:00_aquaman: :00_aquaman_rebirth: Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom's Grab Bag :00_aquaman_rebirth: :00_aquaman:

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After half a decade, the DCEU Aquaman is finally back for a new solo gig in the highly-anticipated :sparkles: :fireworks: Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom :fireworks: :sparkles:!

Before you see Jason Momoa’s latest (and last? :man_shrugging:t2:) big-screen adventure as the Aquatic Avenger @JusticeLeagueBookClub, be sure to check out this one-shot that is absolutely worth diving into:

Afterward, check out Lost Kingdom’s main villain in his first appearance:

Ready for more of Manta? Of course you are! :superman_hv_4: Swim into his first solo gig:

An entirely different (yet very entertaining) take on Black Manta:

Lastly, the first appearance of Kordax:

Enjoy Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the above reads (especially the movie tie-in :superman_hv_4:) and have a VERY :christmas_tree: :sparkles: Merry Christmas :sparkles::christmas_tree: and a :fireworks: :sparkler: Happy 2024 :sparkler: :fireworks: that are worthy of Atlantis, Aqua-fans! :justice_league_book_club: :00_aquaman_rebirth:


To this day, Atlantis Chronicles might still be my favorite comic book series ever. Atlantis Chronicles #1 was my first actual comic book about 30/35 years ago. :00_aquaman:


@Vroom if you’ve made that gif, I gotta say I just love it! Right now I’m reading the first appearance of Black Manta! Can’t wait to see the new movie tomorrow! :smiley:



I’ve never read Atlantis Chronicles in-full, but since Kordax debuted in it, I think now is the perfect time for me to finally read the whole shebang from start to finish.

My first comics from 33 years ago were reprints of The Untold Legend of The Batman #s 1-3, as offered through the Batman cereal in a mail-in promotion in 1990.

I still have 'em to this day and they’re still among my favorite childhood comics.

Nope, not a work of mine. Just something I pulled up in my Google net a few days ago.

It bears the Pop likenesses of Art, Orm and Manta, so I’m guessing it was made by Funko or a licensing partner of theirs that had permission to use their Pop designs.

I’m glad you like it, because I enjoy it, too. :slight_smile:


I have read this, though AFTER I saw the movie, and it was quite fun! Man, I wish they’d give Tim Seeley an Aquaman run…


I’m glad you enjoyed it. Was there any one part that stood out to you?

Speaking of Seeley, have you read Hack/Slash?


I thought the Mera/Arthur stuff was very sweet.

I have not - not a huge horror guy, though I know it has Buffy vibes and I am a Buffy fun.


Agreed, as that was one of my favorite parts, too.

Then again, you know me and my AHM fixation. :smirk:

I’m not big on horror either in most respects. However, the 2007-ish Hack/Slash was introduced to me at my then-regular comic store when it came out.

I read it for a few issues and thought it was decent-enough for what it was.

A fun, eh?

You just reminded me of The Return of the Pink Panther, which is my favorite Pink Panther movie.

Slides Cool Points across the table.

You earned 'em, Chuck. :superman_hv_4:

SN: “Chuck” is not, AFAIK at least, millernumber1’s name. I just randomly chose it from the top of my head.


It is not, though my brother and sister-in-law did just meet Captain Awesome from the Chuck tv show at the airport! :smiley:


“Super, Jeff!” :wink:

I loved Chuck when it was on NBC…at least for its first two seasons.

Once he got all James Bond-y on a full-time basis, the gig lost some of its mojo.

You know…the Chuck comic published by WildStorm is in our library. I suggest reading it if you haven’t already.


I was kind of the same way. But my brother and sister-in-law adore the whole show, so it was a real treat for them this morning :smiley:




I might re-watch Chuck at some point. Maybe then I’ll like the latter episodes.

Anywho, what was your favorite part in Lost Kingdom (blur if spoiler-y please, so we don’t anger the Karathen)?

You mean “Super, Jeff!” ala Chuck himself. :smile:


An excellent question! Hard to pick - I think I need to make a podcast about it to try to sort out my thoughts. So many parts were just so much fun. I loved seeing Topo a lot, and I thought the growing brotherly relationship was really well done. Aquaman as a dad was great, and I was so relieved that they didn’t go as dark as I feared with either Papa Curry or Aquababy. Gimli the crab king was really great, and I was surprised and pleased at the Mera and Atlanna we got!

What about you?


This Is awesome @Vroom! Thanks for the recommendations.


I saw Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom at the first available showing yesterday, and I loved every second of it. Don’t listen to the critics or the naysayers, go see it for yourself. People like to point out that it has a 36% score on RT, but I would like to point out that it has a 77% audience score on the same website. :00_aquaman:


You’re welcome and thank you for checking them out. Have fun!


I heartily enjoyed Lost Kingdom as well, and am seeing it again tomorrow (i.e. Saturday, depending when one is reading this).

QFT. Surface-dwellers should find their own flow and not let others do it for them.

Have you read the movie tie-in one-shot yet?


Of course I have, what kind of Aquaman die-hard do you take me for? lol
I read it when it was published a couple of months ago, and I re-read it about an hour before I saw the movie.

It ties into the film quite well, and makes a certain callback to the Peter David run during the Aquaman story :00_aquaman:


Different strokes for different die-hard folks, you know.

I’m planning a re-read of it prior to heading out to the theater tomorrow, especially since I re-watched Aquaman tonight for a refresher.


Ah, so you haven’t seen it yet. You should enjoy it, it’s a blast. I’m going to see it at least one more time before it leaves theaters :00_aquaman: