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Hello everyone at the ole @JSABookClub and welcome to our first September session. This session we will be reading and discussing the miniseries America vs the Justice Society. It was written by long time JSA scribe Roy Thomas and Dann Thomas with pencils by Rafael Kayanma, Rich Buckler and Jerry Ordeal. In this story the diary of deceased JSA member Batman seemingly implicates the rest of the JSA of treason during WWII. So did they commit treason or is there something more at play here? Let’s find out.


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What to Read

* “Only Legends Live Forever” Adventure Comics #461-462

* America vs the Justice Society #1-4

Discussion Questions

  1. The Diary of Batman certainly seems to implicate the JSA in treasonous acts. On the strength of Batman’s name alone would you have been inclined to believe what the diary claims or would you have believed the story spun by the JSA and others?

  2. It’s Helena Wayne vs Dick Grayson here as they are representing the opposing sides. How did you feel seeing them at odds with each other?

  3. Seems everyone has revenge on their minds in these issues. What do you think of each persons reasons for wanting to see the JSA ruined?

  4. Seeing the history of the JSA revisited in these issues was truly astounding. Which was your favorite?

  5. And the Mastermind behind this plot is revealed at last. Were you surprised by who it was or had you already guessed?

  6. What did you all think of the explanation as to why Batman wrote the diary and about the reveal regarding Bruce’s health at the time?

And that’s all he wrote for this session. Next session we will be taking a look at the first story from the JSA All Stars series: Constellations. I look forward to seeing you there.


Interesting the Adventure issue of 1979 is only available in black and white, I don’t think I’ve seen one this recent only in black and white.



I noticed that as well @Don-El. I thought it was nice of em to tell us it was only in black and white too.

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While continuing to read this selection, I just realized and noticed that the Earth 2 Superman of the JSA was never Superboy!

Been having a lot of internet problems due to Ida and stress at work. When I read this months ago I remember having my suspension of disbelief broken that Spectre and Dr. Fate needed Superman’s help.

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