a good guess on it.

I really hope Mike is smart enough to stay away from Cindy. I hope they’ve told him enough so that he know that the ISA is bad. But I’m sure he’ll fall right into whatever Cindy is planning.

Yes but also no. I understand why she couldn’t tell Smallville that Edge was erasing people’s consciousness and making them Kryptonians. And, when it became clear that it was the only way to get people out of harms way in Metropolis, she did exactly that.

In terms of ethics though, she’s always toed the line with Superman/Clark. I feel like this was much of the same.

Also, I totally forget her name, but Jordan’s new not-girlfriend from Central City… who do we think her father is? I assume he’s a Flash bad guy or something.


I’m sure that’ll be his initial reaction, but depending on whether or not his family gives him a chance w/ the JSA, that could end up changing his mind. I also saw an interesting theory elsewhere in the community that Mike could even end up being the new host for Eclipso. If he feels neglected by his family, that’s something Eclipso could prey on, pushing him further into that darker mindset until he actually accepts Eclipso. It’d certainly be a pretty effective way to give him more of a purpose on the show

He probably would’ve crossed paths w/ Barry at some point. There’s nobody remotely significant from the comics w/ the last name Wickham, or anyone else in the Arrowverse at all, so if they do follow up on it, they could just create a new character who was only around in between Flash episodes or do a slight retcon where 1 of the existing villains is her father and just has a different last name. I figure there could be a decent chance that we’ll find this out if Tegan sticks around, but that much will depend on whether or not she’s actually being sincere

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I’d say a small ceremony with just the crew by the season finale and the reception for the 100th.

It could be a little of both. Brainwave might have left some residual(s), but it could also be guilt over killing.

Mike would likely turn to Cindy if he gets sidelined or even spurned by his family. Is Cindy trying to recruit him as just an inside man or is there some other potential we don’t yet know about. I still want him to wield the thunderbolt.

Assuming the girl taking the lantern is the daughter of Alan Scott (aka Jade?), do you think she will be green?

I agree. I also liked how Lois forced the info out into the open, but also when Edge returned and people’s repeated, “is that Morgan Edge …”

I also liked how Lois going live was similar to JHI’s version. That she was not killed is “totes obvi” because it is more about how she was protected.

I forget her name as well. but that’s a good question.


I’d be totally fine w/ this. You can still have a ton of returning characters and even more time to focus on the chaos of all the drunken partying they’ll do afterwards :partying_face:

I’m sure spying on the JSA will at least be part of it, but even if he is feeling neglected and willing to betray his family, I doubt Mike would be OK w/ only being a spy. He’d wanna take a more active role as well

Jakeem’s already been cast, so I doubt that’ll happen much, if at all

Well we can already see that she’s not right off the bat, so it seems more like a Titans Beast Boy situation where just part of the character is green. But maybe that could change down the road

I would love for the season to end on a happy note with Ava and Sara getting married and Mick having his alien babies. On the other hand, there is a lot that needs to get wrapped up in only four episodes (three as of my reply now), and I do not want this to become another Flash situation. I did not like how the Flash rushed through several storylines such as Godspeed, Kramer, kids from future, return of Reverse Flash, goodbye Cisco, etc. My hope is that whereas Flash had a shortened season than they expected and this may have contributed to this, Legends usually runs the shortened number of episodes and I have faith in the writers to be able to resolve things in a more natural way. After all the craziness, it would be nice to have the wedding be the end of the season but I feel it might get interrupted not just by bad guys and gals but by Mick’s impending leave of the team. I think him having his babies may be reason to leave the team, as well as spend time with his daughter and grandchild (we have not heard about it in a while so I assume she has not had it yet.). This way, it could end on an upbeat note and say proper goodbye to Mick, while saving wedding for 100th episode when you can possibly have more characters show up (depending on COVID).

I actually am hoping it is just her overwhelming guilt that is making her see this. There have been too many times in the past in comic books and shows where the villain escaped death by inserting themselves into another person at time of death. I know this is probably where they are going with this, but I would still like to see that this is her guilt over killing someone. We don’t often see ramifications when a hero has to stop someone like this, as they often will feel bad for some time and then get over it and move on. With her religious beliefs this is weighing on her and I would like to explore this more and make her character grow than just be a plot device.

I think Mike will want to join his sister and dad in the JSA, but they will want to protect him and keep him away. He will want to do something which is where Cindy will come in, as she can offer him a chance to help. He will not want to work with the bad guy but depending on how she phrases it with him, he may want to join just to feel he is doing something. Either way, I am looking forward to more Mike and seeing him play a more active part now that he knows of this world.

That is a very good question. She has been both a military kid and journalist for a long time. She always fights for the truth, but having an inside track to the DOD seems like she should be careful saying too much. She did seem a little out of character for giving the information to the Gazette to publish but not under her name. She could hurt her reputation if she shares too much information she is not supposed to. I understand she is frustrated and has started to care for these people, but she has to watch the line she is walking. The DOD should have been somewhat more open, but revealing Edge is missing helps no one and makes it even worse. Panic in the Sky, you could even say.

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I agree and the fact that they have time travel on this show, they could even bring in dead characters to celebrate the union as well. It’s not like they don’t mess with time on a regular basis anyways.

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I was thinking the same thing, when they mentioned Central City.
Her last name is Wickham, which does not immediately ring any bells, but she could be taking her mom’s name instead of dad’s (or vice versa).
Of course the way they have been ignoring Supergirl’s existence, it could be nothing…


This was very cool. We already saw how it played out in one way, and it was even better that this time John got to save Lois, even if it was not his. I like the fact the bad guy thought he missed and he hit both of them. Perfect.