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Happy Wednesday, Wonder Squadron! :wave:

I couldn’t help but think of y’all when I was diving into this earlier — this is, of course, a huge W for all WW lovers!


So amazing! I hope to see it in person some day. :star_struck:

Thanks for sharing it here, @staticshocks! :pray:


I love it! :grin: It’s great to see that Patty Jenkins was at the unveiling too. Here’s hoping she directs Wonder Woman’s new DCU solo movies. She and Gal Gadot are irreplaceable!


I feel like in general we are going through a pretty hefty transition period.
Sure we have the current run still going with a big event that had been teased since the Wonder Girl run with an event that in hinsight, is meant to capitalize on the ‘Shazam! Furry of the gods’ movie and the run doesn’t officially end until June.

However between us transitioning from one of the longest writer runs in recent memory to another writer.
And the cinematic Wonder stuff currently going through some sort of upheaval which could take years before we see the impact.

It’ll be interesting to see what the landscape is like in a year


I am unsure how to post about this while avoiding spoilers since I’m not sure if…this is actually a spoiler? It seems like the marketing leaked it, but I went to see a certain movie today for a very specific reason and…if you don’t know from that maybe don’t click? :sweat_smile:


I know I’m a little disconnected from social media and I haven’t been around as much as I like lately…but basically last night I saw an action figure of all things, that alerted me that I needed to get to the theatre to see Shazam: Fury of the Gods.

And I’m off work right now, so today that is exactly what I did.

I should add that, although normally I am incredibly spoiler averse, in this instance I looked up specifics to find out if this would be worth my time and money. So I found out how the movie was going to end, but also that I would probably be pretty happy with what I was going to see.

To stop beating around the bush, Diana does appear in the new Shazam movie. Which definitely felt like a great payoff after all the Wonder Woman references and Greek mythology elements throughout the movie. I did enjoy the rest of the movie (more than the first one, I think), but obviously this was my reason to see it. And honestly, it was worth it to me personally.

I’d be lying if I said a big part of my motivation wasn’t that I’m afraid this will be my last chance to see Gal Gadot in the role on the big screen. I hate the thought of that, and I don’t want it to be true…but I also didn’t want to miss my chance. And really, the way her presence commands that whole scene is reason enough that a recasting is foolish. I hope the higher-ups realize that before making their decision.

Anyone else seen it and have thoughts?


I wholeheartedly agree. I loved the movie on its own merits but seeing Gal Gadot show up again the way she did made me enjoy it even more. I sincerely hope that Wonder Woman is not recast in the new DCU. Gal Gadot is irreplaceable and even with Batman and Superman getting recast she should stay as Wonder Woman for the long run. I’ve been reading DC’s comics and Wonder Woman’s stories in particular for ages and Gal simply embodies Wonder Woman in every sense. Her status in the new DCU is unknown for now but I think you’ll find this video and this article interesting.


What that article outlines would be a dream come true for me, particularly as it also refers to Chris Pine staying in as Steve Trevor. Not to mention that’s my favorite Wonder Woman run that they’re referring to. From their keyboard to the DCEU’s ears…please, please make it happen. :pray:


I completely agree! I spotted this article on the “James Gunn News” Instagram page, which Gunn frequently reads because he often leaves likes and comments on it. Hopefully he sees this and likes the idea of a Gal Gadot WW film based on the Rucka run! The video also feels reassuring.

Greg Rucka’s run is my favorite WW arc alongside Heart of the Amazon (which I’d also love to see as a Gal Gadot film). My dream is basically what this article outlines, plus I’d want to see Donna Troy and Cassie Sandsmark set up for sequels so that we can get the three of them in their eagle armors in live-action someday!


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I saw the movie this past weekend – enjoyed it overall, BTW – as for the appearance of a certain character…

Overall I liked it. Part of me kind of wishes she was involved in it more, like she could have played some role in the third act, but I think that probably would have done more to steal Billy and the Shazamily’s thunder. You can REALLY tell that Gal was not in the scene with them, I kind of wish there was some more interactions, but I get why that wasn’t possible.

I also loved how “both” times we see Wonder Woman, it kind of pokes fun at the headless Superman cameo from the first movie. The dream sequence with Billy dreaming of Diana was great, and I swear that in Gal’s scene they stop at her neck during that pan-up shot for just a second before finishing, just to mess with the audience.

If that’s the last we see of that character, at least it’s a nice note to end on.

THAT SAID…I think we are going to see her in another movie this year, and that’s…The Flash.

I’ll keep it in spoiler tags in case people don’t want to see it, but In a podcast series called Smartless, Ben Affleck spoiled that there is a scene between him and Wonder Woman in The Flash. There’s also been some WW Funko Pops for the movie as well.

As for Gal returning in the DCU…I would be happy if she does, she’s been great at the role so far – like, my opinion on '84 has soured some since I first watched it, but she’s far from the worst thing about the movie. That said, if they do decide on another actor for Diana, I’m going to keep an open mind and hope she does something great with the role.


My interest in the new DCU would plummet if Gal Gadot is no longer the main WW but I would still give her successor a chance. Hopefully they’ll just keep Gal Gadot.


Oh, this is interesting. They really seem to have a hard time keeping the merch under wraps with this stuff, huh? I don’t really think this is something I’ll rush out to theatres to see just because I have mixed feelings now about The Flash and the trainwreck of news stories surrounding the lead actor. But if Gal Gadot is in it, I’ll at least watch it when it comes to streaming.

As for the rest…well, I’ll always be here holding on to my love of WW84 no matter what anyone says. That movie meant so much to me when I saw it, and I wouldn’t even be here discussing all this with you guys if I hadn’t seen it.

I will, of course, give anyone new they may cast a chance in the role of Wonder Woman. Change is hard, though. When someone so embodies the role both onscreen and off the way Gal has, it’s very tough to even picture the possibility of someone new. You know that feeling when you really have to cry and you’re trying not to, and how painful that is? That’s honestly how I feel every time I see the rebooted DCEU discussed and think about what it means for the future of Wonder Woman. :broken_heart:

But anyway, I do think her involvement in Shazam is worth celebrating. It was definitely a feel-good moment. :mending_heart:


I know exactly what you mean and agree with you. Gal Gadot is the best Wonder Woman actress and I hope she stays in the role in Gunn’s DCU. If she doesn’t, I’m sure whoever replaces her will be alright but it just won’t be the same. And I also adore Wonder Woman 1984 and I will always defend that movie.




Love that gif :grin: My in-a-nutshell view on Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is: There are times when an actor does such a great job of embodying their character it’s nearly impossible to see someone else in the role. Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker. Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. They’re not just playing their characters, they are their characters. Sure, they could be recasted by younger actors who are “good enough” but they themselves are lighting in a bottle in their roles.

When I see Gal Gadot, I see the character I grew up with in comics and cartoons. Even off-camera, Gal is pretty darn close to a real-life Wonder Woman. So yes, I would give another actress a chance as Wonder Woman if Gal is not going to be in Gunn’s DCU, but it would be a foolish decision to recast her because she loves the role, she wants to continue playing Wonder Woman, and her performances as Wonder Woman made a massive impact on pop culture that continues to define our collective perception of the character.

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman role should not end just because of a continuity shakeup. James Gunn and Peter Safran should keep her in the role, no matter how different their DCU is. And if Viola Davis, Jon Cena, Margot Robbie, and Jason Momoa are keeping their original DCEU roles it’s even more ill-advised to replace Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.



Okay, I just found out something WILD.

So apparently after the success of Batman '66, producer William Dozier was considering doing a Wonder Woman spin-off, so much so that they produced a short film/concept scene/pilot strangely called “Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince?”. Technically, this is the first live action Wonder Woman and it’s…sure something.


Hey everyone, just joined! Never been a part of a club on here before but looking forward to checking things out. Also, I’ll share this piece I commissioned an artist to draw based on a WW figure I bought


Welcome to the club @EDT! It’s a fun club to be a part of.

Love the art!