Legends of Tomorrow: The Final Frame (Spoilers)

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits, as we return from a brief hiatus. I believe this episode is right up my alley, and I am not just talking turkey. Let’s set the pins up and hope I don’t strike out!

  1. I love the fact that they are treating Mick with kid gloves (no pun intended) due to his “condition”.
  2. Behrad and his cookbook on Super Baked Brownies
  3. Brownies were soggy in the middle so Constantine tried to heat them up with magic. Getting back to my saying he was using magic as a crutch if even easy things are now requiring magic.
  4. “Pod Squad”. Wish they had this nickname earlier if this is truly the last of the time-displaced pods.
  5. Jeff and Jamie: Let’s Rock and Roll!
  6. Of course our band of misfits would fight over who could solve a puzzle box.
  7. Gary helping Ava pick out her dress seemed to remind me of Franz from Father of the Bride. He was too cute helping her. Bland shoulders indeed.
  8. “The Legends” also like the names on each bowling shirt.
  9. The exit to the bowling alley said “This Way Out”
  10. Both Ava and Spooner: “Abducted by aliens…again!”
  11. Galaxy Lanes
  12. Buddy built a replica of a bowling alley in space because he loved the sport. He was excited to have earthlings there since they invented it.
  13. “Once we’re done putting these red shirts out of their misery.” Wrong show.
  14. Of course Spooner’s bad would have MRE rations in it.
  15. “The Pinkillers” clever even if it is for the bad guys
  16. Earth goes missing and turns up as a bowling ball?!? Only on Legends.
  17. “Gideon, we need to plan alterations.” What can’t she do?
  18. John Constantine: “Like John Henry, I will prevail where machine cannot.” I know he is referring to the folk legend, but still cool to hear the mention.
  19. “They have a lot of balls.” No comment
  20. Jeff must be pretty rich if he can just abandon trucks when they no longer work. It’s like getting rid of dead batteries.
  21. I never thought of it before but Zari 1.0 and Nate are in a long distance relationship.
  22. Zari 1.0 using the Grey’s Anatomy “FINE”
  23. Touching when Mick gives the reason for always wearing gloves as “my past is not for everyone to see.” His burn marks.
  24. “Most people you have dated are dead or worse. She is better for it and you’re a good man, John Constantine.” Well, if that is not foreshadowing of the fact that he is not so good anymore…
  25. Floating…bowling…alley…INNNNNN…SPAAAAACE
  26. The skies look like a finger.
  27. Jeff, kids bring fun and joy into lives more so than material things. You can always go back and buy stuff when they move out.
  28. "Does that cloud look like Mick?
  29. “Turned my bowling alley into a bullying alley.”
  30. Perfect timing: “The world is ending and you want relationship talk?”
  31. “Dating a woman from a different timeline and dimension may end bad. Hurts his heart.” AWWWWW
  32. Anyone else remember thinking that thunderstorms were bowling matches in the heavens and lightning was a strike? This reminded me of this.
  33. “It does not matter if we win or lose.” “Yes, it does. You realize Earth will be annihilated?”
  34. I knew that Spooner, the only one who really could bowl would get injured and Astra would have to step up. How many tv shows have I seen that occur in?
  35. “Are we losers or are we legends?” Damn right.
  36. I noticed Sara went with a cherry cola. The alien side of her still craves sweet things, I remember the milkshakes on the Western adventure. Good to see they still try to be consistent with little things.
  37. I feel a disturbance in the force. No, that was just Mick burping.
  38. OK, I had to watch it several times, but there were a few times during the episode where Ava called Gary Jerry. Maybe I am just hearing things like when I used to hear “Mr Potato Head and his Bucket of Farts” on the old tv commercial.
  39. Of course Spooner would have a middle finger setting on her weapons.
  40. Giving the bad guy the finger!
  41. OK, I do not need the persepctive from the ball’s point of view down the lane. I got very very dizzy.
  42. Astra wins bowling granny style.
  43. “Sense powers in you mighty nd abundant. Powers that will be the death of him.” Buddy is pretty knowledgeable for an intergalactic bowling alley owner. He reminds me of Al the bartender in the last episode of Quantum Leap.
  44. “You belong with us now.” Mick and Spooner make a good team and understand each other.
  45. I agree with you Sara, Ava’s dress is not right.
    Fun fact, Alvin Sanders, aka Buddy, seems to have been in a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies so that seems to be where his jovial nature comes from. Also a few episodes of Smallville so he has superhero pedigree.
    Well, time to return your bowling shoes and claim your trophies. Until next time, stay Legendary!

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