An Honest Question About The Numerous Jason Todd Posts

So I’m a little confused about the panic of Jason Todd here on these boards. Last we saw, Jason was falling from a building during the last scene of the most recent episode of Titans. It was a cliffhanger. Fast forward to almost a week later and I see posts from people panicking, demanding that Jason either die by the hands of the Joker or not at all. I see people freaking out and I’m trying to understand why.

Now, unless I’m wrong (which could totally be a possibility), I don’t recall the actor saying he was off the show. I also don’t recall a press release or anything stating Jason would no longer be on the show. So why is everyone overreacting to a cliffhanger…?

If anything, let that be a testament to the writers for having a great cliffhanger that got a reaction out of people.

That being said, I’m willing to bet Jason isn’t dead. We have a show of people with powers who could save him; Kori could fly for the first time and catch him, Donna could snag him with her lasso…hell, Hank could swoop in and save him. Or, possibly Conner since he’s being introduced tomorrow.

If the cliffhanger isn’t picked up at the end of tomorrow’s episode with Conner then it’ll be picked up next week and we’ll know for sure.

I get that Jason has a following, but I’m struggling to understand why people are freaking out over a cliffhanger.


You think if he’s gonna die they would hint at it before the episode even aired. That would be really stupid and take all suspense out of the moment cause we would all know what is gonna happen. Now yes there is probably a good chance that someone with powers might save him. But just because they didn’t hint at jason being off the show at any time before this doesn’t mean people aren’t allowed to freak out a little bit

Some people, not I, want to see The Red Hood come in as a character. In order for that to happen Jason has to die than be resurrected via lazerus pit. As for it has to be The Joker vs anyone else. That’s it’s own layer. If you want a concise view of the whole Jason/Joker/Red Hood Thing. Watch Under The Red Hood, it’s in the animated movie section right here on DCU.


@DeSade, that’s a great point!

I think it’s because of the new poll DC has up now over whether or not the character should be killed in the show


They put out a poll weather he should live or die thats why everyone is freaking out. It would be a lame death. Dick had him in his hands and dropped him. Really anticlimactic if he dies this way its not interesting

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If he did die it would be while being angry with Dick for pushing him to the side. Add blaming him for not being good enough to save him, and I could see a solid Red Hood beginning.

I think he’ll live, though. My money is on Superboy saving him in two episodes.

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It’s insane. The Jason Todd thing has become the latest in a long line of insane multiple posts. It’s like okay, we get it!

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e is why people are freaking out.

In the comics there was a 1-900 call-in line after Jason Todd got blown up. Call in to vote Die or Live.

The vote was death.

Thus Jason Todd died.

Flash forward to Titans.

  1. Though the next episode is Conner, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a flashback. That doesn’t mean he’s going to appear with the modern team.

  2. Jason could be seriously injured… Or he could land in the hospital to die later… Soap opera style.

  3. DC posts a poll, on their site, that is locked to only one post per day. This poll is literally within 1 percentage point. (Jason should die has like 180 more votes right now.) Nobody knows why the poll is up or if it has any significance of any kind.


This poll could just be marketing. Mind you, the episode with Jason’s fate was probably filmed months ago. It’s in the can.

Unless they filmed two versions (which is a stretch) I think it’s just hype


That poll started 46 weeks ago. Loooooooong before Titans season 2 started. It was part of Batman 80th extravaganza.

That poll had/has NOTHING to do with Titans season 2.

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ereading DCUniverse’s original poll post I honestly believe it’s just for fun and has no effect on the story.

"Now is your chance to relive that monumental moment in comic book history! Submit your vote today in our recreation of the classic poll:

Robin will die because the Joker wants revenge. But you can prevent it with a click."

Relive, recreation. Sounds like it’s just a fun experiment to see what would happen if that storyline ran today, if we were given the same opportunity as they were back then would he still have been killed off or would the community make a different choice.

Plus it specifically says Robin will die because the JOKER wants revenge. That’s what happen then, not what’s happening now.

As someone else already said, it was filmed awhile ago so they would’ve had to film two storylines not just for one episode but for every episode after that they have ready to drop.

Really fun idea either way and interesting to watch play out though :slight_smile:


First of all if anyone actually believes that the poll or any of these posts will have any effect on Jason fate in tomorrow’s episode. Stop kidding yourself! Tomorrow’s episode has already been shot a month ago and the entire season has already been scripted for a year! As for this whole thing about how Jason todd has to be killed by joker, why? I know that red hood is a call back to jokers origins in the killing joke but the killing joke also heavily implies that the entire story could have been made up. Even if deathstroke kills him Jason todd can still become the red hood. Just look at deathstrokes mask, half of it is red. BOOM! You have the red hood! Just make it so the last thing Jason saw as he was falling is the red side of deathstrokes mask. Then when he gets revived the only thing he can remember is that red mask. Yadda yadda yadda. Badda boom! Badda bing! You have the red hood! Easy peasy!

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It’s also worth noting that there are fewer people on here now. With the community’s “Blackest Night” coming on Monday, many have fled to the safety of the Discord server already. So now all the posts have been pushed to the top with very little to intervene. It’s probably only a small thing, but it does add up.

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It’s not quite the level of people overreacting/complaining about why Batman vs Ninja Turtles or Swamp Thing, but it’s getting there.

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Actually the Red Hood falling into the vat and whoever it was under that hood, which was unknown, goes back a long time before the Killing Joke.

Thank you, DeSade. It’s a pet peeve of mine that some people think otherwise. Goes back to at least the '50s, I’m thinking.

I agree, thank you, Desade. That often gets falsely attributed to Alan Moore. It’s funny how many die hard Joker fans don’t realize he incorporated it from an older Batman comic.

It’s funny how so many Alan Moore fans don’t realize every comic he did was based on other people’s characters.


I know, right?! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy some of his works, but it’s a little dumbfounding that he complains about the rights to Watchmen when they’re based on other characters.