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Happy Wednesday, Wonder Squadron! :wave:

I couldn’t help but think of y’all when I was diving into this earlier — this is, of course, a huge W for all WW lovers!


So amazing! I hope to see it in person some day. :star_struck:

Thanks for sharing it here, @staticshocks! :pray:


I love it! :grin: It’s great to see that Patty Jenkins was at the unveiling too. Here’s hoping she directs Wonder Woman’s new DCU solo movies. She and Gal Gadot are irreplaceable!


I feel like in general we are going through a pretty hefty transition period.
Sure we have the current run still going with a big event that had been teased since the Wonder Girl run with an event that in hinsight, is meant to capitalize on the ‘Shazam! Furry of the gods’ movie and the run doesn’t officially end until June.

However between us transitioning from one of the longest writer runs in recent memory to another writer.
And the cinematic Wonder stuff currently going through some sort of upheaval which could take years before we see the impact.

It’ll be interesting to see what the landscape is like in a year