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Hey @D4RK5TARZ! Love all this, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! So cool that you got some presents that kickstarted your WW reading again. Afterworlds is one of my favorite recent stories, actually. :blush:

I am the last person to ask about wider DC continuity cuz I always get it mixed up - but I think in Wonder Woman’s case, this is due to the events of “The Lies,” where many of her continuities merged in her mind and then were revealed to be falsehoods planted by the gods. I’m not for sure on this, but the way I’ve been reading it is that the only true past continuity for her now is what was covered in the first Rebirth arc. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

I also have noticed how writers pick and choose what they want to use or ignore…the Jason storyline wasn’t my favorite but it also seemed kinda cheap how he was just written out…

And finally, Ratatosk is a very good boy and deserves all the good things. :chipmunk: :blue_heart:


This makes sense and I completely forgot this major plot point for her. I read this around June of last year if I remember correctly and many comics have been read in between.

I liked the Dark Gods storyline because it was able to get Grail a spotlight as an Amazon, for better or worse. Jason himself was kind of cool but I wouldn’t count him out completely. He made a cameo in The Four Horsewomen story. It didn’t make sense but he was there for a brief moment.

Oh, I forgot to mention Steve! I understand why they broke up and as organic as it seemed, I don’t think it should have stayed that way. Considering the breakup happened when Aphrodite was killed they should have come together at the end of that story. The biggest thing about their break up that I didn’t like was it made Wonder Woman seem extremely selfish for never being there for Steve and it made Steve selfish and a hypocrite as he was doing the same thing. I understand relationships work from both sides but him complaining that she is never there then he leaves once she returns? This happened often and the build up to the break up was obvious even if I didn’t know that was going to happen.


I totally understand! I read so many comics, I feel like I forget the plot of most of them after about a month. :sweat_smile:

Oh, I liked the stuff with Grail also! And…I actually completely forgot we saw Jason again in Four Horsemen. I’ll have to go back and look!

I hated this part (obviously lol). The idea that their relationship should hinge on whether or not the Goddess of Love is alive is abhorrent to me…which was sort of the impression I was given by that storyline, at least at first. And yeah, Steve’s behavior is completely out of character from how he was originally written at the beginning of Rebirth. That he would so coldly walk out on her when she was severely beaten down by Cheetah…and then they couldn’t even reach a reconciliation at the end?

I really thought (or hoped, I guess) that when Wonder Woman came back to life following Afterworlds they would get back together…but a year and some change later, I’ve kinda given up that this will happen. Maybe in the next reboot… :pensive:


I think one of my biggest problems with it is the implications it has in the DCU. For example, Lois is supposed to stay home and be happy while Clark is gone for months at a time. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman is gone for a week in between seeing each other and its too much.

I should also note, I will have to find it because I think you will enjoy the story, that Superman and Wonder Woman were stranded on a planet or dimension for a while. Lois knew Wonder Woman was with Clark. The twist was that time moved at a different pace where Clark and Diana were and they came to the realization that they would never get to leave and if they do everyone would be gone. It is a whole thing that made sense in the story. Anyway, while this was happening Lois remained with Clark, maybe a little upset but she didn’t leave him. I don’t remember if Diana and Steve were together at that time.

Ugh, now I have to look in my Superman books to find the story. I think it was from around 2000.


Oh my goodness…preach! :raised_hands:

No pressure at all, but I’d love to check it out whenever you do find it! I always enjoy getting new recs. :blush:


Heads up, @WonderSquadron! Our first club reading of 2023 is incoming! :tada: Please join us! :wondersquadron2:


I capture random screenshots and this one struck me where Lois Lane was talking to Diana about that:

Yikes! Awkward conversion ensues.

As for keeping track of continuity, I refer to this panel that explains it all:

It’s funny- I saw the original WW movie and then I started reading WW comics from All-Star Comics #8 to the present and I soon came to the conclusion that there is only continuity within each author’s individual work. It bothered me trying to piece it all together, but now I just go with the flow and enjoy each story/writer/arc as it comes.

It’s like reading Greek myths from different sources. Homer says one thing, Sophocles says another, Aristophanes is out in left field, but we all know who the gods and heroes are, even if the stories don’t line up correctly. That’s my take, at any rate.

As far as Diana and Steve go, they were married in the Silver Age and no one can ever take that away. :grin:


Yeah…this sounds about right. It does bother me sometimes, but for the most part I try to just enjoy each work individually for what it is.

That’s right! Sometimes DC does allow a happy ending. :face_holding_back_tears:


The late George Perez looks back at his time on Diana’s book during the 80s here:


Yes!!! This is in exact reference to the Superman story!!!


Action Comics 761

This is the comic I was talking about!


Added to my reading list. Thanks, @D4RK5TARZ!

Also, thanks for sharing that video, @DC89! :blush:




Just read the graphic novel Wonder Woman: Warbringer. Really enjoyed it. Has anyone else read it?

I like how a lot of the alternate history/Elsewords kinds of stories like this one show how growing up in Themyscira was not as “Paradise Island” for Diana as normal continuity and how she reacts to it. I also really like the tie-in with the Iliad and how the story as written in our world didn’t tell the entire truth about Helen. I love myths so I think this is why Diana really clicked with me. She is a modern embodiment of world mythology.


I’ve read it! I thought it was very good also. I believe there is also a novel version of this story, which I haven’t read.


I haven’t read it, yet. But it does sound interesting. I am going to move it up TBR pile.


If you have the Ultra tier of DCUI, the comic adaptation is available there:


I loved it!!! I got it at library a while back. When I was getting novels nonstop lol. Still haven’t read it digitally, but, it’s awesome imho….


It’s really good!!!


So I am reading The Argonautica by Apollonius of Rhodes. It was written around 300 bce, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were mentions in it familiar to us all:

I was not expecting to run into this. I find it very interesting that there were three tribes of Amazons.

Themyscira is apparently a place in Turkey. I honestly thought the name was made up by Perez. Themiscyra (Pontus) - Wikipedia

Referencing the Wikipedia article, I have read Herodotus and Aeschylus, but I wasn’t familiar with Wonder Woman then so the name Themyscira meant nothing to me.

I will be reading Pausanias sometime this year and will upload any interesting Amazon lore from him.

I love mythology and I think that is why Wonder Woman clicked so hard for me. She is the modern embodiment of stories I have loved since I was a kid.